Toy Review: The Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Sex Toy

It might seem strange that in a month focusing on self-acceptance I’ve chosen to highlight a couples’ sex toy, but sometimes self-acceptance isn’t just about the function of a sex toy—sometimes it’s also about what it represents to us, or the internal dialogue that it can open up.

For some people sex toys present a tangible threat to their sexual prowess. The fear of being replaced is very common, as is the worry that we cannot pleasure our partner as much as a sex toy can.

Those who have long used sex toys knows that toys are not comparable to living lovers at all, and that although sex toys do provide sensations that the human body may struggle to replicate (or be incapable to even achieving) that’s just one sensation out of many. But this doesn’t mean that we should dismiss the concerns of those who do feel threatened by adult products.

In this couples sex toys can be a great way of showing just how fantastic sex toys can be in a safe and friendly way that actively includes your partner and allows them to try it to. And, if you do struggle with these emotions, then there are few greater acts of self-acceptance than acknowledging and letting go of a point of deep-seated jealously and insecurity. That takes a huge amount of courage and basically means you rock.

I rated the Partner Vibrator by Satisfyer as one of the better introductory couples sex toys on the market. But what about it’s bigger (and supposedly better) sibling, the Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Sex Toy? Read on to find out.

The Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Sex Toy

The Satisfyer Partner Plus Couples Sex Toy is one of two attempts by Satisfyer to break in to the couples sex toy market and, in my opinion, is the weakest of the two.

A good couples sex toy unites users. What about this one?

In many ways the Satisfyer Partner Plus sticks to a much more conventional approach in terms of its design—providing an internal and external clitoral arm which is to be worn by a vulva-owner to allow for mutual stimulation during penis in vagina penetration.

The Satisfyer Partner Plus comes in with an insertable length of 2.75 inches and the width of its prongs are 1 inch at their slimmest and 1.5 at their chunkiest. Compare this to the Partner Vibrator (that had a maximum of 1 inch) and you may already have an inkling of why this toy just wasn’t as approachable for me.

This toy may look thin but objects in the vagina might seem larger than they appear.

Looking at the rest of its specifications, the Satisfyer Partner Plus is 4 inches overall and is UBS rechargeable via a very secure magnetic charge cable. I remember a time when magnetic chargers were horribly flimsy (and some still are) so it’s nice to see that Satisfyer have managed to consistently refine their use of this technology. A single charge of 2 hours will get you up to 65 minutes of play. This doesn’t seem like much (and in terms of rechargeable sex toys it’s a pretty sub-par conversion rate) but when you consider that the average PiV session lasts anywhere between 33 seconds to 44 minutes, with an average of 5.4 minutes, and suddenly that charge time seems more than reasonable.

This sex toy is also completely waterproof, though I would recommend this for cleaning purposes rather than sexual use. Water is well known for actually increasing friction, and even more so when it’s confronted with a material such as silicone. So, unless your goal is a sore shaft or aching interior then I’d recommend you just be happy that your toy is easier to clean. Antibacterial toy cleaner. Water. Done.

Yet as the Satisfyer Partner Plus is made from medical-grade silicone (and the occasional bit of exposed ABS plastic) there’s really very little to worry about in terms of product hygiene. The Satisfyer Partner Plus is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. As long as you clean and take care of it then it will serve you very well in terms of cleanliness. Neglect your sex toy cleaning routine at your own (very real) risk.

In terms of patterns and vibrations, the Satisfyer Partner Plus has 3 different vibration intensities and 7 different patterns. I am incredibly indifferent to patterns on average but I do like to play around with them when it comes to couples toys, especially when they have a dual-motor system (Reverberation? Yes please!).

I can’t say I was overly impressed with the Satisfyer Partner Plus’ patterns though. Yes, they were passable, but they were hardly ground breaking. Then again, it’s really up to you as to whether or not you need them to be. I’ll leave this decision up to die-hard texture fans.

These vibrations are controlled by a single button on the Satisfyer Partner Plus and are actually nicely quivering, in not too high-pitched and buzzy for my personal liking. Still they do have depth and they can illicit an orgasm, though it is a rare occurrence in my instance.

For Mr Peaches and I the main benefit of the Satisfyer Partner Plus was as an effective addition to its own thrusting motions, rather than something to actually provoke a climax (as I rarely orgasm from PiV).

For many this will also be the Satisfyer Partner Plus’ role, although orgasms may be more anticipated by others. There’s also a promise with the Satisfyer Partner Plus that it will provide hands-free fun and…yeah…hate to break it to you, but I’ve yet to find a couples vibrator that has managed to do this with 100% success. The Satisfyer Partner Plus is no different in this regard and actually slipped out quite a bit for us.

Although this toy looks like a dust magnet it’s actually rather neutral.

Sure, I’ll hold my hand up and say that the internal prong felt so meltingly divine when rammed against my G-Spot by Mr Peaches’ shaft that I physically felt my knees shudder, but when that’s balanced out with frequent adjustments and reapplications then the mood is swiftly lost.

In terms of other downsides the Satisfyer Partner Plus sadly suffers from a recurring (and very bizarre) trend that I’ve been seeing in the adult industry recently where the highest intensity comes before the mid and low intensities. Uhm, what? Maybe I’m missing something here but I’ve always been a “Ramp it up” kinda gal so, for me, this is entirely counter-intuitive and leaves me with no sense of build-up or natural progression.

By far the biggest downside for us, though, was that the Satisfyer Partner Plus just felt too broad and thick when inserted, at least for Mr Peaches. It was never too long during use before he asked for more lube because the matte surface of the Satisfyer Partner Plus was chaffing in irritating ways, leaving him tender and unaroused. This is pretty much the exact opposite experience that you’d want to achieve with a couples product and could actually dissuade some. That’s a very sad prospect indeed.

And, of course, add too much lube and the Satisfyer Partner Plus will slip out. There’s just no two ways about it. It’s all about finding the right position to optimize insertion. Mr Peaches and I didn’t even come close but, then again, when you’re a sex toy tester you ironically don’t always have time for recreational sex experiments. Funny, huh?

Final Thoughts

Overall I wouldn’t personally recommend the Satisfyer Partner Plus and think that Satisfyer really should stick to suction vibrators. This is certainly where they excel the most—achieving affordable, effective designs which can immediately please many—and I feel like this attempt to make a cookie-cutter couples toy was a bit of a misstep on Satisfyer’s part.

That’s not to say that some won’t derive pleasure from the Satisfyer Partner Plus, but I don’t think it will be earning a plus from me any time soon.

Recommend to:

People who don’t mind the measurements.

People who like buzzy vibrations.

People who like a strong start.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like slimmer insertables for couples toys.

People who like rumbly vibrations.

People who prefer a gentle start.

The Satisfyer Partner Plus was provided to me by my affiliates, PeepShowToys in exchange for an honest review.