Toy Review: The Persian Palm Lulù

While driving today Mr Peaches and I went through a blowing sea of petals from a nearby blossom tree. The petals danced and spiraled around our car, gently caressing our bonnet and filling us with a sense of simple euphoria which made us appreciate the sheer beauty of life.

Put simply we were drawn in by the aesthetic qualities of the Sublime—a profound sense of delight at the sheer wonderment of the natural world. Like Caspar David Friedrich’s Wanderer above the Sea of Fog we were on the very cusp, witnessing something grand and both of us smiles and let out a gentle hum of approval to each other.

Why do I mention this? Because to me Persian Palm Lulù is similarly evocative of this feeling of the Sublime, especially the kind that is heralded by the delicate nature of blossom trees.

The Persian Palm Lulù

Of course, the Persian Palm Lulù deviates from the Sublime in that it’s not necessarily ‘natural’ and (thankfully) it’s nowhere near as delicate as the blossoms Mr Peaches and I encountered.

Instead the Persian Palm Lulù is made of the finest ceramics, following a deeply significant Tuscan tradition. Montelupo (a commune in Tuscany) is considered to have been one of the most significant areas for ceramics in the Renaissance, and this proud heritage is embodied in each Persian Palm product. This only makes sense—as every aspect of Persian Palm’s products (from the painting, to the toy, to the lovely recyclable packaging that it comes in) is made in Italy.

This toy sits proudly on my bedside table and I’m sure you can see why.

Persian Palm have even elected to dedicate one of their Lulù designs (a personal favourite of mine) to the traditional decorative feature of majolica ceramic, inspired by so-called ‘oriental’ ceramics.

Why ceramic? Well it’s a damned-sight better than some of the materials that the adult industry uses!

But, to give a more extensive answer, in addition to keeping true to Italianate roots, using ceramics allows Persian Palm to make products that are non-porous, phthalate-free, wonderfully firm and smooth (this bad boy can apply some pressure but will never overstep its bounds in terms of friction), and, perhaps most interestingly, that can be hand-painted to provide beautiful bespoke pieces of unique Tuscan art.

This is why, despite my adoration of the conventional Lulù design, I opted to combine my love of art, Victoriana, and my namesake when working with Persian Palm, to produce a stunning sex toy inspired by Victorian botanical prints of peaches.

The results, as I’m sure you can agree, are outstanding. The Lulù starts out at £120 when not bespoke, so (as you can imagine) a custom dildo is not necessarily cheap, but my god is it ever worth it if you want an erotic memory for life. I can barely think of a better wedding gift, anniversary present, or other milestone marker. Perhaps even a product to celebrate your own sexual recovery (or simply your brilliant self in general) and this service is available for all Persian Palm products.

My pretty peaches were rendered to my exact specifications and I was kept updated during the admittedly (but forgivably) long process involved in its creation.

Everything I desired to see was rendered with meticulous detail in this wonderful bespoke dildo.

When I did receive my Lulù I was left in awe of its appearance. The slim curves of this amazing piece of ceramic start out at a wonderfully gentle 2.4 centimeter diameter before widening out to a larger diameter of 3.4 centimeters.

The purity of its white base surface emphasized its wonderful design, which is angled to provide noticeable G-Spot stimulation but which can also be equally suited for anal. This is facilitated further by the wonderfully sturdy and flared base of the Lulù, which is also marked with the Persian Palm insignia. This base has a flat bottom allowing you to proudly display your Italian masterpiece for like-minded appreciators of the erotic sublime. It’s also a good testament to the confidence Persian Palm has in the performance of their toys, and they’re capable with good reason.

A flared base varies the fun.

That being said, I shall start this appraisal off frankly—the Lulù is not my favourite dildo (nor even my favourite Persian Palm product) in existence. As clear luxury purchases go, its artistic merit probably ranks slightly higher than its practical capabilities in my mind. Buuut then you have to consider that I find those artistic qualities to be breath-taking and adjust slightly accordingly.

In short I am still left euphoric when using the Lulù. It provides to me a sensation of exquisite euphoria upon the point of climax which (although not noticeably long) is forever memorable. But, much like the petals on Mr Peaches’ car, this dildo sure does love the delicate touch. Rather than asserting its presence to my G-Spot it gently glances over it, as if trying to tenderly woo it into a sexual awakening.

If this sex toy were embodied in a lover then they would be the kind that removes a stray strand of hair from your face, tucking it behind your ear before stroking you face and reveling in the moment. And while, much like the Wanderer in Friedrich’s painting, I am often in awe of what the Lulù can deliver, it sure does like keeping me on the cusp a lot with this tender approach.

This is a natural aspect of smooth ceramics—they will always glide inside and make their mark through this glossy approach rather than wow you with their grasp and persistence. This makes them brilliant for those moment where you don’t have any lubricant to hand, or for those who simply dislike grabby toys, but this won’t be for everyone.

For me it hits the spot but only when I’m receptive. On your average day I’m usually a draggy silicone, high-textured kind of gal, and so my peachy delight often leads to a very long sex session. And, although I am willing to build up my pleasure with the Lulù on some days, it’s just not a rough enough toy for me on other days.

In terms of other downsides, you’d be hard pressed to find them. Because the Lulù is made of ceramic it can be too heavy for some, but it’s more lightweight than metal and provides some additional weight compared to glass (which some will like).

The Lulù is also incredibly easy to clean (due to being ceramic) and can be heated or cooled for sensation play. Naturally if you dislike firm toys then the Lulù is an obvious ‘do not want’ for you, and if you prefer toys with a consistent girth then the Lulù might end up frustrating you.

The Lulù is not representational at all, meaning no coronal ridge and no real resemblance to the anatomy of a penis but, again, this is more a feature of the design rather than a clear bonus or downside. What you want from the Lulù will ultimately determine if it’s the right toy for you and, if not, Persian Palm have other designs.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly happy with the Lulù and feel like it’s one of those memorable adult products that will stay with me for life. If this doesn’t get passed through my family with a sense of sexual reverence and then eventually find itself in a public collection of masterful erotic ceramics one day then it will me a massive disservice to the fine craftsmanship that Persian Palm have invested in this toy.

And, trust me, I want to keep this toy around.

Although I’m not always in the mood for the subtle wonderment that the Lulù elicits in me I would feel that expendable money saved specifically for a product such as this was money well spent. But, yes—this is a decadent sexual investment, and I understand it will not be for everyone.

Recommend to:

People who want an artistic/lifelong sex toy.

People who want a milestone product.

People who like gentle stimulation.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike firm toys.

People who dislike draggy toys.

People who think that money spent should directly correlate with the speed and intensity of their orgasm.

The Persian Palm Lulù was provided to me by Persian Palm in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review and you want to purchase your own then please do click the links to check out their services. Alternatively UK buyers can go to the wonderful Velvet Fleurs and purchase a premade Lulù for their pleasure.