Toy Review: The So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand

I first encountered this wand in one of the Harmony Store shops in London.

Interested in a wand I had yet to see, I approached it and promptly turned it on.

“Well that’s disappointing,” I thought, “All of the vibrations are practically in the handle.”

And then the penny dropped—that wasn’t just a handle.

Oh….oh myyyyyy.

The So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand

The So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand is a wand with an additional trick up its sleeves, or (to be more accurate) in its shaft.

This wand is a nice addition to my collection, but not an essential one.

Namely this wand isn’t just a wand but it’s actually a dual-function toy—with one side providing the traditional wand vibrator head and the other side acting as an insertable G-Spot shaft.

Be still my beating heart.

When I first realized this I literally grinned like the Cheshire Cat.

If a friend had filmed me you can guarantee that they would have put the clip up on some form of social media—my penny-drop moment was that .gif-worthy.

The So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand itself has some now pretty standard (but still rather valuable) features.

It is 100% waterproof, is USB rechargeable (with a duration of 120 minutes per charge), and has its own storage bag. The wand is rigid in terms of firmness but is coated in a layer of silicone which feels wonderfully smooth and has a matte surface. Silicone is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe.

This toy is wonderfully easy to clean and its three-button control system is very easy to use. One button turns the toy on and off while the other cycles through the 10 different vibration modes for each end—3 of these modes and continual vibrations of various intensities whereas the others are patterns.

I’m not, as many of you know, a pattern lover but I can see the benefit in many of the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand’s patterns, and sometimes I even use some of them internally. Call it an odd quirk that is near-exclusive to this wand. We have a special relationship, it seems.

The controls determine the patterns for each side. They cannot both vibrate at once.

The vibrations themselves are what I would call nice but not ‘OMFG’ intense. They’re not, perhaps, as strong nor rumbly as most wands and certainly not deep enough to bring me to orgasm externally—just not hitting the right spot for climax, at least not externally.

The head of the wand has a maximum diameter of about 1.65 inches and this comes in as roughly medium in terms of wand heads. This is nice in terms of nuzzling intimately against my vulva and I do often grab for this wand as a primer before flipping it over, inserting it, and grabbing for one of my other wands to take over the task of clitoral stimulation.

When it comes to internal use this toy 100% nails it for me.

The insertable side has a tapered tip which widens out to a slightly curved bulge which will be familiar to any long-time toy users. It’s essentially the iconic go-to for easy G-Spot stimulation and it’s frequently employed for good reason—it’s effective. Very effective.

This is where the magic is in this wand for me.

That being said my relationship with the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand is a bit strange in terms of internal use. When inserting it I enjoy the sensation, and I cannot deny that it keeps happy contact with my G-Spot, but then I don’t really feel much in terms of stimulation until the point of climax.

At that point, though, HO-lee-HELL.

My whole body becomes tense with this toy and my legs clench together in extreme approval. My orgasm is noticeably intense and I ride the passion of the moment and it easily keeps my clenching motions going. Just when I think the wave of pleasure is about to stop I find that the please continues—going on and on for an impressive amount of time.

Sometimes I even lose myself in thought as I experience the bliss of the orgasm before having a moment of “Wait a minute, this is still going”.

In short, I appreciate this wand a lot, though not necessarily as a wand.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

The So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand is essentially a comprehensive experience for me—in which the primer is clitoral stimulation with the wand head and the end game is penetration and an orgasm that could be entered in to the Guiness Book of World Records.

This wand works fine as a wand for me but better as an internal toy.

This won’t be the way that everyone uses this toy but it sure as hell works for me and I definitely recommend it in terms of getting your money worth—because, at £54.99, this wand isn’t the cheapest mid-sized wand on the market. If you can orgasm from mid-level/depth vibrations and thus get more use from this wand then the price is definitely worth it, but if not then I do urge you to consider what type of internal vibrations and shapes you appreciate, because it’s important to get the most bang for your buck out of the options given.

With that being said I personally found the smooth shaft of this vibrator to be a bit bland at times. This isn’t necessarily an objective downside to the wand (as it was obviously designed to be smooth) but it is a bit of a downside for anyone who does like some texture.

More objectively the buttons might be a bit annoying for some, and I had some issues with them myself.

The first point of annoyance is that there is only one button each for the different sections, which means you have to cycle through the vibrations to get back to where you want—which is a nuisance.

But I also, at times, found myself accidentally pressing the wrong button mid-use and then suddenly having the section I was holding begin to vibrate instead the section I was using. This turned out to be a huge mood killer and I can’t emphasize enough how much I hope So Divine rectify this design choice in future versions of this wand.

Because, yes, the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand has a huge amount of potential. I don’t love it but I do like it and I find it a nice addition to my toy box.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am pleased with the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand and think that it could be a very good wand for those who like it mid-range and diverse.

Before you purchase this wand I do recommend you consider how much use you’ll get out of it, how it might work with your body, and what you’re most hoping to get from it. These considerations will determine whether or not the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand is the right wand for you or if you’re better off considering another toy.

I can certainly recommend the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand but perhaps not for the power lovers among y’all. This is not your typical wand, in more ways than one, and this is something to consider strongly before making a purchase.

Recommend to:

People who like mid-strength wands.

People who want a diverse toy.

People who like a build-up during play.

Do Not Recommend to:

Power queens.

People who like broad and deep vibrations.

People who dislike vibrating handles.

The So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand was provided to me by So Divine in exchange for an honest review.