Ceramic Samplings: Ceramic Pleasure Creation 034 (The Plunge)

This post is part of my Ceramic Samplings series, which looks at products from Ceramic Pleasure. To see more please check out the link here. I highly recommend Ceramic Pleasure and their products, which are affordable, unique, and made with passion and unwavering dedication. Creativity at its finest.

As you probably tell by now, I have a deep adoration for the colour blue. I also have an admiration for Ceramic Pleasure and everything the produce, and when it’s textured then all the better.

Look at this gorgeous object. Can’t you just get lost in it? The extreme depths of its deep blue base abruptly interrupted by a break of pastel blue and white speckles, further decorating its shaft.

This comprises most of the design for the Plunge, which for the most part has a brilliantly smooth and glossy shaft, but both the colour and surface of this vibrator find a contrast in its slightly curving head. Here is a cross hatch of texture and a mixture of beige, orange, and the slightest flecking of mottled green which suggests to me the surface of a vintage scuba suit lost to the depths of the ocean, just waiting to be rediscovered.

This toy is so beautiful that a camera could never do it justice.

Equally when I saw this dildo I knew that I wanted it to plunge my depths and for my vaginal muscles to unearth every ounce of its potential. Seeing that texture—pronounced but not abrasively so—I knew that Ceramic Pleasure has produced yet another dildo after my own heart.

The relatively slim girth of the Probe, followed by its well-considered curve just added to my estimations that this dildo would be very compatible with my preferences and I wasn’t wrong, although it does take longer than I might imagine.

The brilliant gloss that naturally comes with ceramic allows the Plunge to smoothly introduce your body to its tantalizing texture (and more so with lubricant).

But it’s not all tender touches, some of you may be glad to hear. Add pressure and begin to wiggle and suddenly you’ll find yourself understanding just why a cross hatch was selected. At the point of orgasm the expected muscle spasms also prompt your body to wrap around this dildo’s texture, creating a prolonged and satisfying experience which, while not consuming, will feel as divine as a dip in the ocean on a hot summer’s day.

You may expect a lot from this texture but don’t feel too daunted by it.

Lubricate the textured tip of this toy and it’s also great to explore nipples, the clit, and the coronal ridge with equal eagerness too.

Given more girth I can imagine this toy being quite formidable with its texture and climax. As it stands the orgasms are as dreamy and carefree as its colours, and I am completely fine with that.

If you are more of a texture fan, though, it might be worth cooling the Plunge. Ceramic responds wonderfully to temperature play and you can vary the sensation wildly by chilling or heating this dildo.

Heating dildos always makes them so brilliantly relaxing and comforting that it almost feels like an internal hug. This is my preference because I am always seeking warmth in my life, and a dildo that is synonymous with an evening laying on the sofa with my favourite blanket over me is sometimes the ideal.

But chill this dildo and you’ll suddenly find its texture sharpens as its cool exterior creates a biting contact with the skin. Like the teeth of a wanting wolf on an arctic day it adds a different element to the plunging feelings that this toy evokes in me and creates that howling desire that tips me over the edge.

This curve works very well.

Very rarely do I want a cold toy though. It’s more a fleeting thrill for me than anything else—appreciated when needed but otherwise unwelcome.

So where does the Probe fall in terms of my preference for Ceramic Pleasure dildos? Much like my desire for cold toys, I don’t think it would be a regular for me but I would never want to be deprived of the chance to use it should my body feel the urge.

But, honestly, I don’t feel like “I want it occasionally” could ever do this dildo justice as a summary. It, like many Ceramic Pleasure toys is an experience that has enriched my life and deserve nothing but the most poetic of utterances.

For now, though, I hope my ramblings have sufficed.

If you like gentler texture (with an option to go firmer) and a slenderer form with a precise G-spotting curve then this design would suit you very well. If you want more then Ceramic Pleasure can give you more (or cater to any other design you’d wish for).

Obviously if you’re not a fan of glossy, smooth toys overall then ceramic may not be your material of choice, but the temperature lovers in my readership will probably find Ceramic Pleasure to be a dream come true.