Toy Review: The We-Vibe Wish

I don’t ‘get’ the Wish. I just don’t.

I’m sure many others will get the Wish. They’ll see its beautiful blue form and fall in love with the pebble-like design. They’ll take it up in their hands and marvel (as I did) at how wonderfully squishy and inviting it is. They’ll then enthusiastically turn it on an let out an audible wow (much like myself) at the vibrations that the Wish provides. This is a We-Vibe toy through-and-through and its strength doesn’t disappoint at all.

But herein lies the disconnect.

The We-Vibe Wish works on a new type of vibration style from We-Vibe called PowerPulse vibration. This is, essentially a wave-like sensation to the vibrations which persists even in the standard mode.

Call it what you want, but this is a pattern, and when my vibrators don’t come with a smooth intensity then it’s a problem for me.

The We-Vibe Wish

The We-Vibe Wish is made by one of my all-time favorite producers of clitoral vibrators—We-Vibe. I will forever and a day recommend The We-Vibe Touch to people who want a strong and broad clitoral vibrator. If you’re a fan of pin-point vibrations and/or you use toys and harnesses with a bullet sleeve then I will urge you consider saving up for the We-Vibe Tango, in order to experience its iconic and (still unrivaled) strength for such a slim vibrator.

I wish I could like the We-Vibe Wish more.

But the We-Vibe Wish? It has a much more concentrated audience.

But let’s start with some specs and the many things that I really like about the We-Vibe Wish. The We-Vibe Wish follows in the We-Vibe tradition of bringing a profound amount of strength to a rather slim form. This vibrator may not be the tiniest around, but with an overall length of 4.1 inches and an overall diameter of 2.6 inches it can be considered to be ‘palm sized’.

These dimensions pay off very well during use.

With a  wonderfully cupping curve and a somewhat flat and pebble-like design, the We-Vibe Wish can easily be slotted into a pair of underwear and left to happily vibrate away over the entirety of the vulva while you play around with the fully integrated (and well-connected) We-Sync app to get the intensity of your choice.

Unlike the Touch and the Tango the form of the We-Vibe Wish is wonderfully plush and somewhat squishy. This makes it particularly comfortable during use—as you can apply a fair bit of pressure to it (pressing it against the vulva) without feeling like it’s too harsh against the body.

Who could resist the tip of the Wish? (Me apparently *sad sigh*)

The We-Vibe Wish also sports a wonderfully tapered tip which can be used for a more pin-pointed experience. Because the tip is soft this direct stimulation also feels less abrasive than something like ABS plastic and I really appreciated this. My clit may be able to take a lot of vibration but it’s a delicate little flower when it comes to being targeted directly.

The arching design of the We-Vibe Wish also makes it suitable for flipping over and using ‘on its back’ for a different kind of sensation. This is the most diffuse way to use it in my experience but also the most comfortable for me personally. When the We-Vibe Wish worked for me it really worked and this was often the method I would use.

The silicone surface of the Wish also lends itself to its primary use as a clitoral vibrator. It has enough grab to feel appealing against the skin but never feels grabby not too clingy. It lubricates wonderfully and doesn’t collect much in the way of dust and/or other debris.

When I tried the Wish lubed up as opposed to dry I was amazed by just how much of a difference its softer body made. When lubricated it feels like most other sex toys, but used dry this softness makes the We-Vibe Wish much more palatable than other toys I have tried without lube. The cushioning effect is in full force and this is a vibe that I actually enjoy using dry and don’t mind grabbing on the spur of the moment when I may not have lube to hand…at least in theory.

In practice although I can orgasm with the We-Vibe Wish I rarely do.

The We-Vibe Wish comes complete with 10 vibration modes and the option to make more in the app but all of the default ones are patterns of a sort. The vibrations from the We-Vibe Wish are suitable deep and rumbly. They penetrate into the body and I often feel them playing off of any internal toy that I have inserted but I am not a pattern lover.

Why, We-Vibe, why?

I don’t just prefer consistency from my vibrators, apparently. It seems I actually need it. Otherwise my brain gets distracted and I’m too caught up with the lack of consistent stimulation to even begin thinking about a climax.

This became abundantly clear to me when testing the We-Vibe Wish and finding myself increasingly frustrated at the erratic nature of the Wish’s ‘PowerPulse’ mode. To me it felt more like a vibrator when it’s low on charge—sputtering in between strong and gentle beats, never quite finding its rhythm but chugging on regardless. I tried my best to get along with it, I even mustered a few good (dare I say great) orgasms with the We-Vibe Wish but more often than not I would have to throw in the towel when using this toy, because my brain could not detach from the unpredictable nature of its chundering vibes.

This clip causes issues for some.

The We-Vibe Wish is rechargeable but it uses a magnetic clip system to achieve this. This allows the Wish to be fully submersible but it’s also caused problems for some people, who have found that the strength of the magnets involved is not strong enough. I’ve not experienced this issue first-hand but I have seen photos of it on social media and so feel it is something to highlight.

Of much more concern for me was just how difficult it is to discern between the raised point of this clip section and the button to change modes during use. Without stopping to look I find changing modes to be bothersome at the best of times and impossible at others. A button that’s too easy to press is never a good idea but neither is one that is downright undetectable. It was disappointing to say the least.

Beyond this, though very little can be said against the We-Vibe Wish and I’m aware that a significant amount of the problem here is personal preference. But last time I checked having continuous, uninterrupted vibrations was a prevalent preference soooo….yeah.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am impressed with many of the elements of the We-Vibe Wish, even if I ultimately can’t reap its full benefits myself.

Pattern lovers, on the other hand, can rejoice at the variation, control, and strength that the We-Vibe Wish provides, as it tuckers onward with its PowerPulse prowess like the adorable little trooper that it is—small but mighty.

My biggest hope is that We-Vibe doesn’t make PowerPulse the default mode for every upcoming new release, otherwise I may find myself woefully unenthused by what they have to provide. Still, it’s not all about me.

Recommend to:

People who like patterns.

People who like softer silicone.

People who like ‘hugging’ vibes.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike patterns.

People who need continuous vibrations.

People who prefer firm materials.

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