Toy Review: The Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup)

Okay, this is a bit of a vanity review—keen readers will know I’ve already reviewed the Godemiche Ambit and given it a shining seal of approval. But you can never have just one Godemiche product. They are the addictive collectibles of the adult product world. One will never (and can never) be enough.

This is why I purchased a Galaxy Ambit when I handed in my PhD, this is why I own at least five different versions of the Adam, and it’s also why when I heard the Ambit could come with a built-in suction cup base I knew I had to own one.

And now I do.

But, beyond that, there’s more to my desire for this particular dildo. Mr Peaches has a habit of trying to stock whatever suction cup dildo I acquire to his forehead and pretend to be a majestic, well-hung Penicorn.

So far this has produced varying results but Adam (part of the dynamic duo behind Godemiche) assured me that his dildo would finally be the one to make Mr Peaches’ Penicorn dreams come true, and I cannot admire that the curving form of the Ambit lends itself well to the role of phallic horn.

As for the colour, there is a Rhino statue in my area officially called something like Stardust but affectionately nicknamed Reginald the Fabulous Rhino’ by myself and pretty much anyone else that knows me. Why does he have this nickname? Well just look at him…

The rhino at night <3 #ForeverFabulous

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See? Glorious.

And, as it happens Godemiche does a dildo colour and sparkle that perfectly replicated the enchanting sparkle of Reginald’s hide. Well, how could I resist?

So here we are; another Godemiche Ambit review in which I am reminded just why I love this dildo and why you might too. This time with added suction for good (glittery) measure.

The Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup)

The Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup) is a brilliant offering from Godemiche that addresses what Godemiche believe to be some serious issues with the majority of pre-existing G-Spot toys on the market. As I’ve already reviewed this dildo I won’t go too in-depth with these changes, but I will give you a comprehensive summary of the major adjustments as Godemiche explains them:

  • A flared circular base (best used with a 1.5 inch/40mm o-ring) is attached to a extra-curvaceous shaft which allows it to look erect and primed for use even when strapped in to a harness.
  • Its shaft (measuring 1.2-1.5 inch diameter) is also completely smooth and made from a slick, glossy silicone, which helps aid in smooth and seamless thrusting motions and more fluid wiggles and jiggles when inserted.
  • Its head has been made bulbous, but also tapers to allow for easy insertion. This area also supports a wonderful transitional curve which mimics the coronal ridge of a penis while still remaining abstract. This abstract nature is then further amplified by the highly customisable nature of Godemiche toys. This dildo can basically look however you want it to and represent whatever you wish!
  • The 1.5 inch diameter of the head also makes it bulbous enough to put additional pressure on the G/P-Spot while also being highly accessible to most users. 1.5 inches is a pretty average size, but the design of the Ambit really does make every inch matter.
  • As one final defining feature the Ambit’s head, although seemingly flat, is actually slightly curved to allow it to hug more naturally against a person’s internal erogenous zone. This is a very subtle but highly effective move and probably goes a fair way to explaining why I’m able to happily ride an Ambit orgasm for a casual conversation’s length (I kid you not; I had a little ‘How are you?’, ‘I’m okay, yourself?’, ‘Yeah, good. Riding this orgasm’ with Mr Peaches at one point. Ah, the quirks of adult product testing).

 All of these come together to make a toy that makes me clench every muscle in my body as it send my G-Spot to the moon and back, metaphorically at least. It’s not like I can’t think straight when using the Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup); in fact, my conversational skills while climaxing with this toy beg to differ. But the awareness that I feel with the Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup) is in many ways better than a thoughtless orgasm.

This toy produces fantastic results.

It’s like the Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup) grips me with its head; compelling my G-Spot with a convincing display of practical design that it can’t help but rapidly and frequently bow down to in the form of prolonged muscles clenches (i.e. A fantastic orgasm).

This is perhaps appropriate because the grip of the Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup)’s suction cup was effective, enjoyable, and never let me down. It allowed me to ride the Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup) in different ways and gave me a renewed sense of appreciation for just how much this dildo can accomplish.

The dipping mound that the suction cup section causes also makes the base more comfortable to use with a strap-on, so I’m liable to recommend it even if suction cup toys aren’t usually your jam.

Photos will never do it justice.

As for the colour of my Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup)—which is called Effulgence, by the way—words cannot describe how truly stunning this dildo is. Photos will never do it justice. Its beauty is transformational and the light changes it at any given moment. I am never looking at the same dildo when I stare in adoration at my Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup); I am having an experience, or which each examination gives just a fleeting glimpse of what this dildo has to offer.

And, yes, this was the best Penicorn dildo we have used so far. It stays firmly in place on Mr Peaches’ forehead, curves like a horn should, and made him feel so regal that he actually posed as if he were about to strike out and make his place in the world with a sense of grandeur and hopeful optimism. Stride on my sexy Penicorn. Stride on.

Final Thoughts

Downsides for the Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup) are no different to those in my original review—namely that long thrusts may not be possible for everyone and its firmness and glossy form might not be to your personal taste.

But the Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup) is a perfect 10 in my books, and I just can’t get over its beautiful exterior and even more awe-inspiring performance.

If you don’t own a Godemiche toy yet then you are truly missing out and I highly recommend that you rectify this hole in your collection.

Recommend to:

People who like custom dildos.

People who like strap-on use.

People who like suction-based toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer textured toys.

People who don’t like a curved dildo for thrusts.

People who prefer matte silicone.

The Godemiche Ambit (with Suction Cup) was provided to me by Godemiche in exchange for an honest review.