Toy Review: The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2

As cliché and gender normative as it may be, chocolate and I have a complicated relationship.

There have been entire years where I haven’t touched a slither of chocolate and then times where I was eating it daily. I’ve loved and hated every kind of chocolate imaginable (from white, to dark, to chili). I’ve even had a chocolate-covered cricket (which tastes very similar to a rice crispy square, in case you were curious). I’m now a settle semi-chocaholic but if chocolate and I shared a relationship on Facebook it would definitely be listed as ‘It’s Complicated’.

Thankfully my relationship with this vibrator is much less torrid and comes with a much greater sense of clarity. Buuut let’s avoid spoilers in the intro and just jump right in to the main review, shall we?

The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2

The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 is the second incarnation of Nomi Tang’s first Better Than Chocolate vibrator—which won a red dot award for the design choices that Nomi Tang made.

The vibrator is, first a foremost, intended for clitoral use. Or, perhaps more accurately, vulva-based stimulation. I say this because the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2’s design isn’t focused solely on the clitoris. Sure, it’s a main player, but it’s clear that the design of this vibrator takes a much more holistic approach to genital stimulation.

Is this toy better than chocolate? Why is there even a need to compare sex toys to chocolate?

The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 is ergonomically designed so that it will sit comfortably over a large portion of the vulva—with its outer wing-like section stimulating the labia and its more precise tip applying pressure to the clitoris. This very clever design provides a broad and pin-point stimulation in unison and can be either firm or more diffuse depending on how much pressure the user applies.

The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 also features a rather quirky little control system—using what Nomi Tang calls an i-touch control .This works similarly to a smartphone, allowing users to slide through the intensities of this vibrator to find the one that suits them the most without any cumbersome button presses or extensive fumbling.

That’s the theory, at least. In practice I was skeptical.

I’ve had bad experiences with touch-based toys in the past and I’ve often found them to be unreliable and either too responsive or not responsive enough.

However, to my great relief, the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 actually manages to execute its i-touch technology to great effect. The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2’s intensities are easy to filter through (even with lubricated hands) and the positioning of the slider is incredibly comfortable and intuitive during use.

This toy is wonderfully easy to control.

What’s more, this system makes the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 a great vibrator for ‘stealth mission’ sex sessions. I’ve had literal occasions where I’ve been playing with the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 and then heard someone pass my room only to swiftly lower the speed of my vibe until they passed before resuming my fun again whole hog.

Not that I needed to worry, because the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 is the very definition of ‘whisper quiet’. Yes, it makes an audible noise when in the hands—a high pitched whirring buzz—but this is not detectable at all through a door and is even more discreet when you’re fondling this toy in between your thighs or under the sheets.

Because of this I’ve been known to nickname my Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 my ‘ninja best friend’ when it comes to masturbation sessions and travelling. This vibrator is definitely coming with me on pretty much all future solo trips.

The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 has a firm body but it’s covered in FDA grade silicone, which does help soften it nicely. This silicone is matte and has a nice amount of grip to it. Well…it’s nice during use. Outside of use it’s an absolute dust-grabbing magnet and general focal point of frustration.

Dust and hair everywhere!

This sex toy needs cleaning a lot (and thoroughly). Thankfully the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 is waterproof up to one meter, making cleaning a breeze. In terms of other luxury perks the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 also comes in a wonderful box (perfect for gift-giving) with nice faux satin detailing inside. The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 is also rechargeable, with a 5 hour charge giving 2-4 hours, depending on what setting you use.

The packaging you can expect.

This is a bit lackluster, but I’ve yet to have this vibrator let me down at a crucial moment, so I’m willing to say it’s adequate.

This is important, too, because there’s a reason I mainly consider this a toy for solo play.

Not only is the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2’s shape perfect for a bit of silent self-exploration, but its slightly buzzy vibrations, although given oomph and depth, do sometimes struggle to bring the resonance and full force of some other vibrators, even those of a similar size. Don’t get me wrong—they’re strong—but they’re also rapid and quivering and this combination typically has the side effect of losing some sense of obvious substance.

The substance is there but it takes more exploration, a bit more play-time, and perhaps some more patience than some people would be comfortable with bringing to the bedroom. We often use vibrators to speed up the process, after all, so if this is your goal then the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 may take a bit of adjustment (or may be one to avoid).

This shape either works for you or it doesn’t. There’s very little middle ground.

In terms of other downsides, there’s a certain amount of pigeon-holing involved in the design of the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 and, although it performs very well at fitting the vulva, it’s not really designed with a variety of body types in mind and may be quite limiting for some.

I never failed to have an orgasm with the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2, and I did really enjoy its combination of direct stimulation and periphery pleasure, but this may be a bit too much for some people (especially if direct stimulation is a big no-no). The shape and firmness of the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 may also be a bit too much for some in terms of comfort, as it can feel rather firm and uncompromising at times.

While the intensity of this vibrator can be controlled through its touch-pad panel, its 5 patterns (and on/off feature) actually do have to be accessed using a button just below the pad too, which might seem to kind of defeat the point for some users as well, especially if you’re a pattern lover.

But how do I rank these downsides? Minor at most, especially compared to the discreet and effective orgasms that this vibrator provided, in addition to its prompt for a more patient and self-involved approach to vibrations. My little ninja vibe may not be my go-to on a daily basis but it definitely has a place in my bedside drawer, and my travel pack.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m happy with the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 and would recommend it to anyone who wants a quiet clitoral vibrator with seamless controls and an incredibly ergonomic form.

Its unique design is highly effective in providing a nice combination of sensations and as a user I always felt like I was in full and intuitive control of this particular toy.

When I’m craving a wand then the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 won’t realistically cut the mustard. But on those days where I want a subtle session of passion then I know the Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 has got me (and my vulva) covered.

Recommend to:

People who like a diffuse/pin-point combo.

People who like buzzy-but-deep vibrations.

People looking for a discreet vibe.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike firm vibrators.

People who dislike pin-point stimulation.

People who need rumbly vibrations.

The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 was provided to me by Nomi Tang in exchange for an honest review.