Toy Review: The Feelztoys Playbrush

Sometimes a sex toy doesn’t need to be phenomenal. Sometimes what you want from a sex toy is a little bit of playful, quirky fun.

The Feelztoys Playbrush very much falls in to this category.

This is not a luxury vibrator. It’s not even a serious attempt at being wholeheartedly innovative. BUT it is an incredibly fun concept and a little tongue-in-cheek addition to any sensation play sessions, sploshing adventures, or kitchen/chief-based roleplays that you may have in mind. And for me that’s enough for a toy that never tries to be anything more than a playful precursor to sex.

The Feelztoys Playbrush

The Feelztoys Playbrush is the very definition of a ‘novelty’ vibrator with a few key exceptions which bring a big smile to my face.

The first is that, unlike most ‘slapstick’ vibrators that retail under £15 the Feelztoys Playbrush actually comes with the batteries included. They’re in the toy, locked and loaded, ready to be activated at the push of a button (and, yes, this is a single-speed and single-button toy).

I don’t think anyone is expecting a ‘high brow’ sexual experience with this toy.

The second thing is that, unlike the vast array of jelly toys that typically grace this price range, the Feelztoys Playbrush is made from 100% body-safe, non-porous, phthalate-free materials—namely ABS plastic and silicone. The handle is the ABS plastic part as you would imagine) whereas the tassels are made from 100% platinum silicone.

This may not be any surprise, though, as essentially this product is a tiny kitchen utensil with a bullet vibrator shoved in to its side and it functions in exactly this capacity.

Feelztoys are completely aware of this. In fact, it’s their main selling point for this niche little bit of fun. The packaging for this toy invites users to ‘paint your lover with chocolate sauce’ because, let’s face it, if the tool fits the task then why the heck not?

Really the only fundamental difference between this and any other silicone pastry brush (to use the correct term) is that this has been made with a tiny bullet vibrator which adds an ever-so-slight tingle to its bristles during use.

The bristles themselves feel smooth-yet-grippy in a way that can either tickle or feel like a sweeping stroke depending on how much pressure is applied. The bristles can also be dabbed on to the skin to create a dappling sensation which is also pleasant. And, of course, the sensations of the brush can be transformed altogether with the introduction of massage oils, lubricant, and (yes) even different foodstuffs.

These bristles do their job as you’d expect.

Now, I would never restrict you to simply chocolate, nor would I wish to yuck your yum, but what I will say is that if you’re going to use this brush to bring food in to the bedroom then please do avoid the vulva, penis, and/or anus (the vulva even more so). Having fun is one thing. Getting an infection is another. Play it safe and stick to flavored lubricants if you want to stimulate the genitals directly. For every other part of the body, go nuts.

But the joy of this brush really does come from that fact that it is, indeed, a pastry blush, but one that is strictly designated for play. Due to this it handles very well, is the perfect size to navigate most bodies without feeling cumbersome, and has playful little aesthetic inclusions such as its love heart and typically purple/pinkish coloration.

If you’re looking for an elegant spread then the Feelztoys Playbrush is not your ally. But if you’ve got an array of fluids and/or food to hand and a desire to sweep them across your partner’s skin while they also experience a gentle tingle then the Feelztoys Playbrush is the safest and most task-specialized tool for the job.

That being said, you may have noticed a particular word being repeated in this review—and that is ‘tingle’.

This toy works with a very standard and incredibly buzzy little bullet vibrator, which tries its very best to transfer its tiny motor’s whirring buzz to the bristles of this toy. It half-succeeds in this. Most of the vibrations go up the shaft of the toy instead, but a portion does reach through to the bristles, providing what I consider to be an accompanying sensation to the main component.

Most of the vibrations will be felt in the shaft, which is a shame.

Really this isn’t a vibrating sex brush—It’s a sex brush with some vibrations, and there is a distinct difference.

The subtle sensations this toy provides may be good for a very gentle tease, especially if blindfolds are provided, but it’s won’t bring most people to orgasm. At most it’s another enjoyable sensation to add to the mix—a complimentary accentuation of the bristles that never tries to steal the show.

This may be exactly what some people want, and it’s what I liked about this brush. It teases and tickles the body while effectively spreading your chosen substance over the surface of the skin, serving its purpose without having to focus on additional features. I smile whenever I think of this product and I enjoy feeling its taunting presence against my skin. Will I ever orgasm from it? Heck no! But do I need to? Not at all.

That being said, this appeal to a particular experience rather than an end goal may frustrate some, especially those who buy this toy as a first timer. I think this is a great little play-tool for those well-acquainted with adult products but I shudder at the prospect of it being someone’s first toy. For most in such a context this toy would be woefully disappointing, and I do think that this is a potentially problematic element of this toy.

Then again if you decide that your first vibrator should be a vibrating kitchen utensil then it might be worth thinking about what you really want from your sex toy—power or novelty—because the two rarely coexist.

Final Thoughts

Overall I enjoyed the Feelztoys Playbrush and feel like it could be a very good investment for the right person and with realistic expectations applied.

There are different kinds of arousal. Some are heavily physical and some are much more mental—stemming from attraction, or playfulness, or various kinks. The Feelztoys Playbrush definitely appeals to the latter and it does so to great (but not outstanding) effect.

Recommend to:

People who like sploshing.

People who like sensation play.

People who like tactile (rather than vibration-based) stimulation.

Do Not Recommend to:

Power queens.

People looking for a fine brush.

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

The Feelztoys Playbrush was provided to me by LoveYourSelf in exchange for an honest review.