Toy Review: The O-Wand

 O what a beautiful morning!

O what a beautiful daaay!

Because when I have the O-Wand,

Orgasms aren’t far awaaaaay!

Ahem, sorry. Did I just break in to song? My apologies.

Wait, no, I can’t apologise for my musical intro because this toy brings me break-in-to-musical levels of happiness and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

On the contrary, as a reviewer it’s kind of my job to tell you guys when the toys I tried are successful and with this one I feel like a musical outburst is the least amount of enthusiasm that I could display.

The O-Wand isn’t my favourite wand, but it’s on par with them and when a wand-hoarding power queen says that then you know the O-Wand is good.

The O-Wand

I’ll be honest with you—the O-Wand had me from the moment I saw its advertising.

Playfully tongue-in-cheek and almost 50’s levels of kitch, the O-Wand’s marketing tactic is so on form it would catch Beyonce’s eyes. It’s also delightfully British—tapping in to our tendency to say ‘Oh’ when intrigued, shocked, or (dare I even say it?), excited. There’s nothing about the O-Wand’s advertising that I dislike, although the critical part of my reviewer brain does question its claim of being the ‘world’s most powerful wand’. If I’ve learnt anything over my years of reviewing it’s that raw power might be measurable but its effectiveness is variable.

But on to the main meat of this review.

There’s more than one ‘O’going on with the O-Wand.

The O-Wand retails at £199.00 which is incredibly expensive. It’s not the most expensive wand on the market, but it is more expensive that one cast from solid metal (by almost double the amount too) which is saying something.

For this price, though, you can expect the complete deluxe treatment. Everything down to the packaging that the O-Wand comes in is of the highest standard. This is the crème de la crème of wands—the type you purchase mostly for effectiveness but partially for the bragging rights too (and there’s a lot to brag about).

Features-wise the O-Wand is rechargeable via the mains and comes with a bunch of free international plugs, allowing it to be used by wand lovers from around the globe. Not only this but O-Wand offers free international shipping, meaning that you don’t have to worry about a nasty P&P charge adding on top of the price of this wand. Multiple plugs also means viable travel options, which brings a smile to my face.

Charging takes 1.5 hours and gives anywhere from 1.2 to 3 hours’ worth of use, depending on the setting, which is respectable. I’ve personally never had my O-Wand die on me and I’m glad of that fact, because once I start using the O-Wand I’m in it for the long haul and I want to go all the way with it.

The O-Wand also comes with a warranty and is completely waterproof, making it suitable for aquatic fun. This also makes cleaning the O-Wand a breeze and O-Wand recommends that you use toy cleaner and warm water on the wand before and after each use. They also dissuade the use of hand creams or silicone lubricant with the O-Wand in the instruction manual. While I have to say that I’m incredibly happy that this information exists, it does bring me the slightly dismayed revelation that some people may be using hand cream as lube. Please don’t do this. I love y’all.

This attachment is a good bit of fun if well-lubricated.

Included with the O-Wand is an attachment head which showcases the versatility of the O-Wand when accessorized with its other pay-to-play head attachments (if I can borrow the gaming term). The attachment included reminds me of the surface of a raspberry in that it’s covered in loads of little raised nodules which provide a wonderfully textured experience. They’re also great for a post-workout massage, in case you like to double up the talents of your sex toys.

Material-wise the O-Wand is made from ABS Plastic, and platinum-grade silicone—both of which are non-porous, phthalate-free, and as body safe as you could possibly want. The silicone used for the O-Wand has a matte finish and the luxury surface that you would hope to gain from a toy of this caliber. The ABS plastic doesn’t merge awkwardly with the silicone in a way that would make cleaning a pain, and the silicone itself works very well with the texture of the attachment head too.

If there’s one thing I could fault O-Wand’s luxury package on it’s that this toy lacks a storage bag. This may seem like a minor point but when a toy is this expensive and this enjoyable you want to make sure that you’re keeping it safe in a space efficient way and so far the O-Wand has to rely on other toy bags to keep it secure.

This is also a bit of an issue because of the size and shape of the O-Wand—which is very well-designed, I have to confess.

The O-Wand comes in at a whooping 12.5 inches and weighs 714g. This toy is hardly a small investment, in more ways than one, and the unique handle of the O-Wand gives you unrivaled control of how you or your partner use this bulky blessing of a sex toy.

This handle is great.

A handle like this on a wand is genius. The O-Wand may not be light but users who struggle with heavier sex toys can still place it down and use the handle to tilt it in to place. Meanwhile those who usually find that their body-type makes angling toys a nuisance are suddenly given free-reign to explore their body on their terms. From a general point of view I’m not sure why more wands don’t have handles, because they do make positioning so much easier and I’m glad that O-Wand have come along to show us this. If you ask me this is the most uniquely effective aspect of the O-Wand and I refuse to stop singing its praises.

As for the O-Wand’s vibrations, it has 11 settings—4 of which are continuous vibrations of varying intensity and the rest of which are pulses or rhythm, each offered in three different intensities. The O-Wand features a 3-button control system and upping the power or changing patterns is never an issue. A simple on/off button is provided which also serves as a default button to quickly turn the O-Wand back to a 0 when needed. This is great for readjusting modes or for making sure your play sessions are discreet (as the O-Wand itself makes a medium amount of noise).

The vibrations from the O-Wand are both physically deep and deeply gratifying from a sexual aspect. These vibrations are rumbly but they do get more rapid as you ramp up the power—which can give it a similar sensation to being buzzy at times. However, the O-Wand never veers in to buzz town and prefers to hang out at the power pavilions with all the other dignified wands that deliver exactly what you hope they will—consistently brilliant vibrations.

I generally only use the O-Wand on its second or third intensity because that’s all I need. This wand has more than enough power to meet my needs and I’ve never failed to have a strong and profound finish with it. I say ‘profound’ because orgasms with the O-Wand feel like a revelation—like that classic O-moment you’re supposed to get from an orgasm. When the O-Wand delivers there’s no mistaking the outcome and there’s no denying its effectiveness either.

That being said I do feel like the O-Wand’s somewhat rapid vibrations won’t merge well with everyone’s preferences. I say this isn’t my favourite wand because I do tend to naturally prefer a more juddery or otherwise grumbling rumble and the O-Wand’s rapid-fire vibrations fall a bit short of hitting my ultimate sweet spot. Because of this they don’t necessarily ‘bring the power’ in the way they might for others, but even then I have no qualms with calling the O-Wand’s vibrations classically mind-blowing. A vintage term for a toy with vintage advertising and an overall feel-good appeal. That’s the O-Wand perfectly summarized really.

Final Thoughts

Beyond these personal preferences, its overall price tag, and a lack of storage bag can I fault the O-Wand at all? No.

The O-Wand is a brilliant wand vibrator that lives up to the high expectations of my wand-craving vulva and fills me with enough sing-song goodness to start up a musical number in dedication to its greatness. That being said, at £199.00 I really do have a hard time recommending this toy lightly.

If you have the money, if you love wands, if you know the handle will work for you, and if heavy sex toys aren’t an issue then the O-Wand could very well be a great investment. But please do consider the type of vibrations that you like because sheer power alone doesn’t equal success.

As it stands I rank the O-Wand right up there with all the wands I frequently use and love, but due to a slight incompatibility in preference it’s not my personal go-to.

Recommend to:

People who like rapid power.

People who like attachment options.

People who want a handle.

Do Not Recommend to:

People on a budget.

People who prefer a low rumble.

People who dislike heavy sex toys.

The O-Wand was provided to me by O-Wand in exchange for an honest review.