Toy Review: The Intimina Kiri

Personal safety. Physical and mental well-being. The ability to explore our bodies sexually.

These are all things that we should be entitled to on a fundamental level, and these should also be accessible to everyone.

This is why the Intimina Kiri is a vibrator that brings a smile to my face and warms my heart, even if it doesn’t make my clitoris do somersaults or any similarly flowery analogy for a great orgasm.

The Intimina Kiri

At £19.95, the Intimina Kiri is a reasonable investment for most people and that’s mainly because it’s battery powered—requiring 2 AAA batteries. But don’t let this fool you!

The Intimina Kiri is a great choice if you’re uncertain about vibrators.

When I started reviewing (just a few years ago) the difference between battery-powered vibes and rechargeable toys (which also use a type of battery, just to be clear) was immediate. From the moment I used my first rechargeable toy I pretty much forsook conventional battery-powered vibes and didn’t look back. Oh, how foolish I was.

Having now retried some more recent battery-powered vibes it’s become increasingly apparent to me that (while still not 100% on par with their rechargeable counterparts) battery-powered toys can definitely hold their own, providing the perfect cost-effective choice for people to explore vibrations, or even find their perfect vibe without breaking the bank.

The Intimina Kiri isn’t alone in this and is part of an initiative by Intimina to acknowledge the differences in people’s bodies and offer a range of vibrators to appeal to different desires and body types. This includes the Reya and Celesse, which are both primarily internal vibrators. I selected the Kiri for review partially because it shares a name with someone I know (gotta be honest here) but mostly because of its shape and size.

At 4.6 inches, the Intimina Kiri is slightly larger than what I would term to be the ‘optimal’ size for a clitoral vibrator. It can sit in the hand and be placed against the vulva but it does feel like a substantial handful rather than something you’d comfortably nuzzle in to place.

And, yet, the brilliant contouring and little scoop-like divot of the Intimina Kiri offers an ergonomic and inviting indentation through which to cup the labia and generally venture in to different methods of use. In contrast the other side of the Kiri remains lovely and smooth, so there are options for those who would prefer to avoid this ‘massage point’ (as Intimina terms it).

This shape has you covered.

Crucially, the Intimina Kiri is made from ABS plastic and silicone, which is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. The more affordable silicone toys on the market the better. Everyone deserves access to safe materials, and the Kiri’s silicone surface isn’t just safe, it’s luxurious too. A brilliant matte surface that fits the bill in terms of stroking temptation, the Kiri practically pampers the skin with just how smooth it is and lives up to the standard of ‘luxury silicone’.

This type of silicone will be familiar to anyone who has used a high-quality vibrator before and I’m thrilled to see it available for under £20. More of this please, companies.

The silicone for the Kiri is coating a firm ABS plastic shell, making this a rather firm toy to press against the vulva, but the silicone itself does still provide an ever-so-slight buffer compared to rigid, glossy plastic vibrators (which I’m rarely a fan of). Matte silicone has some natural drag but the Kiri responds to water-based lubricant exceptionally well—striking a nice balance between stroking the skin and gliding across it.

To make things even better, this silicone doesn’t attract dust, lint, or hair and is 100% waterproof (when the battery cap is securely sealed, of course). This makes the Kiri very easy to clean before and after each session and opens up options to use this vibrator in the shower or bath.

I have washed the Kiri multiple times and have never found it to be suffering as a result of the process though I do consider it to be good practice to regularly unscrew the battery cap and give the internal area a wipe down with a wet wipe of lightly dampened towel, just to make sure no gunk has escaped in the gap. This may seem like odd advice but it’s based off of past experiences, I can assure you.

The controls for the Kiri feel a bit awkward at first.

The controls for the Kiri are incredibly easy to use, although they don’t sit in the hand intuitively at first. There’s a + and – button in addition to one for filtering through the different patterns that the Kiri has to offer. There are 6 different patterns for the Kiri in addition to 16 different speeds, providing a fantastic amount of variety (again, especially for a toy in its price range and with so many other benefits).

I’m not a pattern-lover but I can’t deny just how lovely it is to have such a vibrator provide so many options for users, and this makes the Kiri particularly brilliant for those who really want to explore patterns and vibrations for the first time without things being too intense.

I mention this because, although the Kiri can provide a fair amount of oomph in terms of buzz/rumble vibrations, its vibrations are quite shallow and dwell on the surface of the skin for the most part. These vibrations start off with a nice gentle rumble but do get increasingly buzzy as the intensity is increased.

‘Buzzy’ is a word that gets a lot of flak but, to my mind, there are different kinds of buzzy and it’s the irritating, mosquito-whirring, skin-numbing buzz that should be avoided. In opposition to this the Kiri buzzes but it’s a persistent and frequent whir that quivers rapidly and seamlessly in one smooth hum.

The difference is immediately apparent upon use and the Kiri is very pleasant to use. It’s welcoming and reassuring in the best possible way, providing a maximum strength that I consider to be strong in terms of power but mid to low level in terms of depth, making it brilliant for anyone who has felt a wand in hand and gulped in terror.

I don’t personally find it easy to orgasm with the Kiri (personal preferences and whatnot) but I do really enjoy using it to slowly and lovingly tend to my vulva and give it a really considerate and intimate experience with a different kind of vibration. I’ll hold my hands up and say that too often I go for the old-reliable of ‘rumble my crotch until it explodes with sensation’ whereas I very rarely give it a gentle reprieve and really focus in on the finer details. The Kiri has helped me readdress this and I feel it could do the same for others, in addition to being a lovely first vibrator.

In terms of downsides personal preference is a huge red flag that I’ve already highlighted multiple times. If you like wands you won’t be enamored with the Kiri unless you, like me, sometimes crave a gentler introspection. If you like soft toys then the rigid body of the Kiri is not for you. And if you’re a fan of glossy plastic then the Kiri’s matter surface may be slightly irksome to you.

Outside of this, though, I really can’t fault the Kiri at all, which manages to fill a very important role in the sex toy community.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to my own experiences I think it’s fair to say that I appreciate the Intimina Kiri much more than anything else.

This isn’t a toy that I will grab for on a regular basis, but it is one I’ll take up if ever I want a more deliberate and tender self-loving session. It’s also a vibrator that I’d happily guide newcomers to in a sex shop, and if there was a tester to hand I’d urge them to give it a try on their hands. There’s a lot of potential in this affordable vibrator and I’m very optimistic about its capacity to help multiple people find what works for them.

I think by reading this review it should be apparent whether or not the Kiri is for you. One way or another Intimina have done a great job with the Kiri and it’s a true testament to the self-caring approach that the company triumphs.

Recommend to:

People who prefer shallower vibrations.

People who want an exploratory vibrator.

People who want a toy under £20.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like rumble and oomph.

People who prefer a smaller/slimmer clit vibe.

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

The Intimina Kiri was provided to me by Intimina in exchange for an honest review. If you like this product and want to support my site then please do use the affiliate link included.