Update: The Cumpanion Towel Giveaway Results

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope you’ve been well today!

As I’m sure some of you are aware, my Cumpanion Towel giveaway ended today and it’s time to announce the winner.

Congratulations to @poisonhyvee for being a brilliant aspiring galactic hitchhiker. I’ll get your towel to you very soon.

Expect one of these in the mail very soon.

As for the rest of you, fear not! You can get your own towel right here at a very reasonable price, and I can assure you I’ll be doing some more giveaways very soon.

A huge thank you to AnnaRae for making this particular giveaway possible, please show them some love. And, while you’re at it, read my Cumpanion Towel review here.

Gratitude to all of you for your ongoing support. It means the world to me.

Until the next review!