Article: A Day in The Life of a Sex Blogger

Disappointing as it may be for some, I live a pretty average life.

There is often this conception of sex bloggers as insatiable fuck bunnies who are all sex all the time, but there are many moments in my day where I’d much rather snuggle up in my penis blanket than fuck on it.

Yeah…I know. Sorry to break it to you.

This blanket gets less action then it implies. on

Because of this I’ve never really seen my work process as worthy of note. It’s something I’ve been asked in Q&As before and I’ve seen others discuss it but I just wasn’t sure it was wholly warranted in relation to my site and what I do.

However recently I’ve been given some feedback that has suggested I am thoroughly wrong in this assumption and I’ll be damned if I don’t give you what you want whenever possible.

My life isn’t entirely regimented, but I do have some habits that I like to keep. I find this is essential when it comes to regulating my mental health. It also allows me to detect if I’m starting to do ‘too much’ (which I’m prone to do) grounding me more.

My days usually start at 5:00.

Mr Peaches needs to be up for work at 6:20, so this gives me time to do a workout in the mornings. Exercise is a huge part of my life and I always like starting the day with it straight away.

I either do kettlebells or a core-focused yoga routine depending on the day, then I do some jogging in place (because treadmills are the devil).

I spend my time jogging to catch up on social media and the like. So many of my wonderful followers and fellow bloggers are US-based that this is often a necessity. It also allows me to get in the sex blogger zone and think about what I need to do for the day.

If I’m feeling particularly house wifey then I’ll also use any spare time to do washing up and general household chores.

6:20-7:00 is time with Mr Peaches as he gets ready for work and then 7:00-8:00 is typically reserved for more jogging/thinking followed by a moving meditation (yes, I’m a mindfulness nut and IDGAF how kooky it sounds).

It’s after this point that I’ll finish up any household chores (washing up, hoovering, putting on a wash of clothing, tend to/clean out my pets, hoover, ironing, or any mix of these). I love to listen to the BBC world news at this point. Depressing as the world is, it pays to be connected.

Chores aside it’s brekkie time (porridge and an apple, typically) and then I get myself to work.

This could be a content for my site or it could be freelance work for one of the lovely companies I work with. Typically, I can write three pieces of content per day and one of these will be done by the late morning. I then check and respond to email, organize my social media, and give myself a little bit of time to breathe (if possible).

At some point in the day I will do a minimum of 15 push-ups as a personal project. I’ve always struggled with them and I’m aiming to change that. Wish me luck!

Lunch takes some time out of my day and I do kind of begrudge that. On some occasions, I’ll also go out for tea in the morning with a family member and that I do not begrudge.

Either way I’ll typically get back to work at 13:00-14:00 and will write either both pieces of content or one. Cheese, my pet snail, typically offers her company during this time—happily perching on my hand as I type.

Pro-tip: If you struggle with anxiety, depression or anything similar then a snail makes a great support pet. They’re very low maintenance, don’t mind being handled, and move so slowly that watching them actively calms the mind. At least that’s been my experience.

Say Cheese. on

Somewhere throughout the day I may have tested some products, but this isn’t always guaranteed. Photography is almost always part of my day, and occurs whenever the lighting is good. Products need photos, after all.

16:00 is when Mr Peaches gets home and this is official ‘testing time’. By that I mean that, although I’m not a sex addict, I’m pretty much always guaranteed to want Mr Peaches as soon as he gets home.

Every time we have sex we use at least one product that needs testing. This sounds thrilling at first but what it really means is that our sex sessions are never wholly our own—there is always the client and reader’s needs in our minds (or mine, at least) and how to best describe the product/s in question.

Most of the time I wouldn’t have this any other way, but there are moments where I’ve been frustrated enough that I’ve literally chucked my tester aside and allowed myself to reach for something I love but rarely use (for the aforementioned reason).

This is almost always a good time of the day and is followed by tea for both of us and baths where needed.

Then I cook. Things are sometimes tricky with the whole omnivore/vegan arrangement but it usually works out fine. My only point of irritation is that I can’t taste the food I cook for Mr Peaches and therefore never know if what I’m serving meets my standards. If ever you’ve wondered why veggie restaurants don’t cater for meat-eaters this is probably part of the reason.

Vegan noms. on

Time straight after dinner is time for us to spend together. We typically watch Youtube or Netflix like any other couple. Mr Peaches will typically be reading about Warhammer, or checking the group forum roleplay that we’re part of, or browsing Facebook and I’ll similarly be on my phone or playing Pokemon. The only exception to this is if we have a rare movie night, in which case it’s no distractions.

Otherwise we laugh and jump and grin together as we share if the content in the background while doing our own thing in each other’s company. Then, at some point, we part ways and do our own thing for a while (because space in a relationship is invaluable).

If I haven’t finished my work I’ll do it at this time, which I’ve never minded. I find the concept of relaxing to be rather surreal and I’m still trying to settle in to it. When I’m not working then I’ll browse the net, play with my pets, play games, or read while having Youtube on in the background. Background noise is essential for me and keeps my mind going. I fall asleep to creepypastas.

Which brings me neatly on to sleep—which typically comes at 22:00-23:00. Throughout the day, I will have also collected any parcels needed, gone out at least once (also a mental health must), nattered with friends online, maybe done some yoga (I need to get better with this), maybe browsed Amazon too much worked on my PhD edits (where necessary), and sometimes had a nap.

I hop in to bed, snuggle up to my giant cuddly Mangle and thus my day comes to an end.

My cuddle buddy on

And that really is it—my routine in a nut shell.

I’m not sure if this is of interest to many people but I hope that some of you found it fun to learn a little more about how I go about my day. If you have any questions please do ask in the comments. As always, I’d love to hear from you.

And that’s all for now. Time to get to editing and then holding my pets before heading off to bed.

Aaaah the life of a sex blogger. How wonderfully normal.

Until the next review,


  • This is such a lovely post. Your fitness regime is inspiring, especially as a fellow aspiring academic and writer who needs to stay at a desk much of the day.

    • Awww, thank you. It is a juggling act and requires a lot of self regulation but it is doable.

  • Archie

    Yep, hugely disappointed about the “sex bloggers as insatiable fuck bunnies who are all sex all the time” :-)

    “My days usually start at 5:00” – I’m taking that as PM, as the alternative is too horrendous for me to contemplate.

    I find it fascinating that you have a pet snail. What do you feed it?

    Oh, and good luck with the daily push-ups!

    • Thankfully my snail can be as vegan as I am. Lettuce, tomatoes, mushroom. Mangoes are her favorite and apples are a close second. She also has limestone flour blocks for calcium, which is needed for her shell.

      And, no, that’s 5 in the morning. I hate myself, clearly.