Toy Review: The So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet

Bullets are a ubiquitous aspect of the sex toy industry, and yet they’re also fairly hit and miss in terms of success. Some (not many) are deep, rumbly, and profound, others are buzzy and shallow.

It makes me incredibly sad that the latter is more prominent than the former, especially when smaller bullets are involved. I mean, who among those with a vulva and an active sex drive hasn’t wanted the perfect tiny vibe to slide down between their labia and enjoy during other sexual activities?

Smaller bullets are also great for those times where you need to travel, and this is exactly why I took my So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet to Eroticon with me. But was this a good call or a grave misstep? Read on to find out.

So Divine

So Divine have a single prevailing belief—that sex should be fun for everyone who wishes to enjoy it. It doesn’t matter what your orientation or gender identity, So Divine wishes to cater for you.

In this endeavor So Divine has tried to make a line of sex toys that are affordable and accessible—available in many different stores for affordable prices.

I’ve personally seen So Divine products in different stores, so I can happily say that they are making themselves known to a general sex-loving clientele.

I also found communication with So Divine to be smooth, shipping swift, and the packaging discreet, everything you might want when buying a sex toy.

The So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet

The So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet is, in many ways, a very standard bullet. Its shape is incredibly familiar, its single-button design is straightforward, and its firmness is predictable—rigid and pinpoint with its precise design.

This bullet is incredibly simplistic, but does it need to be anything but?

As with all bullets, the focus is mainly on areas such as the clitoris, the nipples, and the perineum (externally), but there is some room for exploration.

For example, my favorite way of using bullet vibes is often to place the bullet vibe in between my labia (as opposed to angling it on my clit) and allowing the vibrations to spread as I rub the bullet gently up and down or thrust in to it, applying pressure with my hand.

This was the way that I often used my So Divine Halo Bullet and, I have to confess, I really liked it when used in this manner.

The surface of this bullet is made of firm ABS plastic and is smooth, yet it seems to have an ever-so-subtle velvety appeal to its surface, which feels very nice during use. It’s for this reason that I often find I can use this bullet either with or without water-based lubricant, which is a rarity for me (I’m typically all lube, all the way).

This makes the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet even better for travel, as I feel like I could use this vibrator literally anywhere. Dry use also allows the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet to have a bit more grip—which might be something to utilize during partnered use. And, yes, I do believe that this vibrator could be used with a partner.

A single button controls it all.

As for the controls, they are incredibly straightforward. A single button is used to turn on the single speed of this bullet and then turn it right back off.

Yes. You read that right—one speed.

This does make the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet a bit of a hit-or-miss product, but it also helps keep those costs down so that more people can at least try this bullet vibrator.

This speed is a buzz-quiver combo that shudders along at what I would call a high-mid level strength for a cheap budget bullet vibrator. It’s not necessarily deep but neither is it shallow nor abrasive either (at least not in my many experiences).

Because it is a bit gentler than something like the Tango (or my usual go-to, a wand) I do take a bit longer to respond to these vibrations—purely because they’re not my preference—but this doesn’t negate their effectiveness.

If I want to orgasm with this bullet vibrator then I will orgasm and each of these climaxes have felt as satisfying as any other decent bullet vibrator that I have samples (at a significantly lower price than some).

The aesthetics of this bullet vibrator also draw me in a bit. I’m a bit of a sucker for rose gold, so the soft, metallic-looking surface of the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet appeals to my love for this material.

The So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet is battery powered, but batteries are included, which is another perk compared to many other entry-level bullet vibrators. It’s also 100% waterproof when its screw cap is properly sealed, meaning it’s a breeze to clean.

That being said I do understand if this bullet is not for everyone.

Where might this bullet fall short?

Its vibrations could easily be felt as irritating or annoying—like a hyperactive fly buzzing right up against your ear. Yes, it goes a bit deeper than you’d expect, but that doesn’t mean the buzz is necessarily what you want.

This will certainly be the case for those who dislike really rapid vibrations, or for those who definitely require some rumble. The So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet is much more of a fast and shivering sensations rather than something a bit more wise and methodical.

I also feel like one setting really is a bit of a disappointment. I mean, c’mon, you couldn’t give us the standard three?

You can leave the patterns out, I think people would understand, but options to explore and build up to are still nice, especially for those who may be using this as their first vibe.

Final Thoughts

But, despite these gripes, I still had a good time with the So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet and I can’t really complain about its effectiveness.

The bottom line is that I enjoy using this bullet vibrator, and I’m glad that many others should be able to enjoy it to.

Since So Divine is available through a fair few adult stores then do try and feel a sample vibe if you can, if not then I hope my review gives you a good idea of just what this vibe has to offer.

Recommend to:

People who like quivering and buzzy vibrations.

People who like rapid-speed vibrations.

People who want a compact travel vibe.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who need rumbly vibrations.

People who like softer toys.

People who dislike pinpoint sensations.

The So Divine Halo Vibrating Bullet was provided to me by So Divine in exchange for an honest review.