Ceramic Samplings: Ceramic Pleasure Creation 031 (The Wavelet)

This post is part of my Ceramic Samplings series, which looks at products from Ceramic Pleasure. To see more please check out the link here. I highly recommend Ceramic Pleasure and their products, which are affordable, unique, and made with passion and unwavering dedication. Creativity at its finest.

When I was a young girl I was completely enamored with The Last Unicorn (and, to be quite honest, I still am).

While there is much to love about this beloved movie, book, and comic, the thing that captured my imagination most as a child was the imagery of the ocean–just how delicate and fragile it seemed, yet so deeply profound. Our main character, Amalthea carried herself with an equal amount of immeasurable grace and yet also had the depth of many years in her eyes, along with a certain degree of bluntness that refused to yield to anyone and came without apology.

The Wavelet is evocative of both the willowy unicorn of this beautiful tale and the endless ocean in my mind, as well as effectively embodying the name I have chosen to give it.

This dildo is beautiful and effective (if not a bit delicate).

Much like the two Ceramic Samplings before this, the Wavelet is a straight-shafted dildo–acting as the standard for many initiates in to the world of sex toys–but provides just enough variation and consideration to strike out from the norm and become a unique artisan piece.

The deep blue glaze of the Wavelet, coupled with its earthen highlights and sparkle when held up to the light adds to its incandescent beauty and reminiscence to the surface of the ocean or the shimmer of Amalthea’s mane when caught under the moon light.

I’d be lying if I said this dildo wasn’t hypnotic to some degree and, personally, I think we could all do with more mesmerizing dildos in the world. There are too many bland and average phalli out nowadays, factory made and lazy to a fault. Sometimes it’s nice to own an affordable dildo that literally shimmers with pride and fully embodies the hard work and consideration that has gone in to its conception. The Wavelet manages this and then some with all of the grace that might be expected from something out of a particularly beautiful piece of fiction.

There is an undeniable shimmer to the surface of this dildo which is worthy of admiration.

Thankfully for us, unlike fiction, Amalthea, and the contents of the ocean in Peter S. Beagle’s tale, the Wavelet is undeniably real and its physical presence in this world (and my vagina) is something I would personally like to thank Ceramic Pleasure for.

As its name might suggest, the texture on the Wavelet is like that of a small wave; nothing insurmountable or dangerous, just a nice little ripple to dip your toes in and begin to sample what textured toys might have to offer. It’s surface is engaging and compelling in a physical sense (as well as an aesthetic one) but it does have a delicate smoothness to it which never makes the texture feel harsh or particularly prominent. It is simply there, caressing and massaging any area that it comes in to contact with. This feels great when run slickly across the labia and equally alluring internally, though neither sensation is enough to provide that huge swell of sensation that a toy with stronger texture or a fuller form might illicit.

This is the charm of the Wavelet: It is the perfect passive quiver of texture. A little glimpse in to the ‘What If’ for those who might want to start transitioning away from completely smooth shafts.

This makes a nice difference from the all-or-nothing approach that some sex toys take to texture, though of course Ceramic Pleasure would be able to make the Wavelet with more prominent ripples if desired too, such is the beauty of their custom service.

Gentle grace is something I certainly attribute to this toy, but I also mentioned a certain bluntness in Amalthea and a depth in both her and the sea, and this is present in the Wavelet through its material qualities.

The texture of the Wavelet may be but a ripple in the cool surface of a calm ocean, but the firm surface and substantial weight of its ceramic body does offer it a considerable amount of leverage compared to lighter or softer toys, which acts as a constant reminder of the uncompromising straightness of its shaft and overall form.

This dildo may make some smile where other more extreme-looking dildos might make them cringe.

This makes the Wavelet ideal for thrusting but not the greatest if you really want to curl your dildo to target or tug against the G-Spot. It’s simply not made for such a swelling performance.

Yet for what the Wavelet is I feel yet again enthused by the various ways in which Ceramic Pleasure is taking a tried-and-tested dildo design and adding new spins on it which allow people to find what sort of sensations and designs work best with their body.

The world of sex toys can often be a daunting place and so to have sex toys made of such a drastically different material yet with such a familiar form I feel like Ceramic Pleasure offers many potential users a body-safe and easing approach through which to find the dildo that calls to them the most, like the Wavelet might to some.

Perhaps I’m a bit of a romantic when it comes to these creations, but perhaps it is testament to their quality and design that they make me so.

Much like the ocean I get lost in the work of Ceramic Pleasure and even when the dildos I sample offer me the gentlest ripplet of sensation I still find myself engulfed by the depths of their potential and the reliability of the orgasms that they provide me with.