Toy Review: Bad Dragon’s The Dragon’s Tongue (Medium, 5/3 Firmness)

To be ravaged by a beast. To have a huge, sopping tongue slither over your body. To feel its sleek and salivating form glossing over you, looking to penetrate you with the full girth of its probing tongue.

If you’re not purring at that thought I’ll do it for both of us, because it’s right up my alleyway.

Fantasy roleplay is something I’ve always had an interest in, and being fucked by a dragon is a particular preference of mine. It’s right up there with werewolves for peak arousal (if Twilight hadn’t ruined poor Mr Wolf’s image, that is) and I’m not afraid to admit it.

And, the wonderful thing about the internet is that it has a beautiful way of showing people that they’re not alone. For some this may mean finding members of the same fandom, for me it meant discovering a site that sold dragon dicks in my teenage years.

Ever since I first discovered Bad Dragon I was in love with it. The toy designs, images, and accompanying smut has changed many times since then but my adoration for each fantasy phallus has not.

Some might consider the most iconic among these draconic offerings to be the Bad Dragon himself, Duke, but I dunno. There’s just something so incredibly powerful about looking down and seeing a scaly muzzle hovering over your genitals, about to go to town in a variety of ways, especially when that muzzle is so expertly crafted.

 Bad Dragon’s The Dragon’s Tongue (Medium, 5/3 Firmness)

The Dragon’s Tongue is, to my mind, one of the most aesthetically stunning products that Bad Dragon has to offer.

It would have been incredibly easy for Bad Dragon to simply offer up a tongue, on its own, and call it a job well done.  But, no—not with Bad Dragon. These guys like to go whole hog. Or should I say ‘whole snout’ in this instance (though, come to think of it, why don’t we have a mythical boar toy yet Bad Dragon? Or something influenced by the TMNT’s Bebop and Rocksteady even? I’m curious).

I have strong feelings about this toy.

Oh yes, the Dragon’s Tongue comes with its very own snout from which its tongue protrudes out, reading to lap up whatever is in front of it. The detailing on this muzzle is incredible too—scales small and large, appropriate curvatures of the jaw, and even teeth sticking teasingly out. There is no mistaking what this tongue belongs to and it builds up a wonderful sense of immersion when using this toy, should you wish it to.

And, the thing is, Bad Dragon really didn’t need to do this. Yes, in order to make this toy anal-friendly it needed a flared base, but this flared base could have been kept simple. Instead Bad Dragon have put in the effort to design the snout and invest in extra silicone to really give this toy the full detailing that it deserves. I love this.

In keeping with tradition the Dragon’s Tongue can also be purchased in various sizes and firmnesses. Mine is a medium, although that term is really relative. The maximum diameter of this beast’s shaft is 2.4 inches whereas its insertable length is 6 inches. Even the smallest size has a hefty diameter of 2 inches—already at the maximum for my insertable limits.

The detail on this toy is brilliant.

Thankfully as a tongue this toy has a tapered design and you can ease down on to its curved shaft as much as you desire, testing your limits of staying in your comfort zone. Both are divine, especially with the pin-point tip of this tongue which teases any internal spots of pleasure with almost ticklish precision.

I purchased a split firmness Dragon’s Tongue and I am incredibly happy with this decision. With such a large toy it’s nice to feel like I have some leeway in terms of testing its girth. Its softer silicone tongue is forgiving and willing whereas its muzzle stays nicely firm—just as I imagine a dragon’s tongue might. I mean who wants a rigid tongue? I want a floppy, soppy, squishy tongue that can stroke against my body with all the malleability of the real deal.

And, yes, this toy is absolutely brilliant for this. Lube the Dragon’s Tongue up with some clear cum lube and it will glide over the body in such a beautifully smooth, soft, and tantalizing way, that it’s hard not to feel utterly ravaged by its form. I love it when my partner swoops this tongue over my vulva in long sweeps, applying stimulation to the entire area. But the tip of this toy is also fantastic for suddenly fondling in to place and wriggling playfully against the clit.

I had never thought that I would be utterly enamored by a non-vibrating dildo when it comes to external stimulation, but the Dragon’s Tongue has converted me.

I only wish I had purchased it in extra-large. I don’t care about being able to insert this tongue, I just want it to bear down on me and stroke my entire body with almost affectionate dedication. It really is heavenly.

The Dragon’s Tongue (like all Bad Dragon toys) is made from silicone which is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. This silicone can also be purchased in custom colors, allowing you to make this toy your own should you wish. Mine is a lava dragon and I love it. My partner embodies this fierce creature with all the fiery passion I could hope for and our burning desire is definitely amplified by the personal touch of the toy’s blazing color scheme.

In terms of potential downsides this silicone can feel clingy without lubricant (existing in a kind of matte/gloss limbo) but I don’t see this as much of a slight. Mainly because I couldn’t imagine using a tongue without lubricant to give it that truly sopping effect. Silicone also makes the Dragon’s Tongue incredibly easy to clean, which is a good thing considering the detailing on this toy.

Be careful with the mouth’s opening, though. Gunk can easily be overlooked there.

There is some texture on the Dragon’s Tongue and this can feel very nice during lapping motions. However if you’re a texture slut (like myself) then you may find yourself frustrated by the smooth glide that this tongue generally provides. It is not one for those who like their toys to present prominent texture, nor those who need a bulging point of stimulation or avoid girth.

Texture is kept to a minimum (but the toy’s silicone is still a bit of a dust and hair grabber).

These are all points of personal preference, though, and are pretty apparent from the Dragon’s Tongue product page. Bad Dragon are very good at conveying information about their toys, and everything you need to know has been presented in an easily accessed format.

One thing I will say is that the varying firmness of Bad Dragon toys is a bit hit and miss, and if you’ve never made a purchase from them before then it may be nerve-wracking to try and ascertain your preference. In this case I recommend that you either get a firmness sampling set to help you guesstimate or buy from the Adoption section. With such a special toy there is a strong desire to get everything right, after all, and if you perfect your purchase then the Dragon’s Tongue is a very good investment.

Final Thoughts

Yes I recommend this toy and, yes, I adore it, but obviously it is a very niche product and won’t appeal to everyone.

If you like stroking sensations against your body, if you’re a fan of tapered toys that make you feel full at your opening but present more precision internally, or if you’re looking for something to train expanding your limits with then the Dragon’s Tongue is a fantastic(al) product, regardless of whether or not you buy in to the fantasy angle.

If you’re a kinkster after my own heart then you already know that you’ll find the appearance of the tongue alone to be hypnotic and, yes, it does follow up on its visual appeal (at least when the silicone is soft).

But if you don’t like or even understand this toy then I totally get you as well. This tongue isn’t going to stroke everyone’s interest and might just be one to gloss over for anyone who finds it to be outside of their personal preferences.

Although if you ever did want to buy an extra-large one and donate it to a certain peachy reviewer then I wouldn’t object at all.

Recommend to:

People who like stroking sensations.

People who like progressive girth.

Dragon fans.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike the fantasy element.

People who prefer textured toys.

People who prefer slimmer toys.

I purchased the Dragon’s Tongue as a personal treat to myself (and what a treat it has been). If you want your own then check out Bad Dragon here.