Product Review: The Kink Craft Paracord Flogger (Large Knotted Falls)

Paracord is a crafter’s dream! This wonderfully woven nylon kernmantle rope is lightweight and flexible but also incredibly durable—so durable that it was used to repair the Hubble Space Telescope at one point! It’s also brilliantly suited for various knots and, of course, kinky craft projects. And now, thanks to the amazing people over at Kink Craft, we can all experience the marvels of paracord whether we’re craft masters or not.

Kink Craft specialize in making erotic craft projects accessible for people with easy-to-follow videos and crafting kits that allow you to make your own gear from scratch. But they also understand that sometimes people are busy or just too daunted by craft.

Craft may also not be accessible for everyone, for various reasons, and Kink Craft are not the type of people to deny people their fantastic creations. So, Kink Craft also offer ready-made alternatives for those who find an appeal in paracord but not craft.

The Kink Craft Paracord Flogger (Large Knotted Falls) is one such example. This item can be made from scratch (and doing so is certainly the cheaper option), but expect it to take about 8 hours as a minimum. But you can also buy it ready-made, either with Large Knotted Falls or Small Knotted Falls. I decided to review the former.

The Kink Craft Paracord Flogger (Large Knotted Falls)

If you’ve ever doubted that paracord can be sexy as well as being practical then the Kink Craft Paracord Flogger thoroughly dispels any such assumption in one fell swoop. You don’t even need to put this flogger through its paces to see its beauty. As soon as you open the gorgeous black box that this flogger comes in (perfect for storage of all kinds) and unfold its delicate paper wrapping you are immediately confronted with its beauty.

Inside this stunning box resides even more glory.

I can completely understand why Kink Craft chose to charge £70 for this flogger and, honestly, I would pay more. The sturdy bond of its handle, its intricate patterns (accentuated by a combination of colours that you can select), even the little wooden charm that decorates its O-ring (great for hanging this flogger up); every aspect of this flogger is truly beautiful and the crafting element is part of this.

250 feet of paracord goes in to making each one of these floggers, and someone must make that. If we consider that typically it takes about 8 hours and the kit itself is £40 you’re essentially paying someone £3.75 per hour to make that flogger and bestow it upon you. Of course, this is assuming a certain duration that doesn’t take in to account the aptitude of the Kink Craft team but, still, I don’t feel like that’s a steep price to pay for such an exceptional ready-made flogger.

I would never begrudge the price of this flogger.

The Kink Craft Paracord Flogger also has many of the other benefits of being made from paracord. It’s easy to clean, easy to maintain, and has a natural aesthetic appeal which comes from its pre-woven design. Any additional knots and design elements always look seamlessly stunning (in part because they are literally seamless), and the lightweight nature of paracord makes it easy to hold and easy to swing…though not necessarily easy to master.

Sometimes I do find that I have to put more forethought into my swings and pressure application with the Kink Craft Paracord Flogger than with some of my other floggers and impact tools but, honestly, this is part of the fun for me. Having selected large knots (which come in the form of Turks head knots) my Kink Craft Paracord Flogger provides a heavy and very thuddy experience, which can be incredibly forgiving compared to the sting of some floggers.

Kink Craft describe the sensation it provides as ‘weighty’ and that is the perfect description. This surprised me a bit. Before this I had only made and owned a small flogger from Kink Craft, which has a bit more of a whipping sting to its hits, so to feel something thunk down on my skin so decidedly was delightful but also befuddling.

I suppose the best analogy for this in my mind is the surprise you first get in the stick bundle exercise. That moment when you cluster a bunch of sticks together to go for a confident snap only to find that, shit, things can be made great than the sum of their parts, is always a profound lesson better experiences than recounted. And, no, this isn’t just a clever ploy to get you to buy this flogger to experience it yourself, although I do highly recommend it.

Given some effort this hefty flogger can deliver an almighty thwack which very well might summon comic book sound effect text into reality one day with its thrilling dynamism and sheer force of presence. But it can also be swung with enough control and precision to allow for a gentler and more slapping sensation too, the choice is yours but practice will be needed to make perfect.

This is probably the biggest downside of this flogger. It’s almost larger than life and this may leave people who are used to smaller or less chunky equipment feeling like they’re learning an entirely new way of wielding their gear.

I did worry that paracord would feel irritating or sore when being hit so forcefully against the skin but surprisingly this wasn’t the case. I see this as a bonus but it may make those who were looking for a hemp rope-like sense of irritation feel a tad disappointed.

And, on a more stylistic level, if you know that you dislike paracord and paracord craft projects then you probably won’t want to invest in this flogger either. It will perform very well for you but its aesthetics aren’t likely to win you over if you know you’re already not a fan. It’s not quite that essential. Although it is a brilliant vegan option for kinksters (and can be accessorised with the rest of the Kink Craft range) so I consider this flogger to have far more pros than cons.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was impressed with the Kink Craft Paracord Flogger and although I wouldn’t consider this to be a good piece of gear as a first flogger, I do think that it would find a happy place in most impact play collections.

Its weighty sensation is something that needs to be felt to gain a sense of its fully thumping force and with a bit of practice it can produce and impressive and very empowering swing. For this reason, and more, I highly recommend it as yet another brilliant offering from Kink Craft.

Recommend to:

People who like thumping sensations.

People who like the aesthetics of paracord.

Vegan kinksters.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike large floggers.

People who dislike thumping sensations.

People who dislike paracord.

The Kink Craft Paracord Flogger was provided to me by Kink Craft in exchange for an honest review. Please do check out their site because it’s full of amazing items (and a fantastic blog section).