Toy Review: The Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring

Wham, ram, thank you ma’am!

…Okay, maybe that was unnecessary but you can’t blame me for having a bit of fun when it comes to sex toys. They’re called ‘toys’ for a reason, after all.

Besides, when a cock ring is so deliberately decorated with certain aesthetic features it’s hard not to bring them into the review—or into play sessions either. Looking at the raised tribal ram present on the circumference on this cock conveys a certain degree of power, respect, and primal desire. It’s the kind of visual display that can make the viewer feel like they’re about to be taken roughly and the wearer feel as empowered as Conan the Barbarian.

Ramming is a physical act, though, and the primary purpose of a cock ring is to make the user firm enough to feel the strength of their own ‘horn’ in action. So how did the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring perform? Read on to find out.

The Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring

The Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring is a flexible ring that can be used as either a cock ring or a cock-and-ball ring depending on your preference. Its main purpose is to make the user’s penis firm during use and to increase pleasure at the point of climax. That being said, Perfect Fit are very invested in the design element of the toy and emphasize that this product can also be used as a ‘body adornment’.

This cock ring looks baa-rilliant.

I can understand why Perfect Fit feel so attached to the design of this toy too—as this ring was designed by Tribal Son directly. Tribal Son is a duo of ‘tribesmen’ who are well-known for producing amazing silver jewelry and belt buckles for the iconic ‘warrior’ persona that some individuals like to adopt. Looking through the Tribal Son product page, the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring fits in seamlessly, showing that no design elements were compromised in making this cock ring a rather accessible £19.80 purchase.

Of course, at such a price the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring is not made out of silver. Instead Perfect Fit have opted for PF Blend, using a mixture of silicone and TPR. This ring is phthalate-free and does match European EN71-3 toy safety standards but it is porous and isn’t actually compatible with latex product either.

You’ll want to keep this ring well away from your other toys and I’d avoid using it with condoms just to be on the safe side. Although this ring can be used with water-based lubricant (and, in fact, this is actually a must) I wouldn’t recommend using other lubricants with it, as I have a strong suspicion that they would react badly with the PF Blend that Perfect Fit have used.

In terms of material efficiency the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring is incredibly stretchy—a definite plus when it comes to a cock ring—while also managing to cling snugly against the skin and produce the firming effect as desired.

My partner is on antidepressants right now and they are messing with his ability to orgasm quite a bit, however I would still say that the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring did cause an increased delay before orgasm. Sometimes Mr Peaches wouldn’t orgasm at all though and, although this is a combination of medication and a cock ring it’s still worth acknowledging—especially for other medication users who have similar side effects.

This ring looks tiny but can stretch a lot (it’s also a dust magnet).

One thing that is especially useful when it comes to the flexible material of the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring, as opposed to the usual silver that Tribal Son works in is that, unlike metal cock rings, you really don’t have to build up to the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring. There’s very little fumbling with it compared to metal, less worry involved, and removing it is incredibly easy, even when fully and firmly erect.

Granted, this can be said of all TPR/silicone cock rings (for the most part) but it’s still a pro for this product. Plus it keeps the cost down (which I’m not complaining about).

Placing bonuses aside for a moment, though, the material used for the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring is incredibly grabby, and grasps persistently against the skin at every chance it can get.

This is good when keeping it firmly in place but bad for actually getting it in to place. It can also be a nightmare for those who maintain their natural pubic hair. Because of this you will need to use water-based lubricant when applying the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring. No Ifs or Buts. This is just the way things are.

Performance-wise the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring performs exactly as you’d hope it might. When Mr Peaches wore it he felt very firm, a lot more defined, and generally more adept at thrusting. There was no major interruption in the firmness of his erection and I really felt it when he reached climax.

Mr Peaches confirmed that the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring ‘grasped’ against his cock (to use his words) and felt generally great during use. He described the climaxes that he had with the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring (when he had them) as ‘strong and long-lasting’. It was also clear to me that he adored the design, as it was met with an initial ‘ooooh’ and he couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Buuuut, sadly we’re both in agreement that although the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring is a good cock ring it’s not the best cock ring you can get for the price.

Yes, it looks nice, but the material is fickle and we noticed signs of wear and tear rather early in to use. Its porous nature also means that it will require an even more vigilant cleaning regime than usual, which not everyone will be aware of.

The Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring’s grabby nature also irked Mr Peaches, as it could cause him pain at times, and he felt like the resulting climaxes didn’t make up for the precarious nature of the PF Blend. Ultimately he was left pining for his Tantus Cock Ring. It may not be as stretchy but it’s cheaper, body-safe, and has never let us down.

Final Thoughts

Although the Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring does have a certain appeal it does feel much more like an aesthetic item than one meant for long-lasting practical use.

Yes, it performs at first, but the fact that it’s already showing signs of wear is worrying, as is the warning against latex.

Sex toys have really stepped up their game in recent years and it takes more than a ‘designer’ label to make a great toy. The bottom line is that there are better cock rings out there—safer cock rings—and we’d both rather you use them instead.

Recommend to:

People who don’t mind porous materials.

People who like grippy cock rings.

People who like very firming cock rings.

Do Not Recommend to:

People with pre-existing delay concerns.

People who dislike porous materials.

People who rock a natural bush.

The Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring was provides to me by LoveYourSelf in exchange for an honest review.