Toy Review: The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

There’s always one isn’t there?

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is the presumptive next step towards the fully-fledged Satisfyer Pro 2. It shares an aesthetic with the Satisfyer 2 and is intermediately priced between the 2 and the Pro 2 at $49.00. But the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe manages to stand out from the other Satisfyer toys pretty much immediately with a short and stout appearance that is unique to it and it alone.

It’s almost as if someone took the general outline of the Satisfyer 1 and then took a rolling pin to it and squashed it into a more ovular form. When looking at the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe my mind also goes to EVE from WALL-E, but even she isn’t quite so rounded.

There’s certainly no arguing that the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe looks impressive, but it’s performance? Well, for me it left a bit to be imagined.

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is, in many ways, a very different beast to the rest of the Satisfyer line.

I say ‘beast’ but really I mean the opposite.

It may not be a beast, but it is a beauty…of sorts.

With a chunky ovular form, the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe has been designed to fit comfortably in the hand and to be placed or cupped against the vulva to provide a nice snug fit. Its ABS plastic form takes up most of the design, with its silicone-covered nozzle being the least prominent of the bunch.

Unlike all the other Satisfyer toys, which provide ample nozzle length, this one keeps things incredibly close to its main body, which helps aid to the feeling of closeness and cupping that this toy is trying to achieve.

Both silicone and ABS plastic are non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body safe.

As there is so little nozzle room on the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, its silicone sleeve is perhaps the most inconsequential in terms of sensation. It’s simply there to provide the seal needed and does just that. It doesn’t feel quite as cushy as the Satisfyer 1 nor offer any of the exploratory angles of the Satisfyer 2 and both of these things make me quite sad. It seems that a diminished nozzle really can lead to diminished potential when it comes to the Satisfyer range and the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is completely demonstrative of this.

This makes me sadder than I expected.

ABS plastic being held against the body is an experience I would describe as ‘fine’. It’s neither abrasive nor arousing. It simply is. Although I am aware that some people like feeling a firm pressure against their vulva and some completely hate the feeling of ABS plastic hugged against them, so it’s worth considering where your preferences lie if you’re eyeing up the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe. More than any other Satisfyer the shaft design definitely matters here.

The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe is USB rechargeable and completely waterproof, allowing for some versatility in use. I’m personally not a huge fan of using these toys in the bath (as I find it removes the effectiveness of any water-based lube applied) but the option is there for those who want to explore and it does intensify sensations somewhat. This waterproof aspect also makes the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe very easy to clean (but I keep the same concerns Re. not being able to fully dry the nozzle).

As is probably expected, the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe has 11 different intensities and these have their own unique nuances too. They’re not prone to rapid shifts in intensity like the Satisfyer 2 and the only setting that could be dubbed as ‘buzzy’ in any way is the highest one.

The rest of the settings provide varying degrees of a very gentle, very smooth suction with a mild rolling patter in the background which provides some (but not much) depth. It is, by far, the gentlest Satisfyer in the range and this is fantastic news for anyone who wants to explore suction cup toys but have always found the settings to be too intense. Usually I only need to be on the 2-3 setting of any other Satisfyer toy to reach near-instant orgasms. With the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe I can and do use all of the settings.

Whether or not you’re seeking a smooth and muted ride determined whether this is a good thing or not.

For me it was very surreal to be using a Satisfyer toy and not be involuntarily gasping with delight within seconds or minutes of application. At the time this felt like a bit of a bummer, but the resulting orgasms were still good and it got me thinking.

A toy that doesn’t work for me isn’t a toy that won’t work for anyone else.

One of the chief concerns of some users is that the way that the Satisfyer range practically forces an orgasm out of the body can feel alienating and perhaps even distressing. With the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe the sensations are such that you feel like you’re in more control. You objectively have more time to really come to terms with the toy’s sensations and what they might offer to you on your terms.

For me this is very much as case of finding the silver lining on a rather big rain cloud.

I found the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe to feel cumbersome in the hand. Inelegant when placed against my vulva and cumbersome during prolonged use. I have rather prominent outer labia and navigating the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe in to place gave me the distinct feeling that this toy just wasn’t made with my body in mind.

I can’t imagine using this toy while also using a dildo and didn’t even bother. For me it just wasn’t worth the aggravation that I could invariable predict (especially with larger toys).

If used with my underwear still on then the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe did not sit comfortably at all, as opposed to the Satisfyer 1 and Satisfyer 2 which would slip happily in to place.

In general I found it to be very lacking and not at all worth the investment unless you really, really need that gentler approach to suction-cup sex toys. Even then the first two settings of most other Satisfyer toys can provide this with a much more efficient handle and much more variation.

Oh, and speaking of lack of variation, we’re back to one button again. *Insert sarcastic yay*

This toy is pretty quiet, though. So I guess that’s one more thing in its corner.

Yeah, I’m reaching here. I don’t like this one.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to me that the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe has a very important role to play, but that role isn’t going to appeal to everyone and it certainly doesn’t appeal to me.

I find the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe to be the least accessible of the entire Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, not in terms of price but definitely in terms of comfort, practicality, and appeal to a broad user base. Ironic, really, as this is the broadest-looking of all the Satisfyer toys.

Still, for those who do need that gentler approach the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe may just prove to be invaluable. It’s all about finding the right toy for you.

Recommend to:

People who like gentler sensations.

People who like pressure on the vulva.

People who like ovular toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a fully-fledged suction-based toy.

People who prefer a designated handle area.

People looking for that ‘insta-orgasm’ experience.

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