Product Review: The Tomboi Harness by SpareParts

Sometimes I want to feel like a comfy butch before donning my dildo of choice and fucking Mr Peaches. On those days the Tomboi Harness has become my harness of choice.

Made with an athletic persona and a certain mount of assertiveness in mind, the Tomboi Harness sends a clear message—I’m ready to go. Any time. Anywhere.

Or, to quote SpareParts directly ‘Let’s do this’.


And, yes, I do feel like an absolute badass gent when I put this harness on for the day. Whether or not I have a dildo or packer inserted is irrelevant—by the sheer virtue of wearing this harness I’m telling myself and my partner ‘I’m ready and, today, I’m wearing the briefs’.

The Tomboi Harness by SpareParts

The Tomboi Harness is a brilliantly executed underwear harness from the masters of fucking underwear—SpareParts.

SpareParts have brought the world the Joque—which is the number one harness for many adult product reviewers—and the Deuce—a considerate equivalent for those with a factory model penis by default—among many other brilliant packing and strap-on options.

This harness has a certain aesthetic that I totally dig.

But whereas these are more conventional harnesses (albeit still very comfortable for day-long use) the Tomboi acts as a harness/underwear duo, allowing you to wear it as your underwear for the day while having the option to whip out your favorite dildo and enjoy some strap on action at any given moment.

The harness itself is designed to act as a pair of briefs and tries to embody feelings of bold assertiveness. I this even the fabric aids the Tomboi Harness.

The Tomboi Harness is made out of 77% Nylon and 23% spandex and has very precise stitching and a strong elastic strip at the waist-section to keep it nice and secure. This fabric feels breathable and comfortable but also has a certain amount of pressure to it. It’s not weighty or over-baring but when wearing the Tomboi Harness you feel it. It’s an experience (much like jiggle balls) which you’ll forget for most of the day and then suddenly you’ll shift your weight in some way or another and then you’ll feel the Tomboi Harness and remember that your options are wide open.

It’s also wonderfully smooth and incredibly inviting. The amount of times I’ve stroked my own booty when its framed within the fabric confinements of the Tomboi Harness is kind of ridiculous, but I just can’t help but love myself when I’m rocking this gear.

Size isn’t a constraint, either, as the Tomboi Harness comes in seven different sizes—XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, and 3X. This should cover most body types and measurements, giving an option for almost every users (because, let’s be honest, we all need to feel like a brief-wearing badass at some point).

The measurements in full.

The O-Ring included is built in to this harness and is very sturdy and decently stretchable. It can accommodate a diameter of 1.25-2.25 and a folding slot of fabric inside the harness allows you to slot your dildo in and then provide a fabric buffer between you and the flared base of your toy of choice.

The Tomboi Harness is full of smart choices like this too. It comes with a storage bag (which in itself is a great offering and very handy for keeping your ‘special gear’ separate from the rest of your underwear). Inside the harness SpareParts have actually included not just one but two bullet vibrator pockets. These pockets are positioned just above the O-Ring and just below it, allowing for the option to use two bullets at once and create an incredibly effective resonation between the two bullets (especially if you’re playing with different brands, speeds, or vibrator parts).

Usually when using a harness you either get no bullet sleeve or just one so it’s pretty fantastic that, in this case, SpareParts have included two.

There are two places to slot bullets in these briefs.

This also opens up another element of the Tomboi Harness which is facilitated by the recent trend in app-based sex toys. Namely you can put one (or two) bullets in to these sleeves prior to play and have your partner control them remotely via the appropriate app/s. Perfect for that couple who love playing around with such remote-based action.

Personally I didn’t realize just how much I’d been missing until I suddenly had access to both of these pockets—or, to be more specific, the one below the O-Ring. Having a bullet vibrator tease and grind up against my labia with every thrust and with a continual amount of contact was simply divine. If I’m being honest there were even moments where I just put two bullets in place, turned them on, sat down and allowed my hips to rock back and forth while I enjoy the build-up of sensation solo-style. It’s actually one of my favorite ways to use these briefs if I’m being honest.

The open-flap system of inserting the Tomboi Harness also makes it possible to use it as extra leverage for a strapless strap-on. In which case depending on your strapless strap-on you can add even more vibration to the party with this pair of brief harnesses! Whether this is overkill for you or the perfect vibration orgy will depend on how your body responds to multiple sources of vibration but I confess that there are very few pieces of equipment that provide as many additional elements of play as the Tomboi Harness when it comes to stacking vibrators.

A storage bag is included.

This harness also performs very well as standard. Underwear-based harnesses are never quite as secure for the thrust as a conventional harness might be, but the Tomboi Harness still manages to feel completely secure and allow for a decent thrust that never feels hindered by the material or elasticity of the O-Ring. One thing I will say is that the fabric ‘buffer’ varies in success depending on how rigid the base of the toy is. It’s better than absolutely no buffer but if your toy has an extremely firm base then it’s only minimally useful.

As I hope I’ve emphasized so far, the main draw of the Tomboi Harness for me is how it makes me feel (due to its marketing, aesthetic appeal, and tactile sensations) and the vibrator options it provides, but there are still downsides with the Tomboi Harness and they need to be acknowledged.

The biggest one is that, compared to a conventional harness, getting a dildo in to the O-Ring can be a bit of a frustrating fumble, especially if it’s close to the max diameter and especially if it’s a draggy or oddly shaped toy. The Tomboi Harness, for example, really doesn’t like taking the rather draggy exterior of the Fun Factory Bouncer through its ring and you wouldn’t look at all elegant trying to shove it through the hole just before the fun was about to commence.

This can be mitigated with some prep—or can even become the topic of some fun banter mid-sex session—but it is something that deserves consideration—especially if you like to swap your dildo out quite a lot during sex.

Although the Tomboi Harness is machine washable it’s hardly subtle either. A huge O-Ring built right in to it pretty much gives the game away from the get-go. This means that if you don’t personally do your washing then you may have a bit more issues with underwear harness than something like a leather strapped harness. However, since the Tomboi harness does come with a storage bag you could always transport and wash it in that with a bit more discretion, but it really does depend on your living situation.

Final Thoughts

Overall the incredibly minor cons of the Tomboi Harness feel more like an asterisk to the harness rather than any clearly detracting points and, because of this, I really don’t see them as much of an issue at all.

The Tomboi Harness isn’t faultless, but it is highly recommendable, especially if you’re looking for a pair of briefs that allow you to be ready for action whenever your sweet, brief-wearing body desires.

I personally feel incredibly confident and empowered when using this harness (large cock fumbles aside) and feel like it’s multi-bullet sleeve design is a must-try for those who consider themselves to be power queens.

Nab this harness today and try it for yourself! It’s well worth the investment.

Recommend to:

People who like the brief design.

People wanting an ‘anytime’ harness.

Power queens.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer femme designs.

People wanting a conventional harness.

People who use large toys or toys with a bulky base.

The Tomboi Harness was provided to me by The Slinky Minx in exchange for an honest review.