#TeamAmazeballs Content: The Tenga Egg Clicker

Hello my lovely readers! I am very happy to present to you the third piece of #TeamAmazeballs content for my blog. How exciting! And this time it’s a review, a classic.

This review is brought to you by Subsmissive and is part of the #TeamAmazeballs project: A sex positive community sharing project where anyone is welcome to exchange their skills. If you want to know more check out this post or venture in to the #TeamAmazeballs hashtag (if you dare!)

The temptation when writing about any egg-shaped or egg-named item, including sex toys is to attempt to wax lyrical and deploy egg-ridden pun and cliché aplenty. This review for the Tenga Egg Clicker however will be devoid of any such ridicularity; be them egg-cellent or rotten.

The Tenga Egg Clicker

Your Tenga Egg Clicker, like all Tenga eggs, arrives ensconced in a plastic wrapper.  The design on the wrapper gives you a little clue as to what the texture within might be.  The Tenga Egg Clicker wrapper features dots.  Take a word from the wise here, do not let this wrapper come in contact with other sex toys.  I had a wrapper from a Tenga egg melt all over a silicone butt plug, and that’s no joke.  Bad times.

Don’t scramble your egg with the wrong lubricant (I am not opposed to puns–EmmyP).

Fortunately, the wrapper features a super-easy tear strip. Crack open the shell, which comprises two parts with a seam, and plop, lo and behold your Tenga Egg Clicker.

Contained within the egg is a small hollow plastic dowel, in which is a small sachet of lube and a teeny tiny instruction manual.  Once you’ve unpackaged, which takes about six seconds, then you’re ready to masturbate.

The Tenga Egg Clicker sleeve is a white squidgy affair, made from TPE.  For those interested in such things, TPE is a porous material meaning it is not considered body-safe.  But, since the Tenga Egg Clicker is intended for single (and external) use, that’s not really something to worry too much about.  In fact, it’s a bonus since some TPE blends are recyclable, although probably best we don’t dwell on that too much.

Moving swiftly on.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small size of the Tenga Egg Clicker; whilst it may be the size of a hen’s egg (and medium at that!), it’s actually mega mega stretchy. Sufficiently stretchy in fact that I can fit my whole fist in it.  Given that it’s only really designed as a glans stimulator, that’s pretty impressive.  Impressive also its ability to return to original size post-fist.

Everything you need is in this kit.

Regardless the size of your penis, the Tenga Egg Clicker will fit you.  The entry hole is little-finger sized, and the cavity is around twice that, but due to the flexibility if the TPE material, if you’re large it will stretch, and if you’re less than large, then you can squeeze it around your glans.

I would really advise using the lube; maybe you like a dry wank, but the lube is good here.

So, squeeze in your lube, give it a swirl and insert.

The first thing you notice is that it’s cold.  Much different to a hand-job, or any other type of job for that matter.  That lube is chilly, even on a warm day. I kinda like it, and I think you will too, but if you are nervous about it, just warm the lube up by immersing the unopened sachet in a bowl of warm water. The coldness of the lube increases the sensations, and really does make a difference to the whole experience.

The texture inside these eggs can add an interesting element to masturbation.

I like to use my Tenga Clicker like this.  To start with, I hold it in my fist, and massage, ensuring that my glans is well coated in the lube and that the egg itself is well lubed up.  I like to masturbate whilst holding it on to my cock by forming a ring shape with my finger and thumb, so that the ridges of my glans get full pleasure from the texture of the soft nodules.  It’s also great to have a gentle squeeze over the rest of your glans – let those bumps do the work.

As the enjoyment rises, I begin the classic masturbation manoeuvre, pulling the egg quite for down the length of my shaft.  This has the effect of tightening the egg over the tip of my cock – it’s a sensation I love.  You can’t really feel the nodules on your shaft; they are just too squidgy, so the feeling there isn’t much different to a regular hand job.  It’s great to be able to wank single-handed, yet stimulate all over your penis.

This method gets me to the edge of orgasm really quite quickly, and with my own juices joining the lube in the Tenga Egg Clicker, a bit of suction starts to form – it’s not a lot, since the egg is so malleable, but it is an added sensation.

From there, the orgasm is yours to choose.  I’ve found the orgasms to be quite intense, and I do love the fact that the Tenga Egg Clicker contains all the mess; meaning less time spent cleaning up – so go ahead have an excellent time.