Toy Review: The Fun Factory Tiger (Black Line Edition)

Get the guitar solo ready and put on that AC/DC album because some of Fun Factory’s bestselling toys have been given a revamp and they’re back in black.

I’ve got to admit—I’m a complete sucker for black. Call it the ex-edgy-goth-teen part of my brain but, in my humble opinion, black goes great with pretty much anything. This is certainly the case with the Fun Factory Tiger (Black Line Edition), too, where the colour black and orgasms make for a match made in heaven.

The Fun Factory Tiger (Black Line Edition)

There is fundamentally no difference between the Fun Factory Tiger (Black Line Edition) and its vibrant counterpart, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change in aesthetics and the move towards black for some of Fun Factory’s most popular items feels like a recognition that (even though colorful vibrators are great) some people don’t want a pastel vibe, or even a bright red one. Sometimes people just want a sleek, understated black, and sometimes the simplicity of black can speak volumes.

Black is everything.

Black is, for one thing, a rather gender inclusive color. There is very little gendered rhetoric associated to black, making it approachable for all gender identities.

This is in keeping with the Fun Factory Tiger in general, as it’s suitable for both vaginal and anal use, due to the design of its semi-flared lower shaft. This section can stimulate the clitoris if need be or give an external perineum massage, whereas the shaft itself can be inserted or can be run across various sections of the body.

As you can tell, this toy is versatile, although I mainly used it for G-Spot stimulation.

Its black design is also much more appealing to those who indulge in BDSM and wand a darker shade of toy in keeping with their perfectly curated collection of kink items. Fun Factory’s usual colors might be rather disruptive for some Masters and Mistresses.

Size and design wise the Fun Factory Tiger is actually perfect for BDSM play, at least in my humble opinion. Coming in at 8.5 inches and with a maximum diameter of 1.6 inches, the Fun Factory Tiger has a handle for ease of use (and for that bad-ass look when taking it up to use on someone else) and is decorated with prominent stripes, dictating its namesake.

This toy feels chunkier than it is, but that’s not its main draw.

These stripes add an incredibly prominent degree of texture to the Fun Factory Tiger, which is why I’m an unashamed fan of this toy. The texture for the head, in particular, is very appealing. It looks almost akin to an uncircumcised penis with added stripes and, well, I’m a big fan.

The stripes of the Fun Factory Tiger wouldn’t be half as effective, though, without the matte and rather draggy silicone used by Fun Factory—which, in this case, really does help each and every rising stripe stroke up against the internal walls and make itself known during insertion.

This silicone is also non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body safe. It’s grabby but easy enough to clean, as this toy is completely waterproof. This toy also sports a rather flexible shaft (which can be folded in half, it’s that flexible). This is a good thing for anyone who dislikes firm or rigid toys but a bit of a bummer for those who like to put firm pressure on their G/P-Spot.

The handle for the Fun Factory Tiger is not made out of silicone but, instead, ABS plastic. This makes it easy to hold and to differentiate from the main bulk of the shaft. The control panel of the Fun Factory Tiger (which filters through 6 different intensities, 6 different patterns, and a quick stop faction) is absolutely genius and even comes with a travel lock. The emergency stop button is one of the most useful things I’ve seen in sex toy history and it’s something I adore about Fun Factory toys. It gives such assurance to users who value discretion and adds a sense of assurance.

Oh, and this toy is rechargeable too, via a magnetic clip. Huzzah!

The vibrations from the Fun Factory Tiger are strong and very ‘yummy’. That’s the best word I have for them—They’re just utterly delicious and consistently smooth, like a well-blended chocolate chip brownie mix. A perfect comfort with a little hit of excitement that keeps things interesting and explodes upon impact.

Granted, they’re not as juddery-rumbly as some of my favorite vibrators. They lack the quiver and depth of some of the earthquake-greats, but the Fun Factory Tiger makes up for this with sheer consistency and a good grasp on vibration intensity. It was certainly strong enough for me (especially internally) and the vibrations of this toy, combined with the grabby massage of the head-s stripes on my G-Spot left me as a sweaty, satisfied mess after each and every use. What more could you want post-sex?

I have to confess, I didn’t use the patterns much but I do feel like they will appeal to pattern lovers. There’s nothing here to break the mold but why try and fix a series of patterns that are known to be winners to start with?

That being said no toy is perfect, and the Fun Factory Tiger is no exception.

The biggest downside for me was shaft length. There was no way I’d ever use the entire shaft to the point where I’d be able to use the clitoral/external section and I didn’t even try. It would have been far too uncomfortable and this is a sadly limiting aspect of the Fun Factory Tiger.

This toy is a dust and gunk magnet, even after a good scrub.

This external section also feels rather lackluster compared to the internal section, too, which is a shame.

Overall this section feels like a missed opportunity (quite literally missing the mark for me). Still, at least it works as a flared base. So there’s that.

Final Thoughts

Where do I rank this toy in terms of general use? After all it is a rather textured toy, and this makes it a bit more niche than some sex toys.

But if you know that you like texture and you want a decent, textured vibrator then the Fun Factory Tiger is a very good investment and one that I highly recommend.

It’s vibrations and texture are balanced out perfectly with its grabby silicone and its girth and straightforward controls are the icing on the already delicious cake (or brownie, as my analogy suggests).

Whether you get this toy in black or go for a standard color the Fun Factory Tiger is a solid vibrator well worth investing in.

Recommend to:

Texture lovers.

Fans of draggy matte silicone.

Fans of Fun Factory’s vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer firm shafts.

People who prefer glossy silicone.

People who dislike texture.

The Fun Factory Tiger was provided by Fun Factory as a Christmas gift with no obligation for review.