Product Review: The Warm

One of the less stellar side effects of losing a fair amount of weight is that your temperature control can sometimes go absolutely haywire. Because of this I often find myself shuddering and wishing for an additional layer when most of my friends are eating ice cream in trousers and a T-Shirt (no, seriously; this has happened more than once).

Come the end of the day I often find myself craving a cozy and comforting sensation—anything to nullify the chill in my bones. This usually comes in the form of hot tea but recently I’ve found another way to warm my body and leave me more than a little hot under the sheets.

I’m talking about The Warm.

The Warm

The Warm is a brand new adult product which aims to provide users with a new way to experience their toys. The word ‘experience’ being paramount here.

Warm themselves emphasize the importance of seeing their product as ‘an experience’ rather than an item, toy, or anything else with a similar description. This feels justified, too, given the nature of the Warm.

The Warm leaves me warm and fuzzy.

Put simply the Warm is a sex toy warmer, which doesn’t sound like much until your realize just how sparse this category of adult product actually is. No, really; how many toy warmers do you know? How many have you seen in your local adult store? Sure, there’s rod-warmers for strokers and the like, but is there really anything else out there for other toys? I struggle to think of any off the top of my head. Add in how the Warm works and things get even more appealing.

The Warm is designed to be an elegant faux-leather pouch which looks classy and inconspicuous. Honestly if I walked in and saw this in someone’s house I would assume it was a makeup bag, and I own one. It’d still likely fool me! The only real hint as to what it may be is an indented ‘Warm’ on the top of the pouch, but Warm have selected such a wonderfully succinct product name that no one is ever going to guess the true contents of this warmer.

On the bright side two different very strong magnetic clips make wrapping your sex toys up an easy task.

The Warm is 13.5 inches long and 6.5 inches wide, allowing it to accommodate a fair variety of adult products. This makes the Warm wonderfully (and intentionally) gender inclusive in terms of product versatility. Want to warm your cock rings? No problem! Got a clit vibe that you want toasting? That’s not even a challenge. A gigantic fantasy sex toy?

…Ah, okay…so maybe there are some limitations.

Harnesses, strokers, nipple clamps, dildos, bullet vibes, kegel exercisers, the list goes on.

There’s a lot that this pouch can do but, as pointed out above, there are a few things it does struggle with. I say ‘struggle’ because even then the Warm has been designed to accommodate for toys with large flared bases or a lot of width. In such instances all you need to do is release one of the pouch edges and allow some of your sex toy to overhang.

The Warm is incredibly easy to control.

This is great in terms of accommodating toys of awkward lengths but it does still mean that some of your sex toy will be left at a significantly cooler texture. The Warm also struggles more when girth is involved—as it likes to wrap toys up and button them in to place for the warming experience.

There are workarounds if you’re determined, but you’ll ultimately be using the product at a declined efficiency for subpar results, so girth lovers may be just about the only grouping of individuals who sadly can’t benefit from the Warm yet.

But I am not a girth-fanatic, and so I ended up friggin adoring the Warm. There is something so wonderful about coming home at the end of the day, popping on the Warm and then getting ready to settle down for the evening by stripping down and enjoying a toy heated to meet your needs.

The Warm takes about 10-15 minutes to heat a toy on average (weather conditions, toy, and surface you place the Warm on causing some variation), at which point the Warm then safely turns itself off. The toy will then stay nice an cozy for about 40 minutes afterwards, giving you time to do a few tasks before getting down to business.

As for the Warm being an experience? Yes. Absolutely.

For me the Warm was like the adult product equivalent of a slow cooker. I would take the time prior to use to select my perfect combination of items for the pouch before sliding them in, popping on the Warm and then heading off for a while, confident in the Warm’s capabilities. During this time the Warm was still in my mind, as were the items that I had snuggled away in it. This built up a delicious sense of anticipation each and every time, and left me feeling a lingering sense of arousal.

‘Hotter Sex’ indeed.

By the time I returned to the Warm I was ready to take in what I knew was waiting for me, a huge smile often on my face. This really did help to forge an experience with every use, which felt all the more pertinent due to the obscuring nature of the Warm. After all, its faux-leather surface meant that I could obscure toys from Mr Peaches, before expertly presenting a pre-warmed selection for play while he’s tied to the bed, watching with glee. Now that is a very lovely thought.

The Warm also comes with a travel tote, which is needed due to the rather long wire that is included as part of its mains-powered construction. As another small downside the Warm will also need an adaptor if you’re in the UK, and at $149.00 it’s no cheap and may even incur customs.

$149.00 may also seem alarmingly steep for some people, to which I say ‘Yes’.

This is a clear luxury investment. It’s the type of product you buy because you can afford the experience, not because you need it. It’s not essential. It’s not vital to sexual well-being, and it is definitely not going to be high on the wishlist for those who are still saving for a luxury vibe. I mean, if I only had $149.00 saved and was given a choice between a sex toy heater and an actual sex toy I know which one I’d choose.

But this is fine because I think Warm understands this.

Final Thoughts

Warm isn’t trying to change the lives of the everyday consumer, but it is offering a very useful, well-designed, and ethically considered item which will appeal to those who like their sex toys warm and have money to spare.

If you do fit in this category and feel like Warm may be for you then chances are it probably is. There was nothing about this product that disappointed me. It met my every expectation and has given me one more thing to look forward to in life.

Granted, it’s right up there with other non-necessary comforts that I choose to have in my life, but what is life without a bit of comfort sex every now and then?

Recommend to:

People who like warm sex toys.

People who want a discreet warmer.

Vegan adult product enthusiasts.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer chilled toys.

People who like very large toys.

People who simply can’t afford a product for this purpose.

The Warm was provided to me by the makers in exchange for an honest review. If you like this product and feel like the Warm could bring a bit of glow in to your life then please do check out their site.