Product Review: The Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself

What if I told you that increased mental well-being was just £3.95 away?

I’m sure you’d say I was bullshitting you. And you’d be right, of course. You can’t buy health nor happiness, end of conversation.

That being said you can buy tools to help facilitate a healthier and perhaps kinder state of mind and the Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself kit is a fantastic example of this.

And, yes, it does only cost £3.95.

The Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself

The Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself kit is a simple premise beautifully executed. For anyone who is struggling to find the time for self-care (or simply wants to incorporate more in their lives) the Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself kit provides a single little self-love prompt for each day for 100 days.

I’ll be doing daily self care as part of a very unique review for Shop Naughty.

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Following the Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself kit doesn’t take up too much time, but it does present an opportunity each and every day to do something for yourself. This opportunity comes in the form of a tiny little piece of paper—very small, very manageable—which is enclosed in a simple cardboard, heart-shaped box.

The box itself is very inconspicuous and decidedly SFW. In fact, the entire set is totally SFW and I’ve yet to find any cards that would be considered sexual in nature. Moodz does do more sex-centred sets, but this one is entirely about you and your own mental well-being.

Every now and then I notice that I’m neglecting myself and so I was very interested in finding out whether or not the Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself kit was an effective reminder to practice a little TLC.

Day 6: Mindfulness. #ShopNaughty

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In this experiment I’ve invited you along, as I’m sure some of you already know, via my Instagram where I’ve been posting my daily progress so far. And what can I say but I love it!

There’s something very nice about going over to my little heart every single day, looking at the little scrolls and thinking ‘which one should I pick today?’

A sense of potential and excitement sweeps over me and I run my fingers over them and decide which little piece of parchment is calling to me on that particular occasion. The scrolls themselves are folded in such a way that I can slot my finger in the middle to pull one out (because it’s not my life without a little bit of penetration and innuendo involved) and then I find myself unravelling it with a big smile on my face before I even know what’s one the scroll.

Most of the time the task given is achievable on the day and comes with a little explanation as to just how it might be helpful. When I (on very odd occasions) pull out a scroll that I feel like I cannot achieve that day I feel completely comfortable with putting it back and drawing a different one. There will always be another day and I feel like the kit sets up a forgiving and compassionate system in which it’s okay to listen to your own limits and work within what you find achievable.

So far I have only found one scroll that was, in any way, restrictive or potentially triggering in the wrong circumstances and that was a scroll suggesting I buy myself a bottle of wine. I don’t drink. I know recovering alcoholics who have had their lives ruined by drink. For me I was happy to substitute with something else (and, again, I feel like the set provides the right atmosphere to permit this), but I could understand if someone else found it to be distressing.

Day 12: No qualms here. #ShopNaughty

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The rest has been an absolute delight: Each scroll has given me something that has improved my day. Something to make me consider myself in small little ways that can make a huge difference.

Committing to do it as something I post online daily has also motivated me to be accountable for my care, and I’ve felt spurred on by each encouraging like and/or comment. It’s something I actually highly recommend, more for yourself than anything else, but I’d love to be part of your journey too. We could do it together!

Apologies. I got carried away a bit there.

As for what I do with the used scrolls. Well, I’ve taken a few different approaches and I think all of them are viable.

The first thing I’ve taken to doing is saving the ones I really value and placing them in my journal or around the house as a personal reminder to try and do it more often rather than just once.

Other scrolls I’ve saved and placed in a tin so that I can revisit them if ever I decide to do this challenge again. I’ve even kept the ones that don’t ‘serve me’ at this particular moment, just in case there’s another stage in my life where they will be of more use.

And some I hand out to my friends and family, or leave in places for strangers or my servers to encounter, as a little prompt for them to brighten their day too.

Day 15: The Moana soundtrack has me covered. #ShopNaughty #YoureWelcome

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Overall, these tiny scrolls are versatile, caring, simple and yet highly effective and have made a significant difference to my days so far. It’s been an utter delight reviewing this set and for the miniscule cost I cannot believe just how invaluable this kit really is.

Downsides? I guess the box is a bit tacky. It’s not exactly an artisan piece that refines the experience but, hey, what do I care? As long as the advice inside is well-constructed then I honestly couldn’t give a damn about the fact that it comes in a cardboard box to keep costs low. Not a single damn.

And, yes—I will be continuing my daily Instagram experience with this kit. I’m loving it so far and I’m so incredibly happy that you get to be a part of the experience with me so far.

Final Thoughts

What can I say? The Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself kit works. It really does. And while it’s not exactly adult-related, it certainly has the capacity to improve every aspect of your life, including your personal confidence and, therefore, your capacity for self and sexual positivity.

The Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself kit fills you with the warm-fuzzies in the best way possible: through self-motivated action. Through a deep and dedicated love for yourself, even if it’s just for a single task a day.

The Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself kit is a hug. It’s a warm cup of cocoa. In short it’s just lovely and I highly recommend it.

Recommend to:

People who believe in the benefit of mindfulness.

People who want to up their self-care routine.

People who like to share the love.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike motivational/self-care programmes.

People who feel that these kits are too gimmicky.

People who want something more ‘luxurious’ in terms of aesthetic.

The Moodz Tease Heart For Yourself kit was provided to me by Shop Naughty in exchange for an honest review. Get one. Share your experience. Link me to it. Let’s do this!