Guest Review: The Ultimate-D Delay Cream

Hello my lovely readers!

Lemon Fresh is back again to finish where he left off in the last review, looking at the Ultimate-D Delay Spray. The Delay Spray came out with quite a positive review, but what about the cream? Both of these can be combined with the Ultimate – P3 Supplements, so making sure you optimize your mixing and matching is a good idea. Allow Lemon Fresh to give his insights in to this particular component of the puzzle.

Hey everybody. It’s great to be back!

So this is the second and final product from the Ultimate-D delay line that Emmeline has asked me to review for her. Much like the Ultimate-D Delay Spray this product is designed to numb your penis and help you draw out any bedroom (or any other room that might take your fancy) encounters that might have ended somewhat prematurely otherwise. It’s designed for those who struggle with premature ejaculation but, in theory, it could be used to prolong any sex session and give you that extra bit of stamina that you may be craving.

While trying to achieve the same ends as the Ultimate-D Delay Spray, this product works a little differently from the spray, though I’ll get into that side of things a little further into the review.

The Ultimate-D Delay Cream

In my last review I learnt from examining the packaging the ingredients really do matter, and con often be a core focus for many reviewers. I was very surprised to find that the Ultimate-D Delay Spray wasn’t condom friendly but looking at the ingredients revealed exactly why (though it was ultimately Emmeline who explained this to me). Because of this I thought it best we start with the ingredients in this review.

Lemon Fresh is a good reviewer but not so handy with a camera, so thank you to Planet Earth Wholesale for the product image.

The Ultimate-D Delay Cream has the following roster of ingredients:

Aqua, glyceryl stearate, octyldodecanol, decyloleate, peg-100 stearate, polysorbate 80, glycerin, prunus dulcis, polyacrylamide, c13-14 isoparaffin, laureth-7, mentha piperita, allantoin, salicylic acid, citrus bergamia, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, imidazolidinyl urea, citral, cintronellol, d-limonene, linalool.

And this time I took a more diligent approach to this huge laundry list of chemical-sounding components.

After spending some time checking each of these on Google I found that (for the most part) these are safe. There are a few exceptions however.

The first of which is Salicylic Acid which can cause skin irritation if used in large quantities, which shouldn’t be a problem given the quantities in the cream and the limited application needed for the cream to work. The second is Bergamot Oil, which is mostly safe but is marked as unsafe for skin contact with someone who is breast feeding or pregnant. It’s also unsafe for children to consume orally in large quantities, I doubt that there’s enough in the cream to cause harm, it’d still be best if you kept this particular product far out of reach of any children you happen to have lying around the place.

Emmeline here just to add that there are not one, not two, but four paraben-based ingredients in this lubricant. As y’all probably know, parabens have been linked to cancer and infertility in males, so definitely not ideal for a male-based product. No sir. 

Don’t be too harsh on Lemon for missing this though: The jury is still out on the extent of the damage that parabens can cause and some people do choose to use it, just practice discretion when deciding whether or not to use this cream and make sure you’re well-read on parabens. Love y’all!

The packaging was, much like the delay spray’s packaging, nothing exceptional.

It comes in a small tub similar to most cream-based products which is fine, however there’s a problem with the labels once again. I have in fact lost one of the labels on the cream because it peeled off and I wasn’t able to find it.

The box is of similar build and quality to the spray’s box, though a bit smaller and unfortunately lacking the wealth of information offered by the spray’s box. Since I lost the label like the dumbass I am, I had to find the details of the cream online, which is thankfully included under product description on most sites that sell this cream. Transparency from a company is always a good thing, allowing the consumer to make a fully informed choice when they decide to buy. And, when it comes to a product that deals with sexual dysfunction, this extra reassurance seems even more important, in my opinion.

The cream also comes in two different sizes: 6ml and 15ml. This may sound like a measly amount but you only need to use a tiny amount of this product to get the desired effect.

The cream itself has a kind of clumpy and oily texture, but it spreads well and feels quite smooth and pleasant on the skin. Unlike the spray, I found that there was only a very mild smell to the cream, it was barely noticeable and not at all off-putting.

To use the cream, you take a small blob and spread it on the head of your penis. It takes longer to kick in than the spray, requiring a wait for around 10 minutes for the full effects to be felt, but once the effects have hit you can wash your tip (which is part of the instructions for use) and move on to the fun part.

I found the cream to have a very mild numbing effect, which didn’t dampen the pleasure much and the “testing” sessions were still very enjoyable, even if my arm was somewhat sore by the end of it (don’t worry: Emmeline has me doing kettlebells to compensate).

The advertised delay time is 20 minutes. From my personal testing experiences it’s a bit hard to judge exactly how much extra time it bought me but I certainly lasted longer than usual.

Compared to the spray there isn’t a huge amount of difference between the effects and they both work well enough. The biggest change is that the cream takes a bit longer to kick in properly and this shouldn’t be too much of an issue unless you’re really really eager. On the contrary, it might even work well as a group activity, with your partner taking the time to massage it in.

Unlike the spray it makes no mention of condom safety and given that you need to wash it off before having sex I’d assume it would work with a condom.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Ultimate D-Delay Cream is a solid product.

It does exactly what it sets out to do and does it well. I’d recommend experimenting in a few solo sessions to get the hang of it, find out how much cream works for you and generally acclimate yourself to the cream before using it with a partner but from there you can have a lot of fun together.

As always make sure your partner is fully aware that you’re using the cream and that they’re okay with it. Otherwise you might just surprise them with your increased stamina.

Recommend to:

People with erectile dysfunction.

People who want to last longer.

People who prefer to take their time with application.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who already last long enough.

People who have sensitive skin.

People who are avoiding parabens.

The Ultimate-D Delay Cream was provided by Planet Earth Wholesale in exchange for an honest review.