Ceramic Samplings: Ceramic Pleasure Creation 030 (The Sazzle)

This post is part of my Ceramic Samplings series, which looks at products from Ceramic Pleasure. To see more please check out the link here. I highly recommend Ceramic Pleasure and their products, which are affordable, unique, and made with passion and unwavering dedication. Creativity at its finest.

It feels so good to be returning to my Ceramic Pleasure reviews in the New Year, and even better to start with the Sazzle.

You might remember that in my previous Ceramic Pleasure I praised the functionality of the iconic straight shafted, bullet-esque dildo that I dubbed The Standard. Perfect in its execution, the Standard stood as testament to the reliability of a well-used shape in the adult industry when translated in to a unique ceramic form. Still, I must admit that straight-shafted and smooth isn’t my exact preference.

Enter the Standard’s slightly more rambunctious counterpart—The Sazzle.

The Sazzle has some flare compared to the Standard.

The Sazzle is, in many ways, very like the Standard. In fact, the two seem to share a similar glaze style, which is fine by me. I am, after all, rather fond of anything that has freckles so, to me, the Sazzle is right up my avenue. As usual this glaze is also finished to an exceptional degree and gives the dildo a certain amount of character or personification.

When I look at the Sazzle I think of a little cheeky flare—a certain deviousness which is playful and slightly unpredictable. This is reinforced by the very gentle side curve in the Sazzle’s shaft, which reflects its handmade nature.

Flecks and freckles will always grab my attention (and have me grabbing for a toy).

But what really gives the Sazzle is mischievous undertone is the texture decorating its shaft—which is linear but not raised. Similar to the Screwdriver, the Sazzle’s texture makes for a brilliant interruption of the Sazzle’s otherwise straight and smooth design, adding in an additional element of enjoyment that goes beyond the already high bar set by the Standard.

In the case of the Sazzle these lines are more frequent than on the Screwdriver—which I was thinking might irritate me—but during use I found this to be preferable.

As it stands inserting the Sazzle is an absolute breeze and requires very little lubricant. The moment it starts sliding in, the Sazzle’s texture comes in to play but is subtle enough so as not to interrupt the smoothness of insertion nor thrusting. Instead, this texture adds as a gentle enhancement to every motion and feels like it ignites an otherwise conventional design with a little bit of its own personal flare.

It’s as if Ceramic Pleasure plucked some of the fire from their kiln and inserted that dash of heat and excitement in to the surface of this toy—not so much that it might be an irritant but just enough to mirror the gentle flecks in its glazed surface in terms of subtlety and effectiveness.

This dildo really worked for me.

For me the Sazzle was an unexpected success. Its orgasms may still be in the standard range for me but the addition of those ridges added enough to its form to keep my vaginal muscles engaged and continually wanting. Clenching around the Sazzle was very much second nature and the dildo rewarded my every motion with its approving form.

One thing I really did not like when using the Sazzle, however, was a twirling motion. Mr Peaches and I gave this a spin (pun always intended) and I was immediately greeted with a sensation that shouted ‘STOP!’ I did so, and we moved on, using this toy for thrusting, at which it excels.

However, this could vary between users, and I see the tight tug that comes from twisting the Sazzle being incredibly appealing to some. It’s one of those motions that the vagina either loves or hates and you’ll most likely already have an idea as to which one it is for you. If not then the accessible price of the Sazzle makes it suitable for exploration (though might I recommend a Ceramic Pleasure toy with more of a spiraling swirl in such an instance?)

Smiles all around.

Although the straight shaft of the Sazzle makes it inappropriate for pegging in my mind, the slick form of ceramic dildos is making me increasingly eager to see a Ceramic Pleasure toy with a flared base, so that I can try a bit of anal action with it. Give the Sazzle this flared base, a slight coronal ridge, and a fitting curve and I could really see it hitting the right spot.

Overall, though, I continue to be impressed, excited, and thoroughly treated by the Ceramic Pleasure range and feel like it has something to cater to pretty much anyone’s needs. That is, as long as you like firm and glossy dildos. Obviously, anyone looking for a softer touch in their toy will not be greeted with such a sensation from the Sazzle. That’s simply not what this toy is made for.

As for me, the Sazzle is a dildo I grab for when I want a firm thrusting dildo with just the right texture to keep my vagina engaged without stealing the show from whatever vibe I’m using. It can work exceptionally well when paired with a gentle clitoral vibe (to provide a subtler exploration of the body) but is equally in its element being rammed-in-and-out for a vigorous and very firm fuck. It’s also heavier than most glass and lighter than most metal—operating as a happy medium for anyone who likes a bit of weight.

I would certainly recommend the Sazzle if anything that I’ve mentioned here appeals to you. It’s a great and very affordable addition to most people’s collection and deserves attention for achieving exactly what it promises aesthetically.

I would never consider this dildo to be mind-blowing but it is inviting and I am always happy to embark upon a little excursion with this slightly sassy dildo.