Update: A Satisfyer 2 Giveaway

Hello my lovely readers,

How are you today? Good? I really hope so.

If not then that’s fine too; every emotion is valid.

Either way I really hope that I’m going to be able to brighten your day a little bit with a worldwide Satisfyer 2 giveaway.

From me to you <3

I could say this is an Easter thing but, truth is, I just wanted a chance to give y’all something back.

Buuut seeing as it is Easter I wanted to give you all a chance to have some fun, so for additional entries in to the giveaway i’m going to ask you to send me an Easter-themed surprise. This can be anything from a poem, to a piece of erotica, to an artwork. (No random dick pics though, please. Only Easter-themed dick picks).

The best of these treats will be featured in a unique post (with permission, of course) so that we can spread the joy of the season.

So, about this prize.

The Satisfyer 2 is one of the battery operated Satisfyer’s. It performs well and I rated it highly in my own review. But here’s a little excerpt just in case you want a summary:

This toy does not hold back in terms of intensity. It does the suction-based sex toy category proud as it jumps from a very gentle 1 to a ‘and-this-is-what-they-were-all-talking-about’ 2. This may throw some people off, but the absolute brilliance of the Satisfyer 2 lies in its combination of drastic suction variations, intuitive controls and affordability. If you want to really delve in to the world of suction, see everything it might have to offer you and be able to quickly pull out if things get too intense then the Satisfyer 2 is the go-to. I am completely convinced of this.

Tempted? Time to enter.

A Satisfyer 2 Giveaway

Terms & Conditions

  • This giveaway is running from the 28 March 2017 until the 10 April 2017 and ends at 12:00pm (GMT)
  • Entrants must be legally able to receive/own adult products. I’ve set an age limit of 18+ on these giveaways but make sure you check with your local laws too.
  • I do not assume responsibility for any losses, customs or excess costs that might occur after shipping. Once the prizes are shipped you take responsibility for them.
  • After the winning entries are drawn you have 2 weeks to contact me and claim your prize. If you fail to do so then I’ll re-draw another winner/s. By entering this competition you also agree to provide me with your address, so that I may get the item shipped to you.
  • I’ll be shipping this one to you myself and I’m happy to pay shipping fees. As such this giveaway is open worldwide. Or, to be more specific, anywhere in the world that the UK will let me ship to. If in doubt contact me and I’ll check it out for you.
  • I’m not accepting accounts that have no original content (or little to none) for this giveaway. I will be checking to make sure that any entrants have an account that is made up of more than retweets and will disqualify any entrants who don’t make the cut. Please respect this.
  • By entering this competition you acknowledge that you have read the terms and agreements and consent to the terms laid out above.

All you need to do is read the terms and conditions, follow the instructions below and you should be good to go.

Aaaand that’s all for now! Good luck everyone and I’ll see you in the next review.