Product Review: The KYŌ 360ml Lubricant

Gloopy, thick, and long-lasting. My vulva has become best friends with this lubricant.

As it drips slowly out of the bottle—its viscous form presenting it from fully parting at first—I always smile with glee. It’s like watching the motions of a lava lamp, or thick golden syrup. All of the good things in life, essentially.

I also had no idea what to expect when I first tried the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant. A unique offering from Motsu Toys, the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant is designed to last an extraordinary amount of time for a water-based lubricant. Because of this Motsu Toys says that this lubricant is like silicone lube, but I have to disagree—it’s its very own wonderful concoction and I love to lose myself in the slimy sensations it provides.

About Motsu Toys

Motsu Toys may be a bit of a new name to some of my lovely readers, but they’ve actually been selling sex toys since 2008 (and, yes, this was news to me too).

Specifically Motsu Toys specializes in making Japanese Sex Toys more accessible for the European market. They started out with the Tenga line but have since expanded and now offer a whole myriad of colourful and (dare I say) kawaii treats for the eager enthusiast of Japanese adult culture.

Motsu Toys prides themselves on their shipping and discretion. As opposed to ordering direct from Japan, ordering via Motsu Toys while in the EU means that you avoid customs (as Motsu Toy operates from the EU). This means you can enjoy your purchase without the worry of extra charges or obvious packaging.

Speaking with Motsu Toys is a breeze and they clearly know their products very well. My parcel arrived swiftly and all the items I received were perfectly packed.

Overall I can definitely recommend Motsu Toys, especially if their products cater to your kinks.

Oh, and they also do a 100% satisfaction offer on the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant, as if you needed more reason to be drawn in by this company.

The KYŌ 360ml Lubricant

The KYŌ 360ml Lubricant itself is probably some of the thickest and most economical water-based lubricant that I have tried.

This lubricant really surprised me (in the best possible way).

The only lube that has even come close to it is the Bad Dragon Cum Lube. But with the BD Cum Lube I often find myself squirting out a ton of the stuff, whereas with the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant a single dollop is all I need to achieve long lasting fun.

How long lasting?

Well, there have been times where a single squirt has lasted me for use with a wand, a smooth dildo, a swap-out for a textured dildo, rough PiV sex, and then a return back to the wand and dildo, all without no need for reapplication.

This is basically unprecedented for a water-based lubricant in my experience and I almost can’t believe just how long-lasting the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant. What’s more is that, when it does finally dry out, a simple spritz or sprinkle of water gets its slippery properties going in full force once again.

So let’s run through some specs, shall we?

The KYŌ 360ml Lubricant is, in theory, a standard water-based lubricant with a not-so-standard composition.

On the bottle its ingredients are listed as Water and Sodium polyacrylate but on the Motsu Toys site they are as follows:

Water, Sodium polyacrylate, Sodium dehydroacetate, Disodium Edta.

This is a bit odd but not completely damning, as the information is readily available (though maybe a label update would be useful in time).

Sodium polyacrylate is what gives this lubricant its gel-like texture whereas Sodium dehydroacetate has antimicrobial properties. All of the ingredients are body safe and highly unlikely to cause any negative reactions. This makes me very happy as an advocate of body-safe ingredients.

Look at this goop. Just look at it.

Scent-wise the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant is totally inert. It doesn’t taste of anything, although trying to lap it up is a bit of a trial—like going for some melted cheese only to have multiple strings try to hitchhike along for the ride.

Yes, the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant really is that thick and viscous. It glumps out of the bottle in a manner so thick and globular that I just invented a new word to describe it. Strings of residue follow and linger on the hand when you place it on your genitals, or those of your partner/s. Its thickness is felt during use and it makes you feel sopping while also managing to hold a peculiar sense of lightness.

This lubricant does not feel at all like natural fluids during use—especially if you usually don’t lubricate much. It’s far too dense and gloopy to be anything but an external experience, and that is part of its charm. I feel like this sensation was what I hoped for when trying Slube except realized in pure lubricant form. I drool just thinking about it (and the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant shows up my drool’s thickness with its own).

Now, naturally, this very thick, perfect-for-tentacle-fantasies-texture will not appeal to everyone, and it may be the exact opposite of what some people crave. But if there’s one thing to be said about this lubricant it’s that it really does last for a damned long time, not just in use but also out of the bottle.

I have used this lubricant pretty much non-stop ever since getting it. Each time I feel sopping wet and each time it lasts throughout a long session. Yet do you know how much the bottle has gone down by? Maybe a centimeter at a stretch. Probably less.

It’s baffling.

I am truly in awe of this lubricant but, yes—I totally understand if you dislike thick, stringy, sticky gel-like lubes. The KYŌ 360ml Lubricant is an absolute acquired taste. Its gloopy consistency clings to the body with great enthusiasm but not everyone will be enthused by it.

If this is the case for you I completely understand, but anyone who does crave a thick lubricant may find themselves equally enamored with the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very impressed with the KYŌ 360ml Lubricant and really do believe that it’s a thick water-based lubricant unlike any other.

This comes with its own niche market but if you’re part of that market then you’re in for one slippery, long-lasting ride that you can repeat and repeat over god knows how many different tries. My bottle isn’t showing any signs of diminishing soon and, when it does, I’ll be buying another one.

Make of that what you will.

Recommend to:

People who like very thick lubricant.

People who like tentacle/oral fantasies.

People who like long-lasting lubricants.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thin lubricant.

People who dislike ‘sticky’ lubes.

People looking for a quick & easy clean (water reactivates it).

The KYŌ 360ml Lubricant was provided to me by Motsu Toys in exchange for an honest review.