Toy Review: The Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign of the zodiac and is often embodied by a beautiful woman with long locks of swirling hair. This perhaps explains the inspiration behind the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager, which aims to give users the ‘key’ to their sexual pleasure.

While browsing through different horoscope pages (because if you’re going to name your sex toy after a star-sign then I’m damned-well gunna Google it) I found a lot of common terms emerge for Virgos, as is to be expected. Practical, reliable, and intelligent in all they do, the zodiac description for Virgo is certainly flattering and it’s no surprise that it be used for something such as a sex toy.

But there’s a flip side to every zodiac sign (and to every sex toy) and Virgo’s flaws are as damning as their strengths are becoming:

Fussy, inflexible, all work and no play.

And, sadly, all of these descriptors summarize my experience with the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager to a fault (quite literally).

The Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager

The Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager drew me in with its brilliantly swirling tip and promises of being the Key range’s most powerful toy to date. Power is something that a lot of people value (myself included) if only for the variety it provides.

If you’re new to sex toys and you get a ‘powerful’ vibrator chances are it will have many gentler settings that will allow you to find your middle-ground and ease up to anything stronger if you wish. However if you get a mid-level vibrator and find that you’re constantly wanting a bit more oomph then no amount of sorrowful button presses will help fulfill that craving.

This toy’s swirling form looks truly amazing.

This is why I do typically feel that powerful toy have the edge over their gentler counterparts, and only really miss out when they fail to explore the gentler settings too. But I digress.

Virgo is the second-largest constellation in our roster of astrological signs and this is apt because the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager itself is a rather girthy offering. It’ bulging head acts much more like a wand vibrator would than that of an internal vibrator and has an overall length of 8.5 inches and a maximum circumference of 5.75 inches, which comes quite abruptly near the top of this toy’s ovular head.

Material-wise it can’t be faulted—made from phthalate-free, non-porous, materials such as silicone, ABS plastic and a metal alloy for its button. The silicone used for the shaft of the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager is matte on the surface and feels incredibly smooth to the touch. During use, though, it does have a fair bit of grip to it (even when lubricated) which does make it feel larger if you do attempt insertion.

The benefits of inserting this vibrator comes primarily from its size and rippled texture, which does feel very good when slowly sliding in to the body. This texture feels equally enjoyable against the G-Spot and I almost feel like turning on the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager’s vibrations for internal use somewhat detracts from the naturally effective shape of the toy internally.

But (to be a bit more of a buzzkill) the larger size of the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager’s head does mean that many won’t derive pleasure from inserting this toy and may find it uncomfortably chunky. This is especially the case due to the rather firm silicone used for the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager, which isn’t alleviated by this toy’s ever-so-slightly flexible head.

But this toy is primarily designed for external use and so it’s only fair to appraise it on its own terms too.

Once again, the subtle ridges of the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager’s ovular head becomes a really nice player when used externally. It can be rubbed, swirled, or pressed against the vulva and/or clitoris to provide a whole array of different sensations which are fun to explore. This is where the Virgo’s practicality and intelligence comes in to play, as this design does give the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager a different spin on an otherwise rather conventional smooth-headed wand design.

A single button controls everything.

The Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager has a single button to control its setting and comes with seven patterns. Only two of these are continuous patterns of varying intensity whereas the others are more for the pattern-lovers out there. Turning this toy on-and-off is as easy as holding this button down for 3 seconds, whereas pressing it allows you to sift through its patterns.

At the start of this review I described this toy as ‘all work and no play’ and this was almost entirely due to the vibrations that this toy provides. Decently strong and rumbly, this toy’s vibrations are actually frustratingly shallow and failed to deliver the sense of depth required to really immerse me in its use.

Further than this I actually found that the motor on my Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager would randomly jerk or shift strength with no real explanation or change in settings.

Was it defective? I’m not too sure. It felt more like the batteries were wearing out but I’ve tried multiple batteries in my Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager with no difference.

For a while I worried that the 100% waterproof claims that this vibrator boasts weren’t as infallible as they suggested but upon inspecting my toy I found no signs of water damage, it’s simply a quirk of the vibrator and not one I appreciate.

Will everyone notice this? I personally found the shifts to be rather drastic at times but not everyone uses vibrators daily trying to discern their individual subtleties. That being said I’m confident that the changes in this vibrator would be noticeable and aren’t beneficial to the user. I certainly couldn’t orgasm using this toy.

Outside of this incident the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager has a few other downsides too.

For £64.99 it doesn’t even come with the batteries included!

As I said before, in terms of strength the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager isn’t quite living up to the power provided by many other wands and yet it’s still retailing at full wand price. And this isn’t just the price of any wand—it’s equivalent to many beloved wands (both battery powered and fully rechargeable).

For this price I feel like the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager is not delivering on strength nor diversity of patterns (only two intensity levels, really?).

The supposed flexible neck of the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager is very slight and seems mostly like an ineffective gimmick. This toy may have even been better without it—as it feels a bit flimsy at the bend, as is.

Single-button vibrators are also rather irksome generally unless they’re smart with their execution and, sadly, this is the one area in which a Virgo hasn’t been so savvy.

But, hey, this toy is pretty good at staying dust-free. So there’s that.

Final Thoughts

The Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager retails at £64.95 and I could never reasonably justify buying it at this price. There are so many other great toys that come in at a similar price and simply perform better (without question).

Want a good wand? Body Wand have got you covered.

Want something incredibly powerful? The Doxy Skittle has an incredible kick to it.

Something for the clitoris? Go for the We-Vibe Touch.

None of these toys deliver everything that the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager provide, but they all deliver certain aspects of it to much more effect and at a very similar price.

Overall the Jopen Key Virgo Body Massager interested me with its design, claims, and undeniably beautiful colouration but it failed to deliver in some core ways, leaving me without a single external orgasm from its primarily wand-like head.

Recommend to:

People who like large, swirling texture.

People who like girth.

People who like Jopen’s vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike firm/large toys.

People who dislike erratic vibrations.

People who value depth.

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