Ceramic Samplings: Ceramic Pleasure Creation 033 (The Whirl)

This post is part of my Ceramic Samplings series, which looks at products from Ceramic Pleasure. To see more please check out the link here. I highly recommend Ceramic Pleasure and their products, which are affordable, unique, and made with passion and unwavering dedication. Creativity at its finest.

Swirling, twirling spirals of pleasure. This is what Ceramic Pleasure excels at and the Whirl is one more to add to their impressive repertoire.

Incredibly similar to the Submergence, but with a slimmer form, the Whirl shows the effectiveness that a refined swirl can bring when finely crafted by attentive hands.

The Whirl knows how to provide a really good time.

Its beautiful glaze is subtle, yet blazing it its own right. A dance of pinkish-red finely marbling a wonderfully grey under-layer that accentuates the stronger flashes of red which frame the main spirals of this wonderfully firm dildo.

If ever there were a time to admire a dildo, then it’s when holding a Ceramic Pleasure creation but the true experience is using one.

Ceramic is firm. Bold, yet smooth.

It slides in incredibly easy with lubricant of any type and requires very little to allow for ease of insertion.

In some ways this makes these dildos brilliant for anyone who struggle inserting grabby toys or those who are grabbling with sexual dysfunction. The slimmer form of the Whirl assists in this, allowing people to experience the unique sensation of spirals without it being too intense or too confrontational.

‘Confrontational’ isn’t a word I use lightly but it is one that I feel is appropriate. Spiral toys have a way of protesting when inserted. It’s as if they fight against the vaginal muscles and those muscles do so in kind, creating an equilibrium of internal and external pressure.

Spirals are hit and miss unless you get them right.

For some this is unpleasant, and I can completely understand that—it has been for me in the past. What I’ve personally found is that spiral shafts are very finicky but incredibly rewarding in the long run. Use the incorrect size or shape and your vagina will let you know immediately. However, identify the right size, shape, and prominence of the swirls and you may just find your G-Spot singing as it joins in to the clenching reconciliation of the spiralling shaft inside of you.

The Whirl is probably the safest bet among Ceramic Pleasure’s collection for this—as slimmer really is better when trying out new textures, designs, or sensations (at least in cases like this). Whereas I may need to warm up or take my time with other spiraling toys the Whirl is one that I can insert straight away and enjoy fully without hesitation nor pause.

Yes, I still feel it resisting my body in that wonderful way that makes it work oh so well, but it comes without any of the tentative ‘will it feel good, won’t it feel good?’ that the others can sometimes illicit without a proper warm up.

The first orgasm I had with the Whirl felt like I was taking my first deep gasp of air in a long time. Like I was breaking the surface of the water like Ariel in the Little Mermaid—hair flipping, droplets of water splaying everywhere, and the sun silhouetting my form in the background. Granted this could be because it was my first G-Spot orgasm in just over a week (due to an enforced penetration hiatus) but it was still noticeably profound.

Me with this dildo.

Subsequent orgasms with the Whirl haven’t necessarily been as profound mentally, but they all felt physically astonishing—as if I’ve found my balance when it comes to spiral designs.

Can I promise this will be the case with everyone? Of course not, but I do maintain that the Whirl is a good start for exploration, and not only in terms of shape either.

As with all ceramic toys, the Whirl is great for temperature play, and can be cooled or heated to suit your needs. It also naturally warms when inserted for a while, allowing for a sense of unity between dildo and user. It’s also a fantastic way to gain an idea of just how amazing your vaginal passage may be if you’re new to toys—your body has no issues heating up a pure ceramic dildo. Give your bad ass self a high five!

Smile: You’re awesome!

In terms of downsides, the Whirl has a few. Chief among which is that its design really won’t appeal to everyone. It’s slimmer, it’s straight-shafted, it’s rigid, and naturally cool, and lacking in any finer bumps or textures. These may all be disqualifying points for some individuals, but that’s also the brilliance of ordering from Ceramic Pleasure—they can cater to your needs and are typically more than happy to do so. The Whirl may not be for you but other ceramic toys might, if only you’re willing to give Ceramic Pleasure’s services a whirl.