Product Review: The Fuzu Ball massager

It has been a long day of hauling books back and forth, from our old accommodation to our new flat. Mr Peaches had more than pulled his weight (and perhaps a muscle or two making sure everything got to where it needed to be). Exhausted he stumbled up to our bedroom while I went to make a cup of tea before going in my office to write an article (y’know, typical blogger stuff).

Suddenly Mr Peaches barged in to the room. There was a look of determination on his face and a glint of extreme appreciation in his eyes. In a serious and stern manner he suddenly held something up to my face and said “This. This is amazing”.

He had discovered the Fuzu Ball Massager.

The Fuzu Massage Ball

Believe it or not, Mr Peaches and I aren’t always looking to take a kinky slant on every product we own. I mean, sure—we did use some kitchenware to do an impromptu BDSM session easier, but that’s beside the point (plus it was silicone so all was well).

This massage ball has been a lifesaver for our backs.

So when the Fuzu Ball Massager was presented to me by Peepshowtoys it found itself as a much needed (albeit not very erotic) bedroom asset.

The principle behind the Fuzu Ball Massager is wonderfully simple, and that’s probably why it works so well. The Fuzu Ball Massager is a rotating roller ball which can roll 360 degrees in its firm plastic frame in order to provide a rolling sensation as it is applied to the skin.

Although the Fuzu Ball Massager itself is incredibly firm, you decide how much pressure is applied. If you’ve got some extreme knots then you may find yourself rolling it quite firmly in place—hoping to roll the tension away—but if you’ve just to a light cramp (or simply want a soothing massage) then you may want to go for a gentler application.

The surface of the Fuzu Ball Massager is glossy and sleek but has just the right amount of grip needed to provide some persistence when firmly rolled on to the skin. A little pressure goes a long way and lubricant or massage oils aren’t really needed with this device. It’s enough as it is.

The outside ring of the Fuzu Ball Massager allows you to grip it and hold it in your hand. Sometimes this can feel a bit awkward (all depending on where you want to massage) but typically is it very comfortable to use. When I do have issues with holding the Fuzu Ball Massager I find myself reminded that this item works just as well when used on you by someone else and makes a great product for partnered use.

There is a rubber ring of sorts around the hard plastic case of the Fuzu Ball Massager and this allows you to grip it with more ease and comfort. This is especially useful for the times when you need to apply a firmer touch and really get in to those kinks and is a greatly appreciated feature.

From our personal experience we found that the strength of the Fuzu Ball Massager really did lie in the back and neck. Perhaps these were simply the areas that required the most work for us but we also found our aches dramatically decreased after use on the back. Other areas? Not quite so much.

The only other place where I found it was equally effective was probably on my side whenever I got a brief runner’s stitch. For this the Fuzu Ball Massager was also an ideal and compact tool for on-the-go recovery, and may make those around you a bit envious of your fitness gadgetry. Little do they know that you also have other plans for your Fuzu Ball Massager.

Use it for any type of massage, abuse it when you’re feeling naughty.

For sexual use the Fuzu Ball Massager also has its strengths. It glides elegantly across the skin and provides a nice and soothing sensation which can contrast to other forms of massage or sensation play. A massage with the Fuzu Ball Massager also helps bring blood to the surface, which can be a valuable tactic for some intense impact sessions. Equally when you apply a softer approach this massage ball can be a wonderful aftercare device, or provide an intimate and loving way to bond.

Although it’s not my preference to use the Fuzu Ball Massager with massage lotions and/or oils, it can be used with them and the slickness of the oils facilitate an even glossier glide. And thankfully because the Fuzu Ball Massager is a 360 degree plastic device it is incredibly easy to clean. Simply run it under a tap with soap and water and begin to roll it and rinse it with your hands. Make sure to give it a thorough dry afterwards to, to avoid any issues with mildew.

But perhaps one of the best aspects of the Fuzu Ball Massager (aside from its effectiveness) is that it only costs $18.00 which is incredibly well-priced. I’ve purchased foam rollers and specialized ‘massage balls’ that cost more and provided significantly less relief, so it’s wonderful to see an erotic item that has sincere applications for multiple walks of life.

Are there any downsides to this product? Well, as I often say, no product is perfect, so of course there are.

The biggest downside for me, though, is purely aesthetic. Put simply the Fuzu Ball Massager just looks…tacky. It looks like it’s straight out of the late 80’s/early 90’s and just doesn’t mesh well with the sleek and streamlined design aesthetic that we’re currently familiar with.

I could very well imagine my mum using one of these massage balls back in the days when she was rocking a perm. I bet it would look great alongside her hairdryer and manicure set (both of which would look perfectly at home alongside the Fuzu Ball Massager).

People with mobility issues and trouble with their grip may also find that using the Fuzu Ball Massager solo is a bit of a struggle, but this is sadly a natural downside of many hand-held items.

The firmness of this item may not be for everyone either but, to be blunt, typically the best massages tend to require a bit of firmness (to put things lightly).

Final Thoughts

When Mr Peaches discovers and then near-immediately praises an item without a single prompt from me I often take an interest myself, but this time it was just like adding further wood to the flame, because my enthusiasm for this product was already burning brightly as it blazed the way to pain-free nights for me during a very labour-intensive move.

Any product that proves itself in the toughest of times is typically also solid when things mellow down, and I still keep the Fuzu Ball Massager close to hand for when those little writer’s aches start to creep up on me.

I highly recommend the Fuzu Ball Massager—for both erotic applications and pain relief—and feel like it is a solid investment in a versatile and compact massager.

Recommend to:

People with aches and pains.

People looking for an erotic massage tool.

Bloggers, writers, and other desk-bound individuals.

Do not Recommend to:

People who dislike the aesthetic.

People who dislike firm massages.

People with issues gripping.

The Fuzu Ball Massager was provided to me by Peepshowtoys in exchange for an honest review. If you want to support my site then please used the affiliate links included to make any purchases at this site. It would mean the world to me.