Product Review: Gay In The Middle’s Custom Storage Bags

Nothing puts a bigger grin on my face then when a new individual decides to strike out and make some quirky, effective, new adult products for the world to enjoy. And it’s even more delightful when that individual is a member of the adult blogging community to.

So consider me filled with delight when I saw that Gay In The Middle was making their own line of storage bags for sex toys.

Gay In The Middle’s Custom Storage Bags

Now, I know what you may be thinking—do you really need sex toy specific storage bags?

The honest answer is probably no. This isn’t a vital product. But if life was just about exactly what we needed then things would be pretty damned dull.

The bottom of the line is that sometimes it’s fun to accessorize—to let your unique character show through and to treat yourself with something that has a practical use while also being playful and just straight-up attractive.

Gay In The Middle’s bags certainly fit in to this criteria.

Gay In The Middle’s bags are made with specific items in mind (Photo by Gay In The Middle)

More to the point a lot of impromptu storage methods will not be perfectly suited for the job at hand. This means you’re often trying to play a game of Tetris, slotting different toys in to different bags that aren’t quite right.

With these particular bags each one has been made with sex toys in mind, so you can pretty much be guaranteed that your wand, Fleshlight, or other sex accessories will be able to find a home that suits them (and that home will look damned fine too).

Gay In The Middle is generally good at filling these gaps, too.

A 20-something middle child, Gay In The Middle started their review blog because of a perceived lack of homosexual male adult bloggers out in the community. Pretty much all great blogs come from individuals adding their own unique perspective to the collective voices of the blogging collective so I am so happy to know this was Gay In The Middle’s motivation.

And, similarly, Gay In The Middle found themselves creating adult storage bags for a very similar reason.

Noticing a lack in the market for ‘fun and quirky’ sex toy storage bags, and feeling a deep frustration at this, Gay In The Middle utilized their crafting skills to provide the thing that they felt was lacking.

Talk about ‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ (I can dig it).

‘Fun’ and ‘quirky’ are two very good terms to use for Gay In The Middle’s creations too.

Gay In The Middle takes great photos of their bags too (Photo by Gay In The Middle).

Each bag seems to be made from colourful material that seems to appeal to a unique (but nonetheless vibrant) aesthetic. The bags are named appropriately and are made from reclaimed fabric which has been stitched together in a very sturdy manner. The zip used seems to be durable and I’ve had no issue with mine yet.

As soon as I saw these go live I knew I had to snag the blue denim one that was available, as it matched my natural affinity for blue as a healing and restorative colour (yes, I’m a bit of a hippy, I have no regrets about this).

My product was shipped promptly and arrived in just as good a time, which is impressive seeing as it came from Australia.

Shipping to the UK was incredibly reasonably priced and the bags themselves are an absolute steal in terms of affordability. This means that pretty much anyone can buy themselves a lovely storage bag for their favourite toys which is sturdy and discreet.

If y’all don’t buy this bag then I damned well will. (Photo by Gay In The Middle).

I say toys plural because each of these bags is typically made to hold multiple items. This is good for travel but also makes these bags great for keeping your favourites close to hand in a manner that won’t raise suspicion.

I mean, no one is really going to pry as to what’s in the blue denim bag in the bathroom (or on the bedside) even though the answer is a rather exciting ‘An internal vibrator, a bullet vibe, some lubricant, and a bunch of condoms’ (all of which can easily fit in my bag without raising suspicion.

If I had to give these bags a downside it would be that they’re not technically antibacterial. This could cause an issue for porous sex toys, or if your cleaning routine isn’t up to scratch. But these bags can be washed so if you do have any apprehensions you’re not stuck with a now-redundant item.

But, really, that is the only issue I have with these bags and it really is so minor compared to my desire to own more and to tell everyone about them. Because supporting likeminded, sex positive creators is a truly significant endeavour and the more we do it the more place such wonderful creators will have in our community (and beyond).

Final Thoughts

So, would I recommend these bags? Uhm, yes. 100%

There is no hesitation in my mind that this line of custom-made sex toy storage bags is a much-appreciate injection of colour and character in to the adult product community and I feel like Gay In The Middle’s products could honestly appeal to almost anyone.

And, as to whether or not I’d personally invest in these bags. Well, I purchased my first one and I fully intent to make another order very soon.

Recommend to:

People who wand designated storage.

People who like colourful storage options.

People who value discretion.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike storage bags.

People who want antibacterial fabrics.

People who want smaller storage options (talk to Gay In The Middle. I’m sure they can oblige).