Product Review: Shunga Edible Body Paint (Aphrodisiac Chocolate)

Have you ever heard someone use the term ‘the art of making love’?

Or perhaps you’ve dreamed of making your lover’s body the canvas upon which you paint your utmost desires.

Thankfully there are many ways to do such a thing.

Some people favour the conceptual—tracing their fingers or lips over their partner’s body and leaving their own mark within their minds. Others are fans of the more literal—audible bruises, finger prints grasping into the hip bones, claw marks perhaps. All ways are valid if done if a safe, sane, and consensual manner.

And occupying the intermediary space between a visible mark and a fleeting impression is body paint.

Inspired by a love of food, sensation, and art, body paint offers people a chance to explore each other in a playful and creative manner whilst always maintaining an intimate approach. When done right, it’s whimsical, inspiring, and highly intimate. When done wrong it’s a date with the toilet waiting to happen (trust me, I’ve been there) and so it’s fair to say that equipment is everything.

Shunga Edible Body Paint (Aphrodisiac Chocolate)

So what is important when it comes to a good body paint?

Well it has to be the right consistency—not too thin but not too thick either. As someone whose first ‘body paint’ experience was with a tub of chocolate icing I can attest to the need to keep the tongue engaged without being over-strained.

Flavour is vital too. A body paint needs to be sweet and appealing without a chemical tang, but it can’t be too overwhelming either. Certainly not saccharine to the point of being sickly—as the desire is to keep on going back for more.

And, of course, it needs to be good at its job—decorating the body in an alluring and precise manner, primed and ready for the licking.

The Shunga Edible Body Paint works very hard to strike this balance.

This body paint works hard to move beyond the novelty aspect of such products and in to a more luxurious category.

Importantly for me (and other similarly-minded individuals) it’s vegan, meaning pretty much anyone can enjoy licking this off their partner’s skin. It’s also gluten-free, lacking in any artificial fragrance and completely paraben-free.

The non-staining mixture is easy to wash off with water and doesn’t leave any sticky residue upon being lapped up.

The ingredients list is as follows:

Sugar (sucrose), Water (Aqua), Cocoa powder (theobroma cacao powder), Sodium citrate, Salt (Sodium chloride), Caramel colour (Caramel), N&A Flavour (Aroma), Potassium sorbate (Preservative), Citric acid, FD&C Yellow(CI 15985), FD&C Red(CI 16035), FD&C Blue(CI 42090).

So, although you’ll want to avoid decorating a vulva with this body paint the materials are generally very body safe and did not cause an adverse reaction in myself or my partner.

Typically I’m rather hard to please when it comes to flavouring, especially artificial flavours. Horny Geek Girl can attest to this, as I shunned a rather delicious looking salted caramel & peanut butter milkshake for being too sweet for my liking and avoided anything too sugary throughout our time together at Eroticon.

However the Shunga Edible Body Paint hit that perfect point of sweet-but-tolerable that I actually quite liked.

As it happened I had just tried the Sweet Freedom Choc Shot just earlier that day and the flavours were incredibly similar, with the Shunga Edible Body Paint tasting just that bit more akin to milk chocolate and with a smoother overall taste to it. It suited my palate just fine and even a skeptical Mr Peaches let out an approving ‘Oooh’ after lapping up the love heart that I placed upon his hand.

This body paint really works in terms of flavour.

The Shunga Edible Body Paint is very thin (almost close to water in terms of its viscosity) and this makes it wonderfully easy to spread against the skin and lap up.

From an artistic point of view it also allows you to play around with shading a bit—spreading the areas you want to look lighter a little thinner and clustering the liquid for those thicker, bolder lines. A loveheart looks best when fully filled with the chocolaty fluid that this product offers, whereas a peach can be given a bit more shading.

The ‘brush’ included is actually a triangular piece of material (which I’m really hoping isn’t animal-based) which acts to collect the fluid from inside the Shunga Edible Body Paint bottle and then allow it to spread semi-competently over the body.

What’s great about this brush’s tear-drop design is that it tends to cluster up the chocolate paint in its little divot, allowing for you to collect a fair amount to then spread, drop, or drizzle over your partner as you wish. Sweeping motions may require a few revisits to the bottle, but things never feel unrefined or clumsy when using this brush.

This brush also washes up very well and adds to the brilliant aesthetic that the bottle for the Shunga Edible Body Paint already enables. This is a bottle that can be washed and used long after its initial use has been completed—placed on display among other elegant items of faux vintage interest.

If there’s one thing to be said against the Shunga Edible Body Paint, it’s that it is thin to the point of being runny at times. If you’re working on thick designs (or small ones) then you may need to consider gravity and how the droplets of this body paint might fall.

This isn’t an issue when working on larger parts of the body, but becomes a bit irksome when working on more detailed designs, especially as the brush always seems to either want to grab ample amounts of chocolate paint or barely any at all. Finding the mid-point is difficult, which might irk some amateur artists (including myself).

That being said there is a certain amount of allure in refining one’s skills as a painter of chocolate-on-skin. A couple who likes to spend their time exploring different sensations may find the slow and gentle strokes of a practicing artist to be exactly what they desire, and the licking after? That’s just the icing on the cake (or chocolate spread on the skin, as it were).

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr Peaches and I were very impressed with what the Shunga Edible Body Paint has to offer.

As body paints go it’s the most delicious, consistent, and elegant that I have tested so far and there is no sense of tacky novelty about it.

This isn’t the type of product that has been haphazardly clustered together in a half-hearted attempt to appeal to the novelty of causal sploshing. Instead it’s a beautifully composed attempt to unite eroticism, taste, and tactile sensation in the bedroom and I can’t think of a single body paint kit that comes even close to what the Shunga Edible Body Paint has to provide.

Recommend to:

People wanting body paint.

People who like thinner paint.

People who like control when painting.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a very thick paint.

People who dislike chocolate.

People who prefer an actual brush.

The Shunga Edible Body Paint was provided to me by Shunga in exchange for an honest review.