Toy Review: The Satisfyer 2

There are very few companies that would have the solid metal kegel balls required to launch their Pro 2 product before having an original Pro. There are even fewer who would then retroactively add both a Pro and a straight up 2 to their range after the release of their Pro 2, but Satisfyer did it anyway. Why? Because they can. And I’m okay with this.

The Satisfyer 2 and the Satisfyer Pro stand together in some regards in that you can tell there’s an aesthetic trend. Satisfyer wants to align these three toys in particular by giving them the golden/copperish and white color palette and then designing the Pro and the 2 as if, when amalgamated, they form the Pro 2. Kind of like a Power Ranger form, of a Steven Universe fusion (depending on what trends you follow).

But the Satisfyer 2 is also allied quite firmly to the Satisfyer 1 in that it proceeds it numerically and is equally low budget ($35) and battery powered. They’re also technically part of the same category of toys—the Satifyer Modelle.

It’s fair to say that the Satisfyer 2 is an intermediary in more ways than one, but what does this mean for its performance and ranking among its suction-based peers? Allow me to offer my appraisal on the matter.

The Satisfyer 2

The Satisfyer 2 follows the standard Satisfyer formula of being a suction-based sex toy that has a firm ABS plastic main body and a suction nozzle which is accompanied and covered with a silicone attachment during use.

The biggest points that Satisfyer wish to highlight when it comes to the Satisfyer 2 (aside from the price) is that it’s travel compatible and innocuous. And, yes, I do believe that the Satisfyer 2 lives up to these assertions.

Aesthetically and practically this toy is a bridge-builder.

Compared to the Satisfyer 1, the Satisfyer 2 has an on button and then a separate section which controls the 11 different intensities. While it’s pretty difficult to accidentally turn the Satisfyer 1 on and fiddle with its setting, the 3-button set-up of the Satisfyer 2 makes it damned near impossible for this toy to accidentally go full throttle at an inconvenient time.

It is larger than the Satisfyer 1 but its pure white, sleek design makes it look like an expensive beauty or medical accessory rather than anything specifically designed for sexual pleasure. For some people this won’t be an issue. A lot of us like to be out and proud about our sexuality, after all. But I think the Satisfyer 2 makes a wise choice here. It’s discreet enough in appearance that you can hide it should you wish (or need) to but also looks pretty enough that if you want to leave it out proudly then people may just be envious at just how streamlined your sex toy selection is.

A win-win.

Coming back to the buttons for a moment—they’re not easy to accidentally press but are well-paced for use and are easy enough to operate during use, even with lubricated hands. I always felt like I could easily control my Satisfyer 2 and could quickly navigate to higher or lower intensities.

This turned out to be a godsend because that variation in these intensities is noticeable and the shift from 2 to 3 has some kick to it.

I’m loving these buttons.

Phew! This toy does not hold back in terms of intensity. It does the suction-based sex toy category proud as it jumps from a very gentle 1 to a ‘and-this-is-what-they-were-all-talking-about’ 2. This may throw some people off, but the absolute brilliance of the Satisfyer 2 lies in its combination of drastic suction variations, intuitive controls and affordability. If you want to really delve in to the world of suction, see everything it might have to offer you and be able to quickly pull out if things get too intense then the Satisfyer 2 is the go-to. I am completely convinced of this.

Sensation-wise the Satisfyer 2 provides every from the slightest suckle to a thumping suck to a rapid, almost buzzy whoosh of holy shitballs intensity. I cannot use these higher settings directly on my clit. Thankfully the Satisfyer 2 has an amazing depth to it—its suction and its underlying sensations proliferate outwards from the nozzle and stimulate the vulva in different ways.

The length of the nozzle assists in using it various ways.

A by-product of this? I can place the Satisfyer 2 on my labia, ramp it up to the highest setting and get off just from the passive resonance and intensity of the setting being propped close to my clit. So, for me, the Satisfyer 2 offer two different ways to go from zero to ORGASM in all-caps quicker than it takes to sing Happy Birthday. Yet more potential to experiment from this versatile offering to the suction-based market.

Alas, the Satisfyer 2 has one big downside (and it may be a real bummer for many of you)—It’s not the quietest of the Satisfyer range. The Satisfyer 2 actually reminds me of the Satisfyer Pro 2 most through its volume levels, and by that I mean the original Satisfyer 2—the one that was recalled so they could work on diminishing its noisiness (among other things). It’s never quite as loud as the original Pro 2 but it is noticeable noisy, even when placed against the body and especially when on the higher settings.

Considering the Satisfyer 2 is marketed as ‘whisper quiet’ this is a disappointment, as well as an objective flaw in the product.

More subjective downsides might be related to the swift transitions that each intensity provides in terms of variety and (at times) strength. Cleanliness may also be a bug-bear for some. Silicone and ABS plastic are non-porous and completely body safe and the silicone nozzle can be removed for an even more thorough clean but I still can’t get over not being able to fully dry the suction area.

The Satisfyer 2 requires 2xAAA batteries and, as I discussed in my previous review, this is a pro or a con depending on what you need and expect from your toy. But, at $35 I really have no issues with this toy being battery-powered. In fact if it wasn’t I’d probably be shouting ‘sorcery’ given just how much the Satisfyer 2 accomplishes.

Final Thoughts

The Satisfyer 1 is an opportunity to dip your toes in to the world of suction-based sex toys, but the Satisfyer 2 is like getting in the pool, having a swim around and then getting access to some of the additional facilities too.

For the additional $6 it offers much more than the Satisfyer 1 and my knee jerk reaction is to recommend it over the Satisfyer 1 in all instances.

Then logical Emmeline kicks in and reminds impulsive Emmeline that ‘more’ doesn’t always mean ‘better’. If you feel like your needs will be met by the Satisfyer 1 then you may not wish (or even need) to invest more money in to the Satisfyer 2.

However, if you’re looking to explore suction-cup toys in the broadest sense while still keeping in a sensible budget then the Satisfyer 2 is brilliant. Discretion aside, it should meet all of your needs and leave you confident in any future, more costly Satisfyer purchases.

Recommend to:

People wanting a full suction experience.

People who need a travel toy.

People who want to stay under $50.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike strong setting shifts.

People who value discretion.

People who want a rechargeable toy.

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