Toy Review: The Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kits

Sometimes you look at something and immediately think ‘Oh my partner will love this’.

For most people this applies to a particularly darling sweater, or a quirky novelty mug. For me it’s ball stretchers. Go figure.

In my defense, I had a very good reason for wanting to put my partner’s balls through the paces. The idea of being unkind to one’s testicles is a bit of s soft spot for some men but, as the old saying goes with some ideas, don’t knock ‘em (or do, in tis case) until you’ve tried ‘em. Tugging, pressure, and a general hands-on approach is something Mr Peaches and I have been experimenting with a lot when it comes to his balls and, so far, he’s been a massive fan.

Reviewing the Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kits was an extension of this exploration—and a bit of a guess on what Mr Peaches might enjoy based on his enthusiasm for the Cocksling 2 and chunky cock rings.

So, how did these stretchers perform? Read on to find out.

Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kits

The Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit is a set of two rings intended to stretch the testicles away from the body. This allows for a tugging feeling in the scrotum and a general sense of pressure and being tugged beyond one’s normal boundaries. It can also be great for allowing the balls to hang-and-bang against your partner’s body during sex—providing some interesting sensations for both of you.

These stretchers are fit for purpose but does that purpose ‘fit; us?

Ball stretchers sound extreme but they really don’t have to be, and Tantus have taken every precaution to make these stretchers as accommodating as possible. You may even consider them to be ‘beginner friendly’ if you’re so inclined (though inexperience isn’t necessarily an indicator of preference).

What makes these stretchers so accommodating is the material that Tantus has used to make them: a super soft silicone which is velvety smooth, incredibly stretchable, and not too grabby (even when unlubricated).

Tantus are silicone extraordinaires, so this didn’t shock me at all, but it’s nice to see that they’re maintaining their high standards for silicone when moving forward with new products and using their skill in varying ways for our sexual satisfaction. This, to me, is the mark of a truly invested company, so thumbs up all around.

The silicone itself is non-porous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and all-around body-safe. It’s also incredibly easy to clean. Toy cleaner/soap & water. Bish, bash, bosh. Job’s a good’un.

Two different stretchers. Two different sizes.

If you do like a more thorough clean then these stretchers are also safe to boil, use a bleach formula on, or even stick in the dishwasher. All good signs for a sex toy (and sometimes very rare when it comes to penis-centric products).

The stretchers themselves come in two sizes to allow for some variation and to help you train up to a more extreme stretch and two stretchers for $29.99 seems very reasonable for me, especially when they are of this quality.

Tantus lists the stretcher’s dimensions as follows:

Smaller Ball Stretcher
Inner Diameter: 1.5″ / 3.8 cm
Width: 0.73″ / 1.85 cm
Weight: 0.5 oz / 14.1 g

Larger Ball Stretcher
Inner Diameter: 1.5” / 3.8 cm
Width: 1.23″ / 3.12 cm
Weight: 0.7 oz / 19.8 g

As for use—I can only vouch for my end of the experience and I found these stretchers to be very practical, enjoyable, and easy to apply. They bolster Mr Peaches’ size and firmness allowing his coronal ridge two swell in size and rub against my G-Spot nicely. On my end the sensations that we share from these stretchers are well worth the price and I would invest my own money in these stretchers without hesitation.

How is all of this happening from a ball stretcher? Well, because Mr Peaches’ most favourite use for these stretchers is to use them as a cock-and-ball device.

…I’ll let him explain the rest:

The Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit comes with two different ball stretchers made from Tantus’ ultra-premium super soft silicone which really lives up to its name. The texture of the material is soft and smooth even without lube (though you should use some). The material is also very stretchy which makes getting it on easy as pie. Because of this the smaller stretcher makes an excellent cock and ball ring too, and you all know how much I love those.

Now when it comes to use, I won’t lie, I didn’t like them; not because there is anything at all wrong with them, but because stretching my balls apparently isn’t something I’m into. I know, I was shocked too.

I think that it has something to do with the pain my balls experience during. The bigger one  causes the most pain for me, while the smaller one just slides off.  I don’t mind pain, however, I have areas that are a are ‘hell no’ and my balls are one of them it seems. So for me they were not very effective in their main purpose.

However, as I mentioned before, the smaller one makes a great, tight cock and ball ring and that’s how I have mostly used it once I discovered this. During this use felt I really hard, enlarged and when I climaxed my orgasms were powerful and long lasting (or, to put it another way, really fucking good!)

So overall there is nothing wrong with these stretchers if this is your kind of thing or something you are interested in experimenting with then these are great. Also they can be used as a great cock and ball ring (have I said that enough yet? I don’t think I ever can when it comes to this product).

So, in terms of ball stretchers these products weren’t a resounding success for us BUT they did perform their job very well and there were no complaints in terms of application, removal, or material quality.

In terms of downsides the only real one that I can supply is personal preference. If you like your ball stretchers tight, firm, or otherwise massively confining, then these stretchers may be too tame for you. If you don’t like your balls being stretched then it goes without saying that this is not the investment for you either.

However, if you like ball stretching or want to dabble in it, and find that you’re looking for a kit with a certain amount of flexibility them I can vouch for this kit.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m very happy with the Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit. The product wasn’t right for us in terms of its intended use, but it was still a perfectly good kit which performed well, is made of a great material, and reflects a move in the industry towards flexible toys for me that aren’t made of porous materials.

It’s also a damned good cock-and-ball ring kit in addition to being a ball stretcher, meaning if you don’t like it’s intended use there’s always another option.

Recommend to:

People who like flexible stretchers.

People who like cock-and-ball rings.

People who value body-safe toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer firm stretchers.

People who dislike the stretching sensation.

People who have disproportionate balls (you may struggle, it seems).

The Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit was provided to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. Support my site by using the affiliate links included (if you want to, that is).