Product Review: The Coconu Coconut Water-Based Natural Lubricant

Have you ever tried a mindfulness exercise? They’re all the rage right now, and with good reason too.

Mindfulness has proven to be an incredibly effective coping mechanism against anxiety, depression and other mental health issues in addition to promoting general well-being.

The basis of mindfulness encourages people to slow down, really consider each and every action, feel how your body responds, and take it all in without judgement.

Why am I bringing this up? Because to me the Coconu Coconut Water-Based Natural Lubricant felt like automatic mindfulness lubricant.

It’s consistency, it’s lightness…pretty much everything about it. This lubricant just had a wonderful way of making me really feel it making contact with my skin and gently spreading with each motion of my fingertips.

Sometimes this happens with a lubricant for me, but only with the exceptional ones, and the Coconu Coconut Water-Based Natural Lubricant is an exceptional lubricant.

The Coconu Coconut Water-Based Natural Lubricant

The Coconu Coconut Water-Based Natural Lubricant is a gentle lubricant designed to be as inclusive and body-safe as is possible. It is completely free of parabens, alcohol, petroleum, gluten, phthalates, and fragrances and dyes. It’s hypoallergenic as a result of this and uses 100% natural ingredients. Because of this it’s also edible (though not flavoured) and Coconu have even made sure that this lubricant is cruelty-free, so a great option for vegans and ethical consumers.

This lubricant is everything it needs to be and more.

When it comes to lubricants I like to see how they live up to their promises in terms of the fundamentals—scent, taste, and sensation. Coconu claims to be free from any fragrances and is lacking in a lot of key ingredients that would often leave a scent or flavour so I was interested in how it would hold up.

Outside of the most delicate natural aroma Coconu is inert in terms of scent. For those familiar with it, it’s the exact same smell you get when you trim down the stem of a flower or another plant—the mixture of aqua and the plant’s natural gum/sap. Not at all unpleasant and incredibly mild unless held very close to the nose.

This makes sense considering the full list of Coconu ingredients, which are as follows:

Organic Coconut Water *, Xanthan Gum, Cellulose Gum, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

The various cellulose gum and other gums are the primary aroma that can be subtly detected.

Flavor-wise I was honestly expecting this lubricant to have a coconutty taste to it. And while, yes, there is a slight hint of coconut, you really can’t taste much at all from Coconu. It’s much more akin to watered down coconut water than something like coconut milk, for example, and even then the flavour is so mild that you may just doubt it’s there at all. I personally detected a slight metallic tang a little while after tasting it but, again, this is so miniscule as to be potentially a placebo rather than a readily detectable flavour.

This makes Coconu more than suitable for oral sex but, honestly, I don’t know why anyone would use it for such a purpose, because I want to savor every single dollop of this lubricant being upon my skin and couldn’t imagine lapping it away.

Consistency matters when it comes to lubricant. A lot of people expect a certain experience from their lube beyond simply providing a bit of slip-and-slide—for example, avoiding anything that’s too sticky, having a preference to gels over runny lubes, etc.

I’ve tried quite a few lubricants in my time but it always strikes me just how different some can feel, and Coconu was a revelation for me.

This lube looks unassuming but is anything but.

This lubricant looks as if it would be quite a heavy, gel-based lube. It dollops out of its easy-to-use tube and holds its viscosity very well upon contact with the skin. Yet this lubricant feels so feather light, so wonderfully dainty that it’s presence on the skin feels downright polite. It draws attention to itself but in the most gentle and courteous manner. It’s hard not to humanize the amount of kindness that I sometimes feel it offers as it glides across the skin upon being spread.

The hydration of a typical water-based lubricant is there, but everything feels slightly different, like a breath of fresh air or the experience of seeing a small feather drift carelessly to the ground.

All of these analogies are a bit airy, but that’s honestly because this is how the Coconu Lubricant feels to me—light as a feather and yet durable and effective enough to nurture my body and provide all of the lubrication and buffering that I need.

This lubricant has never let me down, a little seems to go a very long way, and I’ve never needed to reapply it during use. I can use it with wands and draggy toys and textured toys and still always feel like its elegantly glossing over my skin and helping anything that I invite to join the experience achieve an equal sense of ease and grace.

When a lubricant is so poetic in nature it’s pretty hard to take a step back and objectively consider its downsides. That being said it does need to be done, especially as no product is perfect.

My biggest issue with the Coconu Lubricant has to be price. At $22.00 for 3oz this isn’t the most expensive water-based lubricant on the market, but it’s not cheap either.

Of course I understand why this is. High-quality lubricant isn’t cheap to manufacture and, although you can get cheaper lubes they usually sacrifice some form of body-safety in order to get the price down (by using cheaper ingredients that might also be an irritant, for example).

Because of this I don’t hold Coconu’s price against it (and find it reasonable) but that doesn’t stop it from simply being too much for some people to invest in.

This lubricant may also feel too light for some individuals, especially if thick sensations are a preference. And, although I didn’t have a reaction to this lubricant, some still may, so it’s important to consider your own needs before buying this lube.

But can you tell I’m reaching here? Because I can. Let’s move on!

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt in my mind that Coconu is a brilliant water-based option for anyone seeking a gentle, considered, and sincerely experiential lubricant.

‘Experiential’ is a word I’ve never used in one of my reviews before, but it just feels so on point for this lubricant. It’s unique sensation when meeting with the skin is something I cherish every time I use this lubricant and I honestly think it’s helped me take a more loving approach to how I massage it in to my body.

I highly recommend this lube and think that if you can justify the price then it won’t let you down.

Recommend to:

People who need a gentle lube.

People who like light lubes.

Vegans and ethical consumers.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer goopy lubes.

People who react badly to certain gums.

People who cannot justify the price.

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