Toy Review: The Fairy Wand Massager

About four years back (when I was but a little aspiring blogger) I found myself browsing through different sex toys review sites and managed to stumble upon a review of the Fairy Wand Massager. I wish I could remember the reviewer credit where it’s due but it seems that this review has since fallen off the Google-sphere, which is a damned shame, because it’s had me fantasizing about the Fairy Wand Massager ever since.

It spoke of a wand so powerful—so rumbly and profound—that is had left all other wands in the fairy dust with its magical capabilities. It suggested that if you want a wand this was the wand. Better than a Hitachi. Better than any other. Better than all the rest. *Cue Tina Turner*

I have no idea why it took me so long to request this wand because I have always pined over it. My biggest guess is fear; an apprehension that this vibrator just couldn’t live up to the expectations I had set for it in my mind. There’s a warning when it comes to meeting your idols, after all.

Thankfully, the Fairy Wand Massager didn’t disappoint me in the end, and it was worth the wait to be able to finally place it against my vulva. But does that make it the best of the best? Read on to find out.

The Fairy Wand Vibrator

The Fairy Wand Massager is one of those old-school vibrators that has been round long enough to be seen as iconic. The ever-amazing Dangerous Lilly reviewed it waaay back in 2011, so it’s fair to say that I am beyond late for the party.

This wand even has an aesthetic that is outdated to the point of being twee to some degree. It’s baby pink shaft and swirling fairy logo suggests its long-standing existence, while also giving it a sort of charm that won’t appeal to everyone (especially if you hate pink and/or obvious gender assumptions imposed on sex toys).

This wand reminds me of woodland creatures, pixies, and flora.

With a 13.6 inch length and a head that measures about 2.2 inches in diameter, the Fairy Wand Massager is a fully fledged wand through-and-through. This is one of those classic beasts that you could never really hide but might be able to legitimately pass off as a back massager to those unaware of the sex toy industry.

The Fairy Wand Massager is mostly made of ABS plastic and has an equally rigid plastic head. Deep grooves exist in the head to supply some texture, whereas the rest is smooth. The neck of this wand is semi flexible but comes with that grooved design that makes me want to curse the sex toy gods. This is especially the case as the Fairy Wand Massager is mains powered and therefore not waterproof.

As a fair warning to fellow Brits—the plug type on the vibrator isn’t three-pronged either so to use this toy you will need an adapter.

I would argue that this is totally worth it.

The Fairy Wand Massager is controlled by a dial that allows you to vary the intensity of its vibrations and oh, those vibrations.

Never have I been more tempted to put a love heart emoji in my review as I confirm that the Fairy Wand Massager met my expectations in terms of both strength and rumble. This toy has vibrations which aren’t ashamed to veer on the growling, low and juddery spectrum of vibrations, giving them almost as much of a shudder as the Lelo Smartwand Large.

If you’ve ever hopped on top of your tumble dryer hoping the earth would rock only to be woefully disappointed I’d make a fair bet that this toy’s vibrations were more what you were hoping for. They feel like the type of vibrator that could make the bed quiver in unison with your genitals, butt, and thighs for the rumble and depth that it provides.

I’m not about to delude myself in to saying that it’s Sybian or Mega Massager strong, but it does take its formidable strength and temper it into the perfectly sized head for broad, fulfilling vibrations and orgasms that never disappoint.

UK users will need an adaptor.

I have never taken up the Fairy Wand Massager and doubted my ability to reach a climax with it. It is reliable to me as any of my other power queen classics and almost as invaluable. When I take this toy to my vulva I feel myself assuredly brought to a roaring  sense of arousal. This peaks in orgasms that are always strong, typically prolonged, and often leave me thanking the toy in hushed tones during panting breaths. There’s only one problem…

This toy is a nightmare to clean.

Oh the irony of bringing up Mr Peaches’ cleaning habits recently only to then go “Oh boo-hoo, woe is me; my wand is not rechargeable. Somebody call whine-whine-whine and get in the whambulance for my first world sex toy problems’. But hygiene is always important, no matter what, and I felt like this toy was designed with a complete neglect for cleaning concerns.

It also felt as if this vibrator was actively working against giving it a proper clean—with its deep grooves in the side seems, indented head, and infuriating neck session. I often had to pull out a toothbrush and thoroughly scrub each groove before I could even begin to consider this toy clean.

I still don’t feel confident with this head.

And, yes—when a toy feels like it’s not only difficult to clean but that you struggle to even trust it’s clean then that’s a problem.

This is a shame because it probably means that I’ll ultimately end up placing the Fairy Wand Massager to one side when selecting my power vibe of choice. There’s enough alternative options out there now that have a similar degree of strength and rumble while also being easy to clean and maintain and I’ a sucker for making the safer choice where possible.

Final Thoughts

So, given this, why would anyone still choose to buy the Fairy Wand Massager? Well, not only is the Fairy Wand Massager a damned good vibrator that delivers on sensation and strength in every regard but it’s also only €39.95, as opposed to many of those other options which are equally strong but sometimes over double the price.

The Fairy Wand Massager this represents the accessible option, and it’s one that puts a huge grin on my face. This wand is absolutely worth its current price. You will have to be very strict on cleanliness if using it, but the trade-off in terms of performance is worth giving it the extra TLC it needs if it’s the best budgeted option for you.

Overall I do recommend the Fairy Wand Massager and I would say that it managed to meet my expectations in terms of strength. I just didn’t realize how much of a difference 4 years would make in terms of toys and the options now available. The times are changing and, if I do use the Fairy Wand Massager again, it will be with a wand sleeve on to protect my vulva from yet another nasty infection.

Recommend to:

People who love rumbly vibrations.

People who love powerful vibrations.

People who like mains powered toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer gentle vibes.

People who favour waterproof toys.

People who dislike rigid wand heads.

The Fairy Wand Massager was provided to me by Motsu Toys in exchange for an honest review.