Product Review: Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube

I’m convinced that the world would be a better place if we all spent more time lapping up our favorite flavored lubricant from the body-parts of someone we adore.

Okay, so maybe I’m being hyperbolic with that statement but when I lubricant is as juicy, rich, and downright addictive as this one I can’t help but think that it has greater potential than any lube realistically does. Like it’s a cure-all for the world’s great evils (or at least a delicious distraction).

There was a time when organic lubricants were incredibly limited and the ingredients in most lubes would make someone shudder (or at least burn in areas that you never want to feel a painful sting). But, thankfully, a lot of companies have wised up now and there’s a reasonable choice on the market.

This does, however, mean increased competition and consumers finally have more choice with exactly what organic products they invest in.

And this, in my humble opinion, is a lubricant worth investing in. Well, if you like flavored lubricants…and cherries…and warming effect.

Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube

I’ll hold my hands up and admit that there are a fair few stipulations to liking the Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube, but they’re pretty much the same as those for any other flavored lubricant. But one of the glaring differences is that, compared to some high street brands, the Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube retails at a pricier £14.95 per 120ml. So what makes this lubricant truly stand out from the crowd?

Moral considerations are certainly at foot when it comes to this lubricant. The Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube is not just USDA Organic but it’s also a vegan option—making sure that none of its ingredients (nor the end product) are ever tested on animals.

This is a delicious guilt-free treat.

At a time when restaurants like Zizzi are reporting a 150% increase in sales for their vegan products whereas Sainsbury’s new range of vegan cheese (or should I say Gary) surpasses expected sales by 300% I can only assume that this is an important factor for at least some of you (myself included).

In terms of those with sensitive skin or other bodily considerations, the Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube is free from both parabens and aspartame. I’ve spoken about why parabens are bad before but I’ve never really gone in to why aspartame should be avoided. In some people aspartame may increase the risk of UTIs, especially if you’re sensitive to such infections already.

I’ve used lubricants that include aspartame (including Sliquid’s flavoured lubricants) and have never had any negative reactions, despite being super prone to UTIs.

The Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube also contains stevia as an alternative to aspartame, which some people would consider to be equally damning, so really it’s a trade-off of whichever one you’re personally comfortable with (if you feel comfortable with either).

The reason stevia is used as an alternative is because, unlike aspartame, stevia is non-fermentable and therefore doesn’t feed yeast in the same way that aspartame might.

I’ve never had an issue with this lubricant (save for not being able to stop tasting myself whenever I self-apply it).

In terms of the rest of the ingredients the Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube also contains propylene glycol and plant-derived glycerine—which may also be an issue for some—but is overall rather non-irritating and read as follows:

Plant Derived Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavor, Purified Water (Aqua), (Organic) Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, (Organic) Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract, (Organic) Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Fruit Extract, (Organic) Alcohol, (Organic) Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract

You may also notice some potentially soothing and hydrating ingredients in there such as aloe barbadensis and goji extract too. Not too shabby all things considered.

In terms of consistency the Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube surprised me. When squirted out of the bottle it’s thin and incredibly prone to running and dripping all over the place but the moment it gets applied to the genitals it manages to feel luxuriously thick and gives that dense consistency that feels almost syrupy. I delight in rubbing the Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube in to my body, especially considering its warming effect—which is subtle but immediately effective.

Runny when out of the bottle but thicker on the skin, this lubricant is like a syrup spreading over the body.

This warming effect is even more of a dream if you’re the one sampling this lubricant orally—as it manages to warm your entire mouth while also giving you an explosion of rich, juicy, very authentic-tasting flavor combined with an extreme sweetness that is wonderfully balanced with the tang of the cherry.

The added warmth definitely takes this lubricant to the next level, and I’m incredibly impressed that this lube manages to provide it without also having an unpleasant chemical aftertaste. In fact this lube is so extremely flavorsome that I’ve been known to go back for seconds…and thirds…and…well…you get the picture.

Despite my extreme enthusiasm for this lubricant (and my habit of lapping it up straight from the bottle) I still haven’t got through half the bottle and this amazes me.

Scent-wise you can certainly tell when this lubricant is in play, and its cherry sweetness lingers for a while after use, but there are much worst scents that you could go around rocking than cherry. You might even get a few complements on how nice your perfume smells. It’s up to you how you take these complements.

This may lead some people to think that the Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube has a strong fragrance added to it, but it’s more that the organic ingredients and flavoring are so distinct that they are just noticeable in the way you might expect food to be noticeable. Not overwhelming, but certainly there (and often inviting).

And, what can I say? I love being invited to enjoy this lubricant time and time again. It lives on my bedside table out in the open and I readily grab for it during pretty much all oral sessions. Much like its cinnamon counterpart it has become a go-to of mine and I would not begrudge spending money on this lubricant for a second.

That being said if you lack a sweet tooth (or know that you dislike stevia) then the Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube may not be the best choice for you.

Equally I feel like I have to point out that this lubricant can get sticky over time and so isn’t great for a prolonged hand job (or for PiV intercourse or anything similar) but I tend to excuse this lubricant for this misstep due to just how exceptionally it performs as an oral lubricant.

Plus, although the Intimate Organics Wild Cherries Flavoured Lube may not be good for hand jobs it is great for providing a buffering layer for strong external vibrators (such as wands). And gosh do I ever love spreading some of this lubricant on my vulva before diving in to a toy session. I’d almost consider it a waste if not for the fact that it feels so good (plus I have no qualms about licking up some of the residue on my fingers throughout use, so it’s even like a sweet treat while treating myself).

Final Thoughts

Can this lubricant solve all the world’s problems? Of course not. But it does manage to bring another source of enjoyment in to my life, and it does so with no nasty after-taste, organic ingredients, and an appeal to the environment.

What’s not to love?

‘Sweetness’ would be the answer—both in terms of ingredients and taste—but this will only deter some and not everyone. The bottom line is that if you want a decent oral lubricant and like cherries and sweet, juicy flavors then this lubricant is highly likely to be to your taste.

Recommend to:

People who like warming lubes.

People who dislike after-tastes.

People who like syrupy lubes.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike stevia & other ingredients.

People who dislike warming lubes.

People who dislike sticky lubes.

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