#TeamAmazeballs Roundup: January 2017

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to the first ever #TeamAmazeballs Roundup!

What is #TeamAmazeballs? 

Well put simply it’s a brand spanking new content sharing community in which various members of the adult community trade articles, reviews, erotica, and pretty much anything else they want in an effort to encourage community spirit and highlight the sites of other fantastic individuals.


If you want to know more we have an official Who Are We? page which is well worth checking out.

Special Thanks

So, as this is the first Roundup I thought it only fitting we start with some thanks.

A huge thank you to fellow founders Naughty Corner, The Brunette Reviews, and Crowned Jewels for bringing us all together and helping start this initiative. I highly recommend checking out their sites and giving them all the love in the world.

A big round of applause to the AMAZING Princess Preview, who designed our official logo. Can you imagine anything more perfect, because I sure as hell can’t!

And last, but certainly not least, a bow of gratitude to AfterrDarkk who created this incredibly handy survey where people can put their available sex toys (if they so choose). It’s certainly not compulsory but it is greatly appreciated.

What Have I Missed?

November saw our formation and December marked the publication of a bunch of content. There’s some delicious erotica, some very informative medical posts, and perhaps a few contributions from yours truly.

But, without further ado, let’s get on to the Roundup!

The first ever #TeamAmazeballs article came from AfterrDarkk, titled ‘It’s Not A Vagina, It’s The Pelvic Floor‘. It was featured via DizzyGirl over at her wonderful initiative, That’s Not a Vagina.

This was followed by a double whammy of erotica. The first piece, by myself, was titled ‘The Aftermath of Matty Groves‘ and was featured via a most uncommon girl, HannahLockhardt, on her site, Hannah Likes Dirty Words.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Lady Lilith, 1866–68.

Then came the glorious ‘Dhalia Learns Her Lesson‘, by HannahLockhardt, and featured right here. I don’t have the words for how amazing this erotica is, so please do allow Hannah to speak for herself.

Next AfterrDarkk continued her domination of #TeamAmazeballs with yet another informative (and highly personal) post, this time titled ‘Filling The Gap Sex Toy Makers Ignore‘ and featuring work by Ceramic Pleasure. I may be a bit biased but I love this post.

On the same day AfterrDarkk published my trade-off piece, ‘Figuring Out the Queer A-Gender: Gender Politics, Terminology, and the Ever-Fluid Existence of Gender Identities‘, which was equally personal and educational. Seems like we have somewhat of a theme going where articles are concerned.

#TeamAmazeballs Content: Figuring Out the Queer A-Gender: Gender Politics, Terminology, and the Ever-Fluid Existence of Gender Identities

Then came my debut on The Brunette Reviews page where I went back to my reviewing roots and looked at the Coral Reef Dildo by Tails& Portholes.

And last (but certainly not least) came yet another fabulous piece of content hosted by That’s Not a Vaginathis time by Indigo Wolf. Titled simply ‘PCOS: An Introduction‘ this informative post gives the lowdown on a condition that many individuals experience (myself included).

And That’s All For Now!

I hope you enjoy these brilliant contributions. If I’ve missed anyone please do let me know via Twitter or email me at EmmelinePeaches@hotmail.com.

Feel free to contact me via these channels or use the #TeamAmazeballs hashtag if you’d like to get involved too.

Until the next roundup!