Product Review: The Cumpanion Towel

It started, as most great ideas do, with sushi.

At least that’s what Cumpanion’s Our Story page tells me.

An innocent dinner together turned in to a not-so-innocent conversation about post-sex clean-up and the frustration that many have felt at having to grab whatever second hand material was nearby to wipe themselves off.

When you think about it the whole thing really is ludicrous. I mean it’s 2017 for Christ’s sake. I know the world is going down the drain but have we really not expanded our post-sex clean-up prospects yet!?

Well, yes actually. Thanks to the Cumpanion Towel we have.

The Cumpanion Towel

The Cumpanion Towel seems like a very simple product, and although I would be happy to describe it as ‘straightforward’ it is anything but simple.

What you see is what you get.

What this product offers is a practical and plush alternative to the post-sex wipe off routine that most individuals are used to: Tissue paper that invariably always gets stuck to the tip or tangled in folds, a questionable sock of dubious origins, the sheets (not the sheets!), or even a go-to flannel that has become just a bit to abrasive over time (and was never made-to-purpose anyway).

All of these items can be used for post-sex clean-up but none of them are particularly ideal. None of them are specifically catered towards sex and intimacy and, as a whole, they just don’t really get sex.

The Cumpanion Towel is different.

Created by the female entrepreneur, AnnaRae, the Cumpanion Towel is made specifically for sex and every aspect of its design brings this into consideration.

It’s 25” x 15” ovular form is perfect for sweeping across the torso and hugging against the body without feeling like there is excess fabric or too little to really get the job done. This ‘Goldilocks Effect’ is further complemented by its ovular shape, which makes long strokes across the skin an absolute breeze.

A reversible pouch adds an additional aspect to the Cumpanion Towel and the diversity that it offers really can’t be overlooked. Firstly it gives the option for users with a penis to place the pouch over themselves when ejaculating to keep mess to even more of a minimum. If you’d rather wait until after and then use the towel you can equally stick to the pouch area.

This pouch is amazing (and means you can pass the Cumpanion off as a hair drying towel if you wish).

Alternatively, if you’ve used the entire towel then you can roll the main body of the fabric and tuck it into this pouch to discreetly transfer it to the wash. This is particularly brilliant for people who live with roommates and want to keep hush hush about their sexual habits.

Speaking of stealthy sex, the Cumpanion Towel’s pouch is also great for slotting in some smaller sex toys and transporting them from place to place. Your roommates may think you’re simply gathering up your washcloths but what you really have in store in much more exciting.

It’s also entirely possible to slot your hand in this pouch and using the Cumpanion Towel as a sensation play tool to stroke up against your partner’s skin. The Cumpanion Towel is made from super plush microfiber with a very sturdy satin rim lining its edges. Not only does this make the Cumpanion Towel vegan *fist pump* but it’s also incredibly soft and welcoming. Think your favorite fleece blanket combined with a minky cuddly toy and you’ve got a glimmer of the warm fuzzies that the Cumpanion Towel can evoke.

Perfect capacity.

As an aside it’s also the type of material that can look like it’s got patterns in it if you draw your fingers against its natural grain, so I sometimes like leaving little love hearts or messages in the towel’s fabric…yes, I’m a dork. Get over it.

This material was chosen specifically because of how soft it feels against the skin and its ability to stay wonderfully plush even after multiple washes (unlike a flannel, for example). To wash the Cumpanion Towel all you need to do is use a normal wash without fabric softener. When it dries it is essentially as good as new and maintains its lovely soft texture.

Mr Peaches and I are relatively spoiled when it comes to our cleaning choices. Mainly because our bedroom has an en suite bathroom with a shower. The sink is even at dick-height meaning that often Mr Peaches just gets up and rinses. But for those moments where we just want to lie together in each other’s arms and not worry about immediate clean-up (but still want to be clean) the Cumpanion Towel is a perfect alternative to our usual post-sex habits.

The act of stroking this towel against the skin even becomes part of an intimate moment between two couples, further amplifying moments like this.

It’s also great to quickly wipe up after round one in preparation for round two without faffing about with the sink.

AnnaRae really have thought of everything.

One last sneaky use of the pouch that I also noted is for those with tinier heads, and that’s as a impromptu facemask/blindfold. Propping the Cumpanion Towel over someone’s head may look silly but there’s really no seeing out of it once correctly applied.

Its non-breathable material also adds a perfect sense of either cozy warmth of cloying claustrophobia depending on your own experiences and this can make it great for BDSM play. As a sub it make you feel like a typically comforting item has been subverted to make you a vulnerable prop for your partner’s sexual whims, which can be very arousing. Plus if you’re in to fluid play then you could always put your fluids on the towel/in the pouch and then confront your partner with them up close and personal. To each their own.

So are there any downsides to this towel?


It’s a towel designed specifically for sex. What’s not to love?

Not only that but the Cumpanion Towel retails at a ridiculously low $16.50. I’ve purchased normal towels that have cost more than that!

As such the only real disadvantages are more personal preference at the moment.

For now the Cumpanion Towel only comes in blue and this does feel restrictive. It’s also arguably subliminally heteronormative and adherent to gender stereotypes, but I doubt this was ever intentional.

AnnaRae is planning on bringing out a sheer grey towel at some point and I can’t wait to see that get crowdfunded. I’d also love so see a rainbow colored LGBT towel down the line, but one thing at a time.

The Cumpanion Towel also becomes infinitely less useful if you’re in the typical ‘teenage boy’ scenario of having someone else do the washing for you. Fluids may be cleaned up well by the Cumpanion Towel but they’re also obvious and there’s no way that they’d escape the prying eyes of someone who was looking through the washing pile.

The Cumpanion Towel also comes with some prep time which, although incredibly minimal, is still something you’ll need to consider before use. Namely you actually have to have it to hand nearby in order to use it post-sex. This doesn’t sound like much but you’d be surprised how many times you might forget at first. Using it is a habit you’ll have to get in to.

Final Thoughts

Overall, though, I am incredibly impressed by the Cumpanion Towel and do consider it to be one of the only viable reuseable post-sex clean-up items currently on the market.

It fills every role it needs to, and more, in its quest to make sex cleaner and more convenient and could be an absolute godsend for anyone with very sensitive skin or those who usually find themselves sneaking around shared accommodation with cum-stained fabrics.

I highly recommend you nab yourself one right now as this handy product is well worth investing in.

Recommend to:

People who need a soft clean-up material.

People who need to hide their sexual habits.

People who like sensory play.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike fluffy fabrics.

People who are happy with their current methods.

People who don’t do their own washing.

The Cumpanion Towel was provided to me by AnnaRae in exchange for an honest review.