Product Review: The Ultimate – P3 Performance Potency Power Supplement

Every morning when I get up I take supplements. This has seemed like good sense to me for some time now. Supplements should never be a complete replacement, nor an excuse to skimp out on the good stuff, but it does have you covered should any issues otherwise emerge. In the UK, for example, we tend to be deficient in Vitamin D without even really noticing it, supplements are a quick and easy way to avoid such a common pitfall.

Why am I mentioning this? Because the Ultimate – P3 Performance Potency Supplement falls in to this category for me—a supplement like any other. If you’re struggling with libido (or just feel like you could use a bit of a boost) then it makes good sense to give it a try. It’s not, in any way, a replacement for natural arousal, nor something to rely on (as if it were medication) but it’s certainly a quick and easy way to cover your bases. In theory at least.

The Ultimate – P3 Performance Potency Power Supplement

The Ultimate – P3 Performance Potency Power Supplement is a male virility supplement which is intended to ‘support, maintain, and increase arousal’. Note how ‘support’ and ‘maintain’ come before ‘increase’ in this list of benefits. Ultimate are very careful to stress that this product is, in many ways, a support system rather than a comprehensive solution to a lack of male libido.

Three times the potency for three times the fun?

And, yes, in this instance I am sadly forced to say that this is for the ‘factory model’ male body. Not because women don’t deserve a libido booster but because the ingredients included have been measured out with biological male users in mind and would therefore probably provide too much of some ingredients for biological female users.

So let’s talk about these ingredients, shall we? After all, they make up the main bulk of this product.

The Ultimate – P3 Performance Potency Power Supplement comes in packs of 60 capsules and the recommended dose is to take 2 capsules daily with water.

As this product is, in essence, a supplement, the ingredients used in each of these capsules sticks strictly to vitamins, minerals, ammino acids, and herbs. This means that the Ultimate – P3 Performance Potency Power Supplement is no more potent nor harmful than a standard vitamin pill, so don’t feel too alarmed by the idea of taking a libido pill—there’s nothing dubious involved.

Don’t worry guys–they’re natural.

In fact a lot of the ingredients in the Ultimate – P3 Supplement will be familiar to most users: Iron, copper, caffeine, even Vitamin B12. This means that if you’re a vegan guy and you want to get your daily dose of B12 (a must) while also working on your libido them the Ultimate – P3 Supplement has got you covered (and, yes, this did make me chuckle when I saw it).

As for the ‘active’ ingredients they are as follows:

Piper Nigrum Extract: Essentially a black pepper extract, Piper Nigrum is said to improve blood flow and there is some indication that it may increase sex drive.

Turnera Diffusa Fresh Herb Equivalent: Long known in folk medicine as a libido booster, Turnera Diffusa has been linked to a reduced refractory period and greater likelihood of multiple climaxes.

Ginkgo Biloba Fresh Herb Equivalent: One of the most potent ingredients, Ginkgo Biloba facilitates blood flow, influences nitric oxide systems, and has a relaxant effect on smooth muscle tissue and has been proven to be 84% effective in treating antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction from SSRIs. This was of particular interest to Mr Peaches, who has these exact issues.

Panax Ginseng Fresh Herb Equivalent: This is another clear supplement of choice. Ginseng has been linked in various studies to libido, sperm-quantity, and the health count of those sperm. This is particularly good news for anyone trying to conceive (and you know I’m rooting for you!)

Paullinia Cupana Extract: A seed that actually contains more caffeine than coffee beans, Paullinia Cupana is said to increase sex drive but the evidence is really weak and some studies have even refuted this. Ah well, one dud ingredient isn’t dreadful.

Even the easily recognizable ingredients are worth mentioning to some degree. Iron, for example, is good for blood flow and we all know how important that is for an erection. Caffeine, if no good for libido, is at least useful for keeping you perky in other ways and helps increase general stamina, meanwhile copper helps keep blood vessels functioning in a healthy manner.

So, the big question, how did these pills perform?

Was the proof in the pills?

When Mr Peaches started taking them he was dubious but slightly enthusiastic. After a few days I did notice that he was more affectionate. He’d try to initiate sex a lot more and generally seemed more confident and assertive. On more than one occasion he mentioned how the pills were making him feel aroused and how he’d love to act on his impulses but we both wondered just how much was a placebo and how much was a legitimate effect of the pills.

Overall I would say that the pills did have an impact on Mr Peaches. Whether or not it was partially psychological there was still more eagerness and a frequent move towards sex and it added a playful element to our sexual banter. I could be a stern Domme who was depriving him even though he was taking pills that urged him towards taking me or we could both surrender to his urges and enjoy the moment as it came. That being said it did become a bit bothersome if ever I was ill or otherwise unable to perform and he was still feeling eager and willing. But that’s what solo sessions are good for (well, solo sessions and solo-focused group sessions).

However, when I later consulted Mr Peaches about how he felt the pills were going he had less than enthusiastic reports. He said that the pills were giving him stomach complaints—specifically an increase in gassiness. This could potentially be because of the addition of extra vitamins that he’s typically not familiar with but, either way, it actually made him feel less aroused at times rather than more.

Mr Peaches also found that when he has these gassy incidents his belches would be more ‘herbal’ which he found to be unpleasant.

Overall he felt like the pills were of little-to-no-effect in terms of libido and caused negative side effects that he wasn’t comfortable with. Neither of us noticed a difference in his ability to ejaculate but, as I said, I personally felt like (wishful thinking on his part or not) there was an increase in arousal and attempts to initiate.

Final Thoughts

With the ultimate outcome of using these pills being inconclusive I can’t really recommend them as a reliable libido booster, even though most of the ingredients included should work well for users.

However, if you want to try them then please do read the studies I’ve linked, research the ingredients yourself, decide if the pills are worth it from you and work from there.

I can’t say anything at all against these pills and I personally feel like they did make a difference. Then again I am generally a fan of ‘better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it’ when it comes to supplements in general.

Thankfully all other Ultimate products have proven to be effective and they can even be used in conjunction with these pills, so if you do choose to purchase them (or not) there are other options out there too for a combination of libido-boosting experiences.

Recommend to:

People who want to experiment with supplements for libido.

People who don’t currently take supplements (don’t take too many supplements!)

Libido-curious vegans.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who are prone to gassiness or gas-based reactions to pills.

People who cannot justify the investment.

People who already take a complete daily supplement.

The Ultimate – P3 Supplement was provided by Planet Earth Wholesale in exchange for an honest review.