Toy Review: The Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug

Some toys just look instantly appealing; you can’t help but look at them and immediately think ‘Yup—I want that in my partner’s body’ (or your own, for that matter).

This was the case for me when it came to the Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug.

As soon as I saw the Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug my mind began spinning with thoughts of Mr Peaches writhing in pleasure and this plug teased him with spiraling precision.

This butt plug has an aesthetic appeal which seems almost aquatic to me. I can almost imagine Ariel buying herself one of these with equal fascination to mine. No doubt she’d name it something eccentric such as the ‘Twirl-O-Gasmer’. I would, of course, approve of this nickname.

It also has a maximum circumference of nearly 6.5 inches.

Oh, yeah—that might hinder some from clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button.

The Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug

The Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug is a considerably sized butt plug intended to stimulate a rim job and then sit comfortably in place for prolonged use (if desired).

I’m going to say straight away that if you can wear this plug for longer periods of time then you are officially a trooper in my mind. I am a complete anal ‘newbie’ and there is no way that I would recommend this for prolonged use, at least not for anyone in a similar situation to me.

This plug just hypnotizes me with its appearance.

For anal veterans and lovers of the large? Go nuts! This plug will be a nice filler for you, but in general I wouldn’t recommend this as a first-time plug, especially not if you know your preference is for smaller toys generally.

But let’s look at this plug in more depth before I get too carried away, shall we?

The Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug is purple by default and has an insertable length of 4.5 inches. Its twirling design of raised, smooth lines swirling around its shaft makes it ideal for anyone who likes to dabble with different textured stimulation (which is definitely something I approve of).

Its size is a bit of a challenge, yes, but it has a lovely flared base which is comfortable and functional for use and its overall shape really does facilitate a good time. In particular the narrower tip of the Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug combined with its later bulging section helps to make initial insertion kind while then providing a secondary challenge which nicely stimulated the P-Spot upon full insertion.

The Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug is made out of pure silicone which is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This particular silicone is not matte but neither is it glossy—existing in the grabby mid-section of these two.

It’s an absolute dust magnet, without a doubt, but it lube up very well and manages to provide the exact amount of grab that you would want to experience its texture with a bit more sensation than a pure glossy finish. Matte probably would have been too much, so this was a good call in my opinion, and either way the Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug is 100% waterproof so it’s very easy to use.

Mr Peaches was my main tester for the Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug and even he admitted that it wasn’t an easy one (despite having taken toys of a similar girth before).

Size is something that requires some prep, so there need to be some very particular conditions in place to use this plug, but when he is able to sample it he definitely approves.

The ‘rim job’ angle of this toy initially gave Mr Peaches some apprehensions (to quote him ‘I’ve never been a fan of rim jobs—I’m a believer that you shouldn’t ask someone to do something that you wouldn’t be comfortable with doing yourself’; a fair approach) but he soon found that he delighted in the texture greeting his anal rim and teasing the edges as he worked this toy further in to his body.

This toy is a dust magnet but it does its job very well.

Perhaps his favourite way to use this plug was to half insert it—just up to the second bulge—so that he got to enjoy the texture internally while also getting a fair amount of external stimulation. As for spinning this toy…well…he didn’t express his enthusiasm in an overly descriptive manner but asking me to spin it for him did become his most frequent request.

Orgasms weren’t easy to reach with this toy for Mr Peaches—mainly because he often used it solo and its size and swirling nature means that it’s just far better utilized as a couples toy. Having that extra person to keep a spin (or even a slight nudge) in place just makes things so much better.

This is probably the biggest downside with the Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug too. That extra pair of hands won’t always be available and it’s fair to say that some people will miss out because of this (flexible individuals may find themselves capable of a little self-twisting action, though).

In terms of other downsides, there really aren’t too many.

Perhaps its biggest deterrent is its price £39.05, but Mr Peaches and I both agreed that it was more than worth the money and we both felt like the satisfaction we got out of it (and would gain from it together down the line) is well worth this investment.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr Peaches and I were very pleased with the Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug and I feel like its performance and stimulation matches its seductive aesthetic.

This is a toy which draws you in and prompts shared use. It invites experimentation and allows you to use it half-way or go whole-hog for a truly filling texture party.

It may not be the most co-operative plug for solo or slim use (especially in the case of the latter) but it knows its niche and it fills it (and Mr Peaches) very well.

I can definitely recommend it and hope that some of you find it just as alluring as I do.

Recommend to:

People who like larger plugs.

People who like texture.

People who like rim jobs.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer slimmer plugs.

People who like smooth toys.

Anal novices.

The Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Spin Anal Plug was provided to me by LoveYourself. Please do check out their selection, as they are a truly fantastic retailer and deserve a lot of love themselves too.