Toy Review: The Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe

As I write this review all I can do is start with a sigh. It’s a sad sigh, I can assure you, because in a world where the We-Vibe Touch, We-Vibe Tango, Lelo Mia 2, and Lust L2 exist there’s a toy like this which thinks that what it provides (and charges $99 for) is acceptable.

As you may have guessed, I disagree.

The Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe describes itself as ‘Your Best Kept Secret’ and truer words could not exist, because this vibrator is nothing worth mentioning.

The Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe

The Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe is a clitoral vibrator made with the goal of being comfortable and pleasurable. Technically the Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe has a 50% success rate in this (at least when it comes to me) and its strengths are at least worth bringing to your attention.

The Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe has put a lot of effort in to being a vibrator that fits comfortably in the hand and allows for extreme ease of use.

A nice box, but what about the content?

This design is inspired by the shape of a manta ray and, yes, they nailed this. This vibrator looks incredibly appealing. It has a wonderful wave to its central point and wings splay out majestically either side of it to stimulate the labia. Its narrowing section works well in the hand and when placed between the legs for cutting out any cumbersome aspects of this vibrator.

Basically, anything that wasn’t needed has been trimmed down to prioritize how it feels in the hand and on the vulva and I really appreciate this extreme dedication to design.

It helps that the Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe just looks pretty too.

Those flawless arches. That amazing teal. Oh yes, I’m a fan.

This toy’s silicone is also beautifully smooth—having a dusty smooth matte surface that feels like skin that has been recently sprinkled with talcum powder. Taking it up in your hand this feels incredibly promising…and then you turn it on.

Another bonus is that it comes in a ‘hygiene sealed’ pack. Something I rarely see.

But, before I touch on that, let me briefly address the controls and some other aspects of this vibe. There are 3 different buttons on the Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe: a + – and on/off button. These are reasonably spaced apart, meaning you won’t accidentally press the wrong button often, although the positioning on the vulva-touching section is a bit perplexing. Yes, it does allow you to easily use your thumb to change the settings, but it also involves removing it from use to do so—a very unwanted imposed interruption.

Getting the final few pros out of the way, the Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe comes in a lovely box which is great for gift-giving, and has a storage bag for more compact and discreet storage. It’s 100% waterproof, has a travel lock, and is USB rechargeable. It’s vibrations, although not wear-in-public private, are very quiet and I doubt they’d be heard even through the thinnest of doors. But there’s a reason for this: The vibrations from this vibrator are…bad. There’s no other way of describing them.

You look so beautiful. Why must you betray my expectations?

I don’t like being a ‘Negative Nancy’ often but I do value honestly and objectivity and, in both these cases, this vibrator is not worth $99 unless you specifically want an incredibly ergonomic vibrator with all the strength of a purring kitten that got far too high on catnip (but a kitten, nonetheless).

Buzzy doesn’t even cover it. It’s like cheap, buzzy vibrators were this vibrator’s role model and the Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe wanted to impress them. The result is a very disappointing, incredibly overpriced vibrator that would make me weep with frustration if I paid RRP for it. It would legitimately make me cry if I spent close to $100 on a toy that could be outdone in strength and sensation by a toy one third of its price.

With high-pitched vibrations you’ll also typically get some irritation—sometimes to the point where the vibrator makes you feel too tender and brings you to the verge of sneezing when placed on the nose. When I placed this toy on my nose all that changed was that I had a tiny manta ray-shaped piece of humming silicone plastered on to my face and a sorrowful look lingering behind it.

I could say that this toy would make a good ‘build up’ toy but I really don’t believe that; you’re much better off getting a vibrator that can work for you at all different levels of intensity, rather than one that lingers meekly on the lower side of the spectrum. Besides, that wasn’t the intention of this toy.

This toy is meant to be strong; it describes its vibrations as ‘intense’, in a move that I find utterly baffling. From the rest of this toy’s marketing it’s clear that it was made to take you all the way (either when used solo or as a conveniently compact couples’ toy) and there’s just no way that it will be able to deliver on this intention for a vast majority of people.

As you have probably guessed, I did not orgasm once with this toy. I tried my very hardest. I used my finest internal toys for assistance on some occasions, gave it time to shine solo on others, and even kept it close to my vulva ‘panty vibe’ style in order to try and build up a prolonged sense of arousal.


Final Thoughts

Just because this vibrator gets my high-praise for its design do not mean that it’s a good vibrator. This toy has a nice finish but it doesn’t bring the strength required to follow through with its very well-meaning intentions.

Please don’t buy this vibrator if you value anything above ‘gentle’ vibrations. I don’t usually make such requests in my reviews, but it would break my heart to know that anyone had purchased this vibrator thinking they were in for a powerful toy and instead getting a kitten masquerading as a manta ray.

Throughout this review, I have included multiple links to stronger toys. There should be at least one in there that appeals to you and I can pretty much guarantee that they are better than this overpriced misstep in luxury vibrators.

Recommend to:

People who like shallow, gentle vibrations only.

People who need an incredibly ergonomic toy (providing the above).

People who just really like railing against the reviewer’s opinion (you scrappy rebel, you).

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like strong vibrations.

People who prefer rumbly vibrations.

People who like getting their money’s worth.

The Mimic Manta Ray Clitoral Vibe was provided by Peepshowtoys in exchange for an honest review. If you like my site and want to support me then please do make any purchases through the affiliate links included.

  • taylor_serenil

    I love the color and the design, but I’m really grateful to a toy store clerk for letting me hand-test this one before spending at least $100 on it, because everything you said about the horrible VIBRATIONS is entirely accurate imo. Buzz can work for me sometimes, but this toy’s buzziness was entirely unappealing on every setting. Given the price point, I would have expected the vibration quality to be similar to the design quality, and it didn’t even come close.