Toy Review: The O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand

It’s a surprise even to myself that I am fascinated with the idea of being fisted and yet here I am—a recovered Vaginismus sufferer with a desire to fit an entire hand in an area where once a Q-tip couldn’t even enter.

Perhaps it’s because of this that the iconic action of fisting has allure to me. When you use dilators as treatment for Vaginismus (as I did) you are, essentially, size training. The process is just the same as that experienced by a size queen—gradually ease your way up to larger and larger girths—it’s just the size of the object that differs.

So, for the longest time, I have linked the feeling of being stretched and the feeling of expansion with that of accomplishment (and rightly so, when it comes to my condition).

This may seem like a surreal process to anyone who currently has Vaginismus but you may eventually come to have this same positive association with being stretched and with the distinctive and (most importantly) voluntary ache that comes with exploring the boundaries of your vagina’s expansion. You might not, of course, but this is my experience.

And this is what drove me to try and find the perfect fisting product. It had to be reasonably large, but also allow for progression, feel pleasurable, and be made of a body-safe material. That ideal product may very well be the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand.

The O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand

The O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand is a product by Tracy’s Dog designed specifically to train up to fisting. Its purpose is so explicit because it’s literally a hand-shaped insertable, made to look as realistic as possible.

Need a hand with fisting? Tracy’s Dog have got you covered.

At 7.5 inches in total (6.75 insertable) and with a maximum diameter of 2.5 inches around the knuckles the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand is a true girth trainer for those who want to explore and move beyond their current boundaries as an act of enjoyment. Because of this the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand is as enjoyable as it is practical, and I was very happy when I realised this. After all, what’s the point of fisting if not to enjoy yourself?

To this end the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand is made from a very draggy silicone which really brings out the subtle texture on the surface and allows you to feel every single action. This not only feels great (never grating with lube and wonderfully grippy against the vaginal/anal walls) but it allows for very important feedback as you use this insertable—giving very clear feedback as to how it feels both internally and externally as you work your way up its girth.

This hand is ‘realistic’ and gripping.

Part of the allure of this toy for me is its actual design. It’s fair to say that there are different methods of fisting and different stages along the way. Tracy’s Dog have opted to have the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand mimic the ideal insertion position (the ‘ducky hand’ as I like to call it). This allows users to start out very gently, as the narrowed fingers help you very intuitively guide the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand in to your body.

The fingers on the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand are slender and would probably be considered ‘petite’ by many individuals. When measured up to my own hands they were very similar but they would be noticeably tiny compared to Mr Peaches’ hand. This is both a good and a bad thing.

It’s good because everyone has to start somewhere and this insertable bridges the barrier between ‘sizeable dildo’ and fist. 2 inches is usually the point where dildos start causing one’s eyes to widen (or at least mine) and so you’re certainly not being short changed by this product.

But, on the other hand, if you have a male-bodied partner or partner with larger hands then you may not feel like the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand is giving you the proper prep for the fisting process. My opinion would be that it is, for all the reasons I mentioned above, but I understand if there’s a psychological barrier caused by this toy’s slimmer fingers or if you feel like this toy just can’t take you the whole way—it may very well not, but it’s a damned good step in the right direction.

These fingers are slender but up to the task.

The other side of this spectrum is that the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand may be too slender for some people—especially those who value consistent girth or the sensation of a closed fist. For those individuals Tracy’s Dog does offer a closed-fisted option, but if you’re skilled with size then it could very well be that this is a warm-up toy for you.

It’s not for me.

2 inches is typically my limit in sex toys. That is the point where inserting a product stops being effortless and starts taking time to tease in to entering my vagina. It’s also the point where I can experience a sharp pain if I’m not careful.

The dull ache of being widened is something I covet. The sharp, familiar pain, or involuntarily reaching my limit it an abruptly painful manner is not.

Thankfully I have yet to experience the latter with O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand, but I also haven’t managed to insert it all yet. I personally get to the knuckles and then find myself stopping, at least for now. But the stop isn’t painful, nor frustrating. The surface of the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand is slightly squishy and flexible, making it feel a whole lot more forgiving, and the surface texture allowed me to feel the fingers inside of me in a way that felt deliciously like my own fingers sliding inside my body (except with the benefit of a batter angle).

Oh these fingers are good.

The widening sensation was one I appreciated. The girth boundary of the knuckles didn’t make my shy away—it made me feel stretched to a point that was right for me. Aching for more but knowing my limits in the process. Sometimes riding on the threshold before removing the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand swiftly was enough to bring me to orgasm.

As an additional perk the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand comes with a suction cup, to help you explore even more angles and try hands-free action. I don’t utilize this suction cup often but it is effective and it’s very useful for those who need it.

Downsides? There are a few.

The biggest is, without a doubt, cleaning. With realistic, draggy silicone comes the capacity to grab hold of (and retain) a whole load of gunk, even when you give it what you believe to be a thorough clean. This means that you need to be very diligent when it comes to cleaning this dildo and double-check it before and after every use.

Pay attention to the nails and the point where the fingers meet, as these tend to gather the most gunk.

Another downside is going to be personal preference—if you don’t like grabby silicone then this toy will not be your friend in terms of sensation but it will give you an idea of what your partner’s hand might feel like (as human skin isn’t the slickest of textures).

If you know that you dislike this grab then my recommendation is to look for a glossy fisting toy and to use gloves when an actual hand is involved. This will offer you the slide you desire when paired with a good lube. But I digress.

The final point is the way Tracy’s Dog describes the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand on their product page.

‘Suggest using with lubricant’?

Hell no.

Consider lube to be a must when fisting is involved.

‘experience the feel of porn queen’s hand inside you’

Do we really need to be this specific? There’s an assumed target audience here with an assumed intent and it doesn’t sit quite right.

‘For Teen or Beginner to get fisted in virginal or asshole’

I…uhm…what? Teens? Why specifically teens? What is the assumption here? That teenagers will need a slimmer toy more? How does make older people using this toy feel?

‘In virginal or asshole’

This one is just a language barrier, but if appealing to an English-speaking market then it’s worth rectifying.

Okay, I’m done being stingy now.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very pleased with the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand and feel like it’s given me an optimistic approach to my chances at fisting. What’s more is that, at $19.99 the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand is ridiculously affordable, so it’s almost a case of ‘It can’t hurt to try’.

There are niggles here and there, and I wish Tracy’s Dog would work on their advertising and instructions, but otherwise I have very few complaints with the O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand and can confidently recommend it to others.

Oh, and when I get past those knuckles I’m sure you’ll know.

Recommend to:

People who want to train up to fisting.

People who like grabby toys.

People who want a body-safe ‘fist’.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer an actual fist shape.

People who want a larger insertable.

People who dislike grabby toys.

The O! Get Fisted! 7.5 Inch Hand was provided to me by my sponsors, Tracy’s Dog, in exchange for an honest review.