Update: The Satisfyer 2 Giveaway Results and Life

Hello my lovely readers!

As some of you may have noticed my daily posts recently have become other-daily at times and there is a good reason for this; I just moved (YAY!)

Now I have a bigger place with a lovely new office overlooking some very critter-friendly trees where magpies, pigeons, and squirrels galore all amalgamate to my great amusement. This also means that I will now be resuming my daily posts. Huzzah!

You can bet that I’ve got some exciting content coming (inspired by my move, of course) in addition to many more reviews. If I were to show you the amount of sex toys I have to relocate and display right now you’d think I was opening an adult boutique rather than simply unloading the contents of my bedroom, I can assure you!

But enough of that! There’s another exciting announcement to make, namely the winner of my Satisfyer 2 giveaway.

Thank you so much for all of your entries, and for the Easter gift emails. I shall be sharing the best of those later this week, but for now the results.

A huge congratulations to @tributeher for winning this giveaway.

And might I also add that @tributeher has some wonderful content on their Twitter page, which is well worth visiting. 

For all those who didn’t win, please don’t fret! I will have another giveaway on the horizon very soon.

But, wait, there’s more! I’ve also managed to successfully secure the bare minimum funds that I need in order to attend Woodhull! A huge thank you to the companies that got in touch with me just to donate. There are some truly amazing individuals out there in the industry.

That being said food and other costs for the trip are still up in the air right now, so if you are a company and still want to make a difference then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Additionally if you’re a US company attending Woodhull and would be interested in working with me and/or having me review an item for you then now is a perfect time to send me an email. I’m excited to hear from you!

But, for now, I must go back to unloading dildos and curating clitoral vibes until my sex blogger pride shines from the results.

Until tomorrow!