Guest Review: The Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Extreme Ridges

Hello my lovely readers! Today is a very special day. Why? Well today is the day of my PhD Viva. Yup, by the time this review goes live I’ll be right in the middle of discussing the intricacies of 4 years worth of research (and life), compacted in to about 99,000 words. Needless to say I’m excited but nervous (and also busy).

Oh, and I have a UTI & kidney infection too, because what’s life if it isn’t lived on the difficult setting?

Thankfully I do have a few summon spells up my sleeves and today I have used it to present you once again with the brilliant Lemon Fresh. Enjoy his review of the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Extreme Ridges

Hello! Once again I have decided to boldly dive back into the world of sex toy guest reviews. This time looking at something from my personal collection, the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Extreme Ridges.

The Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Extreme Ridges

I’m going to go ahead and cover the technical details first because I have a few things I want to say about this toy without having to pause half way through and tell you all about measurements and stuff.

This toy is 5.75 inches long and a 1.25 inch diameter opening. It is made of a skin safe rubber material that is also waterproof. This makes cleaning it trivial but does mean this toy is porous, so you’ll want to monitor it over time and make sure each clean is a thorough one. Oh and always use water-based lube (I learned this the hard way).

I must get Lemon Fresh to stroke up on his photography skills buuut, until then, let’s thank Lovehoney for making such clear product photos.

Now that you know the specs I can move on to rambling semi-coherently about my thoughts on this toy. My favourite part.

Firstly It’s tight, way too tight. Getting the damn thing on is a colossal struggle, the kind that if it were happening in ancient Greece would involve myths and legends about the epic conflict between man and sex toy.

During one particularly violent bout I actually ended up cutting myself in a very sensitive area and I had to take a few days break from the toy to recover. I also became about 1000% more dedicated to fingernail grooming and maintenance. Unlike my Tenga Zen review, where lube was an almighty savior to my pitiful efforts, this time lube barely made any difference. It was a little easier but was still an uphill battle all the way.

Buut credit where it’s due: Once I had mastered my battle with this toy I found that its tightness created a unique situation, as well as a rather pleasant orgasm.

On top of that, having gone through such a struggle, I had a surge of satisfaction at a job well done when I first managed such a climax. I had defeated my nemesis and it felt like an achievement to be proud of. After a few repeated uses I managed to get the hang of putting it on without too much trouble but I’ll never forget that very first victory.

Those nails and this stroker? Not such a great idea apparently.

You may be wondering if putting this thing on felt akin to one of the labors of Heracles then why did I keep coming back to push the metaphorical boulder up the metaphorical hill? Well after the struggle of pushing it up to the top, Instead of enduring the disappointment of seeing it roll back down again, I was too distracted by an enjoyable build up of pleasure that eventually became a full blown powerful orgasm.

One thing I like about this toy is that it’s reversible with 2 distinct patterns to choose from: raised up ridges or squares. I personally prefer the ridged texture, it felt more noticeable than the squares and I think the  irregular layout of the ridges helped it hit some particularly sensitive areas on each stroke. The square side wasn’t bad, they just didn’t feel as noticeable as the ridges and didn’t have as much of an impact as the ridges on the overall experience. This may be due to the squares being in a regular consistent layout and not being as pronounced as the ridges.

It also has a hole on one end, which can cause a bit of leakage if you’re not careful. The hole can also make a quiet but noticeable whistling noise if you get particularly vigorous, this is pretty useful for signalling anyone in the next room that you’re ‘Challenging the one-headed-hydra’ as it were. On the plus side this does mean they won’t disturb you (unless they’re particularly dickish), but is not so great for a stealth wank. This hole is supposed to be used for suction experiments, however it didn’t make a great deal of difference to me and was a little awkward to cover up.

The Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Extreme Ridges is very durable considering the low price too. My one has endured quite a bit of punishment and shows no signs of damage yet. I have heard that regularly reversing it can cause it some damage so it may be best to simply find out which side is your favorite early and stick with that one. That’s my reasoning at least (Emmeline: I concur).

Final Thoughts

Overall I’d recommend trying this sleeve. It’s cheap and (all jokes aside) fun to use when you can get the damn thing on.

I doubt that it’ll be a headline piece in your collection but it’s definitely a quality product that you’re sure to enjoy.

You may have more luck with the suction aspects than I did so if you’re looking to simulate a friendly handjob from a kraken this toy might be able to help you out. If you suspect the tightness may be an issue then it might be worth looking into the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Ultimate Nodules, which has a similar setup but with a wider canal.

Recommend to:

People who like tight strokers.

People who like differing textures.

People who like mythical self-struggles of might and persistence.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like softer strokers.

People who prefer a looser stroker.

People with long nails.