Article: The Power of Dance

I approach my chair.

His name is Ricky.

I prowl around him, rolling my hips.

I have no idea how it looks, how I look, but I know how it feels and I want more.

A sturdy chair and a strong imagination go a long way.

This was my experience with the Steels and Stilettos workout at Eroticon, hosted by the amazing JetSetting Jasmine and King Noir.

I love fitness. Whenever I do anything exercise-related I’m immediately reminded that I adore those moments. They fill me with confidence and leave me empowered.

In fact, exercise is one of the very few times where my critical voice disappears and is instead replaced with:

Come on Emmeline.

You’ve got this.

You’re smashing it.

You’re a champ.

Good recovery on that slip up.

There’s always next time.

Showing myself such self-motivation in life is near-unheard of, but when I exercise it’s the default, and when I dance I find myself embodying that confidence in a whole new way.

This is something I originally learnt as a child, doing the Conga, Star Trekkin, and pretty much any other organized dance movement. It was rekindled at Uni with an excessive amount of head banging (and some time on the pole for drunken kicks) but I never really made the relationship between dance and my personal well being.

That was until I found Shakti Dance Yoga.

Shakti Dance Yoga is unlike any other form of yoga I’ve experienced. Inspired by Kundalini (which I never thought I’d fall in to, but life is full of surprises), Shakti Dance Yoga starts with slow, rhythmic movements, before everyone gathers in a circle and does synchronized dancing based on the different elements, which then moves in to a free dance session where you go with the flow.

When I dance at yoga I feel freer than in any other aspect of my life. I feel alluring, and ephemeral, and…fucking sexy as all hell.

Then came Steel and Stilettos to take it to a whole new level.

Striding around in my imagined heels, grinding against Ricky, I found my sexual center (in addition to my actual core).

Jasmine had set the scene perfectly from the very beginning of the session—letting us know that if the urge struck us mid-session we could simply head to the bathroom, enjoy ourselves, and then return.

Eventually we break off and begin moving around together, urged to take on different personas as we glance past some pillars. These pillars are lustful admirers and we treat them as they deserve as per each of our personas. As I stroke a pillar in passing I feel like Jessica Rabbit with the spotlight on me, and I hope all the other people I’m dancing with feel the same, because each one is incredible.

Together we take up roles at a club and we place ourselves as the object of our imagine patron’s affections. Each task at the club comes with its own emphasis and I feel myself swell in sexual confidence in every way.

If ever you doubt the phrase ‘There is no wrong way to have a body’ then get yourself to a Steel and Stiletto fitness class and see where your desires take you.

Come the end of the exercise session we go close to the ground and I find myself in the familiar realms of yoga and Pilates. But things are still different.

As I close my eyes and focus on the motion, hearing Jasmine’s kind words of self-empowerment I realize that this I what I want in my body—this is what it needs. To be nurtured. To move. To have allure.

When I dance I seduce myself more than anyone else and put myself at ease, like a snake dancing to rhythmic music, hypnotised and captivated by the sway of the song.

The session closes perfectly, with a feeling of love and gratitude—for Jasmine, for my fellow dancers, and for myself. The feeling stays with me all day and informs some of my choices. I feel healthier. I want to move more. I want to love myself more.

This is the power of dance for me. Dance specifically.

Though general fitness and exercise is nice nothing will ever rival the feeling of allowing my body to guide me through the audible sensations of the moment—bringing my mind along for the ride and uniting everything in a moment of ‘Yes. This is me. And I’m fucking sexy as all hell’.

So go on—dance like nobody’s watching (or like you’re trying to impress Ricky)—you may just be surprised at where the rhythm takes you.

This article was inspired by JetSetting Jasmine’s Steel and Stilettos workout session at Eroticon, which I was able to attend thanks to Knicker Rocker Glory. Please show your appreciation by going to their site here.