Toy Review: The Fun Factory Bootie Set

Holy shit guys. The Bootie—our all-time favorite butt plug—now comes in three sizes! Get our the environmentally friendly confetti, bring out the electroswing band, and get the good times rolling because this is probably one of the best things to have ever happened to the world of booty toys.

At least that’s the theory.

Seriously though—the Fun Factory Bootie, in three different sizes. Just thinking about such a thing puts a huge grin on my face and sends my heart in to an elated celebration. This is, after all, the plug that I seriously considered buying another of when I accidentally left it behind on holiday. It’s our go-to plug. Our perfect plug. The unbeaten top dog of our booty collection.

So, yes, the Fun Factory Bootie Set had Mr Peaches and I excited.

But is upsizing really such a good idea? Or when the Bootie is concerned is there no reason to meddle with an already outstanding design? They say ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ but what about adding a few more options? Read on to find out.

The Fun Factory Bootie Set

The Fun Factory Bootie Set takes the tried-and-tested Bootie design and expands it (quite literally) in to three plugs of varying sizes. Fun Factory are a very accommodating company (as the creation of this set attests) and so they have kindly provided the measurements and weight for each plug so that people can decide whether or not the kit is right for them:

Small: Insertable length 3 inches, 1 inch at widest diameter (42 g)

Medium: Insertable length 3.7 inches, 1.4 inches at widest diameter (69 g)

Large: Insertable length 4.4 inches, 1.6 inches at widest diameter (106 g)

That being said there are some discrepancies on the measurements between the set and the individual product pages, so I’d take these as guidelines rather than gospel.

These plugs are a match made in booty heaven.

The plugs themselves are made out of 100% medical grade silicone. Fun Factory silicone can sometimes be a tad gritty. Thankfully this isn’t the case with the Fun Factory Bootie Set. Each plug has a matte surface, which certainly adds some grab, but it never feels grating, gritty or otherwise unpleasant.

When lubes up this silicone slides in to place very smoothly and its material properties make it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. All great things. No electrical parts means this toy is also submersible so you can seek some bath time booty bliss whenever your tush desires (add some bubble bath or a bath bomb for extra fun too. And if you have access to a Jacuzzi…well…I think you’re going to get increasingly attached to it).

One of the best elements of the Fun Factory Bootie Set is the base of each of these toys, which is wonderfully contoured to sit comfortably between the cheeks while still providing and incredibly secure and intuitive area that keeps each toy in place with the utmost of comfort. I’ve never known Mr Peaches to love a butt plug base more than that on the Bootie, so that’s certainly testament to just how comfortable it can be (in addition to making prolonged use much more viable).

This base is an uncontested winner in our eyes.

The design of the Bootie remains flawless and, thankfully, this doesn’t change with size. It’s beautiful curve seems to constantly hit the P-Spot, it’s firmness (with just a little give) allows for easy insertion and strong stimulation, and the finish…at one point Mr Peaches inadvertently shot so high that it got all over my face. I can’t say this was entirely preferable without preparation, but it certainly spoke wonders for the explosive capabilities of these plugs.

Size-wise each of the plugs complements each other perfectly and provides a wonderfully progressive element to use which allows you to build up to the larger size. Or if you’re a cheeky domme like myself then you can whip out the largest size giving your sub full knowledge that you’re making them skip the warm up stage and going straight for the stretch. But that’s just a recommendation.

It’s because of this variety that I recommend the Fun Factory Bootie Set to pretty much anyone who loved the original Bootie in addition to anyone who wants to explore butt plugs and feels like they want to go in for the long-haul. You may not be able to take all of these toys at first, but this set is primed to help your build up your posterior’s power while also feeling incredibly forgiving and very, very gratifying. At least if you like curves.

The curve on these toys is just right.

If you’re much more of a straight-shafted individual, or simply don’t see yourself ever getting satisfaction from stretching yourself or training up to the next level then buying a set of three butt plugs might feel a bit redundant, especially when each size is available individually. If that’s the case then pick whichever size works for you and go from there. No judgement.

In terms of other downsides, yes—the plugs in this set do retain a slight odor, even after cleaning—but I’ve come to expect this from silicone butt plugs now. It may be a bit ass but that’s kind of predictable all things considered (besides, it’s affiliated with an enjoyable ass, so how can I complain?)

Full disclosure: These toys are dust, lint, and hair magnet.

Those who prefer having a weighty element to their butt plug or wish to engage in temperature play might find themselves more drawn to glass or metal, too, which makes this set a poor fit. But as you can probably tell I’m really grasping at straws here.

This is because my objectivity goes out the window when these plugs come in to play. Mr Peaches considers them to be his #1 favorites. Full stop. End of discussion. And when I see his enthusiasm for them in practice (or hold dominating control over their use) then I can’t help but also be drawn in by their appeal.

What else can I say? The Fun Factory Bootie Set met our expectations and I’d probably make sure that at least one of them made it in to our holiday kit in future.

Final Thoughts

If you asked Mr Peaches and I to provide our favorite size out of the Fun Factory Bootie Set then we would seriously struggle. That’s because this set works so well as a comprehensive piece of kit that there’s just no way that we could consider splitting them up. It’s like seeing a litter of puppies—impossible to split up (aaand that’s why Mr Peaches is dreading the day I start dog shopping/adopting).

In short if you can afford this set and you’re interested in the Bootie plug then I really do think it’s the best option available to you. I strongly recommend it and really can’t see any strong downsides outside of personal preference.

Buy these, your booty will thank you for it.

Recommend to:

People who like comfortable bases.

People who like curved anal plugs.

People who like firmer silicone.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer circular bases.

People who prefer straight anal plugs.

People who prefer different materials.

The Fun Factory Bootie Set was provided by Joujou in exchange for an honest review. To add to the amazement Joujou are having a brilliant Valentine ’s Day sale right now, in which this set is on offer. The time is now my friends. Enjoy!