Ceramic Samplings: Ceramic Pleasure Creation 032 (The Submergence)

This post is part of my Ceramic Samplings series, which looks at products from Ceramic Pleasure. To see more please check out the link here. I highly recommend Ceramic Pleasure and their products, which are affordable, unique, and made with passion and unwavering dedication. Creativity at its finest.

I have not been physically well this past week or so. It’s something I’ll be dedicating another post to but, suffice to say, sex has been frustratingly off of the table for me (which is my own personal agony, I can assure you).

My sex toy use has also been drastically minimized and any toy I’ve decided to use has come with a strong angle of self-care. I’ve been very particular in selecting toys that can nurture me, arouse me, and tend to my needs without ever feeling too rough.

Ceramic Pleasure toys already has an edge in this regard (as After Dark can attest to). Ceramic can be heated or cooled, giving it a wonderfully adaptive quality that is borderline therapeutic. Like the dildo equivalent of a hot water bottle or and ice pack but with the potential to be safely inserted and soothe from the inside.

This is especially important when the pain or discomfort that you’re experiencing is being felt in the genital area (as was the case for me).

I’ve always seen blue as a wonderfully healing color, and this dildo fits this belief perfectly.

Anyone following my series of Ceramic Samplings reviews will now be intimately acquainted with the base design provided for the Submergence. It’s a straight-shafted dildo with the bare bones ‘bullet’ premise applied. This time swirls give the Submergence its unique twist (quite literally), making this dildo very similar to the first dildo I reviewed for Ceramic Pleasure, except with smoother swirls.

So how did poor, sick Emmeline use this dildo? The answer is very slowly and very enjoyably.

The Submergence is named as such because, for someone who is tender down there, this is a rather girthy toy and it’s one that you might want to take your time with.

Approaching this dildo I lubed it up heavily before beginning to very slowly insert it, focusing intently on my breath and the sensation of this dildo slowly entering my body. The girth of this dildo combined with its swirls keeps every edging motion of it entering the body noticeable and interesting. There isn’t a single dull moment in acquainting the body with this work of art through the art of tactile indulgence and if you take things slow with the Submergence and submerse yourself in the experience then it has a lot to offer in terms of teasing sensations.

What I also found particularly interesting was introducing some very slow and exploratory swirling motions in to the insertion process–gently twizzling it from side-to-side. I can’t fully explain quite how nice this felt but sufficed to say there was a preference in clockwise vs anti-clockwise (anti-clockwise won out this time) and just playing around with this was a pleasure all its own.

Twirling this head very slowly while also slowly inserting it is something I advise everyone who buys one to try.

Despite being wonderfully glossy and smooth I could also feel a slight tugging on the labia and vaginal opening when playing with the motions upon insertion, which created additional arousal and amplified the sense of subtle-yet-effective feedback that this dildo can offer if you take it nice and slow.

In terms of orgasm I’m afraid my body wasn’t really up to playing ball this past week and that’s okay. Not everyone is aiming for an orgasm. Not everyone can orgasm and our sexual milestones shouldn’t be ranked in terms of orgasm but, instead, in terms of enjoyment and well-being, both of which I achieved with this toy.

Knowing my body, though, I can speculate that climaxes with this toy would have been effective, as it does manage to twirl on my vaginal walls with girth and gusto, which usually makes my vaginal muscles work harder for their clenches, resulting in a stronger orgasm overall. But, again, this is just speculation at the moment.

When I think of all the fun I can have with this dildo…

In terms of personal exploration it was actually really nice to approach a dildo knowing that I wasn’t in the right place to achieve a climax. It helped me reframe my own focuses and perhaps take the additional time needed to appreciate the finer points of the Submergence that I may have otherwise missed through the race towards one of my favorite kinds of bodily high (the other being exercise).

It was nice to feel the Submergence expanding my vaginal opening as I began to guide it into myself. Enlightening to notice the variation that the swirls offer, like a continual gift that keeps on giving. Liberating to notice the cooling relief that this dildo offers when not cooled or heated.

And, of course, the glaze of the Submergence is perfectly in-keeping with what I have taken away from this experience. Part of me wonders if there’s a chicken-or-egg scenario going on here? Do I feel this way about these dildos because of the glaze or is the glaze designed to evoke a certain emotion?

Look at how beautiful this glaze is!

Only the creator of these wonderful products would know and, to be honest, I like having an air of mystery around some of my products. As long as they’re body safe I’m happy, and the Submergence is 100% body-safe and can be used with pretty much any lubricant. I still favor water-based myself but I suppose that’s just a case of old habits dying hard.

I can only imagine how experimenting with different lubricant types would work with the Submergence with my currently favored slow-exploration method. I have my theories, and all of them bring a smile to my face.