Article: ‘A Kink Craft By Any Other Name’ (Personality or Product?)

On the Saturday afternoon of Eroticon I walked in to the Kink Crafting area confident that I’d be making myself some sort of sexy accessory in no time. But, as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…yeah, you know the rest.

Walking in to the room I immediately saw every seat taken and others stood huddled around the seating area. A showcase of colorful whips, floggers, and other assorted kink gear was available to browse in the background, but even that has a generous huddle around it. There was no way that I was going to be crafting myself anything on that day.

Good thing I already own a pair of these bad boys.

This was not at all the fault of Andrew or Pixie (the wonderful folks behind Kink Craft), quite the opposite in fact.

These two were working their absolute butts off to meet demand, but two people can only do so much, and when those two people are so lovely (and their products so creative) then it’s fair to say that they’re going to be in high demand.

Such was the nature of the Kink Craft workshops at Eroticon—sessions full to the brim because of the literal brimming personality of the dynamic Kink Craft duo. Which led me to thinking…

Is Personality Important To A Brand?

The obvious answer to this is ‘Yes’, but I wanted to delve in to this musing just a little bit more (if you’d humor me, that is).

There’s no doubt in my mind that the adult retail and blogging community is one of the most socially engaged and caring communities that I have ever had the joy of being part of.

Case in point: I’m moving right now and so I had a few days where I didn’t post (due to being an exhausted lump of ‘what even is life?’). During that time I had people actively check in on me—asking if I was okay and how I was doing. The amount of care and forethought involved in that gesture is worth so much to me that I cannot express it in words.

Equally the adult community is filled with amazing creators, retailers, and genuine innovators who work to make (or sell) amazing products while simultaneously having their personality shine through at the forefront.

Is this necessary? Probably not.

But does it make a difference? Absolutely.

The Power of Personality

Take, for example, my sponsor for Eroticon, Knicker Rocker Glory. Ruby l’Ace’s selection of adult products may seem familiar to some—Rocks Off, Satisfyer, Doxy.

All great brands, no doubt, and a wonderful selection. But what first stands out when you click on to Knicker Rocker Glory isn’t the products—it’s the personality. Retro rockabilly stylings mixed with a pin-up aesthetic that sets some solid wardrobe goals.

Ruby l’Ace is a sex positive bombshell and her vintage style and incredible passion for her customers shows through in every single choice made on her site.

Ceramic Pleasure, another company at Eroticon (and a brand I’ve worked with extensively) is another case of personality shining through. … is a true one-man show and his handmade ceramic dildos are all about meeting the needs of his clients. His creations embody this desire and the intent of each creation is a clear in its conception as the beauty of the finished product itself. Ceramic Pleasure also offers bespoke work as an extension of this desire, truly meeting as many customer needs as possible.

Doxy and Sheets of San Francisco (both present at Eroticon) are also great examples of true characters influencing their creations. While neither company are as forward as Ceramic Pleasure, Kink Craft, nor Knicker Rocker Glory, their intentions for true customer satisfaction and desire to meet the needs of as many people as they possibly can rings true in their product releases.

And how could I not mention Godemiche and Adam? One need only look at the Godemiche Snapchat or Youtube channel to realize the incredibly level of customer engagement and dynamic creativity that is present throughout the entire Godemiche brand.

But What (or, rather, Why) Does It Matter?

However, as much as I like sex positive, innovative creators, does any of this really matter in the long run?

I would say absolutely yes, but only on one condition.

Returning to Godemiche I say that a cursory glance at Snapchat is all that is needed to get a good idea of Adam’s amazing character and personality, but that is wholly incorrect. The real place to look? The product.

Equally, Ceramic Pleasure, Kink Craft, Sheets of San Francisco, and Doxy not only hold a belief but they make sure it is made manifest in their products.

And Knicker Rocker Glory, my wonderful sponsor, painstakingly curates her collection of beloved brands and products in keeping with her own considerate ethos of sex positivity and body safety.

So, no, in the long run personalities aren’t necessary, not in isolation, at least, but when a personality is something that is immediately recognizable in the product or company at hand, that’s when it becomes vital and that’s when something special happens.

The Take Away

It’s all well and good as a company (or individual) saying that you have a certain ethos or that you like to act a certain way (or hold a certain option) but, as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Or, in this case, products should preface personality.

I can’t guarantee that the Kink Craft workshop was crowded because of Andrew and Pixie specifically, but I know for a fact that’s why I was there. When I first saw the Kink Craft site I looked at the About Us page and I scrutinized the intermingling of personality and product as I saw both weave together and finely and securely as a pair of paracord cuffs. I listen to the Kink Craft podcast, I’ve featured in it, and for me being part of a company that has such strong, passionate personalities, which are then manifest in what they produce is everything.

I get it—not every adult brand or purchase needs to have this intermingling of identity and end result. But when I do see such a mixture then I know for certain that those are the companies I want to work with; those are the companies I want to support and I highly recommend that you do too.

Personality isn’t everything, but integrity definitely is, and that’s what I value in my retailers.

This article was inspired by Kink Craft’s multiple crafting sessions at Eroticon, which I was able to attend thanks to Knicker Rocker Glory. Please show your appreciation by going to the sites featured in the article above (and showing loads of love to Knicker Rocker Glory).