Toy Review: The Satisfyer 1

Holy suction toy, Batman! The incredible people over at PeepShowToys provided me with all of the new Satisfyer toys to review for you. That’s right—all of them!

This means that come the end of this week you will have a review of the Satisfyer 1, The Satisfyer 2, The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin in addition to already having access to my previous Satisfyer reviews. And (because I love you) I’ll also be compiling a comprehensive guide to every Satisfyer product available come the end of the week.

What madness is this!?


Yes, I’m excited. Yes, I’m on a bit of an orgasm high. Because yes, I have tested these toys extensively and I am ready to tackle this highly satisfyering feat of sex to appraisal. So let’s jump right in with numerical gusto!

The Satisfyer 1

The Satisfyer 1 is the most basic and cheapest of the now comprehensive Satisfyer range. Stripping things down to the very bare bones, it literally provides nothing but a sleek ABS shaft, a suction section (complete with silicone nozzle) and a single button for control. It’s also one of the two new Satisfyer toys to be battery-powered as opposed to rechargeable. This little sucker takes 2 AAA batteries.

The Satisfyer 1 is a great introduction to why a sex toy ‘sucking’ isn’t always a bad thing…

Some people might be inclined to ask “Uuuhm, but why would anyone even want a battery-powered toy nowadays?” to which I reply “Because more options equals more variety, and variety mixed with pleasure is a good thing”.

Sure, battery-powered toys aren’t for everyone, but neither are they the piddly, ineffective, and downright insulting devices that they once were. Things seem to have changed over time and many battery-powered toys can more than hold their own against some of the weaker (and perhaps even pricier) rechargeables (I still frown involuntarily whenever I remember about the Le Reve).

The official Satisfyer 1 product page also makes a great point when it describes this sex toy as ‘the must-have for globe-trotters’, as we often take our link to charge ports for granted. People who take holidays often (or with friends) may not have the luxury of being able to easily charge their toys up for hours per time. It’s much simpler to just pop a few batteries in and get to work.

For this task the Satisfyer 1 is also incredibly light, relatively compact, and 100% waterproof. It’s also pretty difficult to accidentally turn the Satisfyer 1 on. Even if you do somehow accidentally turn it on the Satisfyer 1 actually lives up to its promise of being whisper quiet and its gentlest modes are gentler than the pitter-patter of a hedgehog’s paws (trust me, I’ve owned one).

All of these elements, coupled with the $29.00 price tag for this toy, makes the Satisfyer 1 a damned enticing purchase. Especially if you’ve never felt a suction-based sex toy before.

Ask any sex toy reviewer (or any user, for that matter) and they’ll probably say the same thing about suction-based sex toys up until this point—‘I love it and I wish I could recommend it to others but the toy is so expensive and the sensation so unique that I struggle to recommend it’.

Suction-based sex toys feel phenomenal for most users—myself included—and the orgasm rate from the feedback available both online and through word of mouth is impressive. Almost unparalleled. Buut there are exception and some people can find it downright painful or traumatizing.

The sensation they provide is truly incomparable to any vibrator. It’s kind of like having your clit sucked, kind of like a teeny-tiny orgasm-fairy doing a flawless jig on the surface of your clit, and kind of like feeling a deep and rumbly throb accompanied by a persistent tug. I’ve compared it to being ‘beamed up’ by a spaceship at times and I hold true to that analogy because, for me, it’s a perfect amalgamation of all the above.

Can I every really convey how one of these toys feel? Probably not. But at $29.00 you can hopefully find out yourself.

With the Satisfyer Pro 2 providing a very specific type of sensation I confess that I even had some skepticism about what four new suction toys could actually bring to the table.

Well, in the case of the Satisfyer 1 it is a gentler, shallower, and less rumbly introduction to the suction sensation that is very forgiving in some elements and a little bit disappointing in others. But I do mean ‘a little bit’. Like, microscopic.

The Satisfyer 1 starts out gently. Very gently. So much so that it actually seems to lose its ‘insta-orgasm’ appeal to my clit. But then I press up to the third setting and my legs are quivering again. For context the Satisfyer 1 has 11 different modes (some of which do admittedly blur in to each other in terms of detecting the difference) and I only need setting 3 to have prolonged, near-effortless, instant orgasms that just keep on going and going until I decide to stop. Until my clit can literally take no more.

The suction comes with its own shuddering sensation which does feel like a pattering sensation mixed with what you’d think a particularly vigorous juicer might offer in terms of rumble. The microscopic downside is that these sensations are not quite as strong, deep, nor as refined as the Satisfyer Pro 2. On the higher settings they could feel too abrasive for me, whereas this is a problem that I felt got fixed with the update that occurred with the Pro 2.

Some people may dislike this toy having a single button.

Placing that aside though this vibrator still brings an outstanding option to the table for anyone with even the mildest inkling in to just what all the fuss is about with these suction-based toys. Whether you like your sensations gentle and forgiving or sharp and strong the Satisfyer 1 has the option for you, and a whole spectrum in between.

But (you know what’s coming next) no toy is perfect and, aside from its roughness around the sensational edges, the Satisfyer 1 does have a few other problems.

The Satisfyer 1 measures at 5.5 inches long, 1.75 inches at its widest point and this is mostly fine, but the Satisfyer 1 is also straight-shafted and thus lacks and natural or ergonomically feeling when in the hand. This, again, is such a minimal concern but if you need a sex toy that will sit comfortably and easily against the vulva and in your hand then this might be the wrong Satisfyer for you.

And, although the Satisfyer 1 is waterproof and easy to clean, I do still harbor personal concerns about dew or moisture being retained and then causing a hygiene issue in the suction chamber. This is my own hang-up, I’m aware, but those who are equal sticklers for thorough cleaning might feel the same way.

As you can probably tell, though, the downsides to this toy are as small as its price tag, which is to be commended in more ways than one.

Final Thoughts

Finally I can recommend a sex toy to people who want to try suction-based sensations but had price-based restrictions. Not only this, but I can do so with minimal apprehensions and maximum confidence that this is an accurate representation of the potency of what such sex toys have to offer.

The Satisfyer 1 is a success story on a budget and I can see it becoming a firm favorite for the curious clit-owners among us.

Recommend to:

People who want to try suction-based toys.

People who don’t need refined sensations.

People who travel often.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want to go full-deluxe straight away.

People who prefer a smoother experience.

People who have eco-based concerns over using non-rechargeable batteries.

As I said in the review, the Satisfyer 1 was provided to me by PeepShowToys in exchange for an honest review. If you like what I do then perhaps consider clicking the affiliate link down below (or any of the images included in this review) to help support my site when making your PeepShowToys purchases.

  • Alex

    Looking forward to the Satisyer reviews and summary! Could you also compare to the Womanizers please?

  • Ash

    Do you know which of the four has the largest mouth/opening? I’m a trans guy and am very interested in these, but wondering which ones if any may fit my anatomy.